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Preparation of carbon dioxide adsorbents from the chemical activation of urea–formaldehyde and melamine–formaldehyde resins

Drage, Trevor C.; Arenillas de la Puente, Ana; Smith, Karl M.; Pevida García, Covadonga; Piippo, S.

10 pages, 4 figures, 3 tables.-- Available online Aug 14, 2006. | Adsorption is considered to be one of the more promising technologies for the capture of CO2 from flue gases. In general, nitrogen enrichment is reported to be effective in enhancing the specific adsorbent–adsorbate interaction for CO...

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Long-term impact of acid resin waste deposits on soil quality of forest areas I. Contaminants and abiotic properties.

Pérez-de-Mora, Alfredo; Madejón, Engracia; Cabrera, Francisco; Buegger, Franz; Fuß, Roland; Pritsch, Karin

Acid resins are residues characterised by elevated concentrations of hydrocarbons and heavy metals, which were produced by mineral oil industries in Central Europe during the first half of the last century. Due to the lack of environmental legislation at that time, these wastes were dumped into exca...

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