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The role of lipids in nonenzymatic browning

Hidalgo Casado, Francisco J.; Zamora, Rosario

Digital.CSIC (Spain)


The location and properties of the Taxol binding center in microtubules: a picosecond laser study with fluorescent taxoids

Lillo, M. Pilar; Cañadas, Olga; Dale, Robert. E.; Acuña Fernandez, Alberto Ulises

Digital.CSIC (Spain)


The 1.49 angstrom resolution crystal structure of PsbQ from photosystem II of Spinacia oleracea reveals a PPII structure in the N-terminal region

Balsera, M.; Arellano, Juan B.; Revuelta, José L.; Rivas Sanz, Javier de las; Hermoso, Juan A.

Digital.CSIC (Spain)


Tandem β-fragmentation-hydrogen abstraction reaction of alkoxy radicals in steroidal systems

Boto, Alicia; Freire, Raimundo; Hernández, Rosendo; Suárez, Ernesto

Digital.CSIC (Spain)


Tandem Carbon-Radical Peroxidation-Addition to Carbonyl Groups Reaction. A New Synthesis of Steroidal β-Peroxy Lactones

Boto, Alicia; Hernández, Rosendo; Suárez, Ernesto; Betancor, Carmen; Rodríguez Morales, María S.

Digital.CSIC (Spain)


Synthesis of Aminocyclitols by Intramolecular Reductive Coupling of Carbohydrate Derived δ- and ε-Functionalized Oxime Ethers Promoted by Tributyltin Hydride or Samarium Diiodide

Marco Contelles, José Luis; Gallego, Pilar; Rodríguez-Fernández, Mercedes; Khiar, Noureddine; Destabel, Christine; Bernabé, Manuel; Martínez-Grau, Angeles; Chiara, José Luis

Digital.CSIC (Spain)


Supramolecular structures and columnar mesophase induction in nondiscoid pyrazoles by complexation to rhodium(I)

Giménez, Raquel; Elduque, Anabel; López, José A.; Barberá, Joaquín; Cavero, Emma; Lantero, Ignacio; Oro, Luis A.; Serrano, José Luis

Digital.CSIC (Spain)


Structure of the mexicain-E-64 complex and comparison with other cysteine proteases of the papain family

Gavira Gallardo, J. A.; González-Ramírez, L. A.; Oliver-Salvador, M. C.; Soriano-García, M.; García-Ruiz, J. M.

Digital.CSIC (Spain)


Reactivity versus steric effects in fluorinated ketones as esterase inhibitors: a quantum mechanical and molecular dynamics study

Rayo, Josep; Muñoz, Lourdes; Rosell, Gloria; Hammock, Bruce D.; Guerrero, Ángel; Luque, F. Javier; Pouplana, Ramón

Digital.CSIC (Spain)


Reactions of a Dihydride-Osmium(IV) Complex with Aldehydes: Influence of the Substituent at the Carbonyl Group.

Esteruelas, Miguel A.; Hernández, Yohar A.; López, Ana M.; Oliván, Montserrat; Rubio, Lucía

Digital.CSIC (Spain)


Preparation of 9a-Fluorinated Sesquiterpenic Drimanes and Evaluation of Their Antifeedant Activities

Abad, Antonio; Agulló, Consuelo; Cuñat, Ana C.; González-Coloma, Azucena; Pardo, David

Digital.CSIC (Spain)


Palladium complexes of a phosphorus ylide with two stabilizing groups: Synthesis, structure, and DFT study of the bonding modes

Falvello, Larry R.; Ginés, Juan Carlos; Carbó, Jorge J.; Lledós, Agustí; Navarro, Rafael; Soler, Tatiana; Urriolabeitia, Esteban P.

Digital.CSIC (Spain)


New anti-RNS and -RCS products for cosmetic treatment

Cebrián, J.; Messeguer Peypoch, Àngel; Facino, R. M.; García Antón, J. M.

Digital.CSIC (Spain)


Long chain alkenones in hypersaline and marine coastal microbial mats

López Fernández, Jordi F.; García de Oteyza, Tirso; Teixidor, Pilar; Grimalt, Joan O.

Digital.CSIC (Spain)


Intramolecular reductive coupling of carbonyl-tethered oxime ethers promoted by samarium diiodide: A powerful method for the stereoselective synthesis of aminocyclopentitols

Chiara, José Luis; Marco Contelles, José Luis; Khiar, Noureddine; Gallego, Pilar; Destabel, Christine; Bernabé, Manuel

Digital.CSIC (Spain)


Estudio del estrés oxidativo en enfermedad renal avanzada/ Study of oxidative stress in advance renal disease

Puchades Montesa, M.J.; González Rico, M.A.; Solís Salguero, M.A.; Torregrosa Maicas, I.; Tormos Muñoz, M.C.; Sáez Tormo, G.; Juan García, I.; Miguel Carrasco, A.

Resumen en español Introducción: El estrés oxidativo es crucial para el desarrollo de arteriosclerosis, principal causa de morbimortalidad en población en prediálisis. Nuestro objetivo fue valorar la oxidación de las principales líneas moleculares y discernir si algún biomarcador tenía mejor comportamiento valorando este estrés. Pacientes y método: Estudio observacional en 32 pacientes con MDRD 22,1 ± 1,08 ml/min. Medimos en linfocitos periféricos: malondialdehído, glutatión o (mas) xidado/reducido, 8-oxo-deoxiguanosina nuclear y mitocondrial, superóxido dismutasa, glutatión reductasa, glutatión peroxidasa y catalasa, y en plasma F2 isoprostanos y proteínas carboniladas. Correlacionamos los resultados con función renal y factores comórbidos. Resultados: Todos los biomarcadores tuvieron amplias diferencias significativas cuando se compararon con el grupo control peroxidación lipídica: F2 isoprostanos: 821,89 ± 300,47 ng/ml vs. 270 (95,66)* ng/ml (p Resumen en inglés Introduction: Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease (CRD) often have cardiovascular disease that is the main cause of morbidity and mortality. Oxidative stress and a subclinical inflammation are crucial factors in its development. The aim of this study was to assess the oxidation of the main molecular groups in patients with advanced renal disease without dialysis and to determinate the best biomarker to assess this stress. Patients and Methods: We performed an observation (mas) al study to measure the most important oxidative biomarkers in 32 patients with stage 4 CKD (MDRD = 22.1 ± 1.08ml/min) compared with the values obtained in a control group. In the peripheral lymphocytes we measured, the lipid peroxidation by Malondialdehide (MDA) and F2 Isoprostanes in plasma; protein oxidation by glutathione oxidized/reduced ratio (GSSG/GSH) in peripheral lymphocytes and protein carbonyls in plasma and the oxidative damage in genetic material by modified nucleotide base 8-deoxiguanosina oxo -(8-oxodG), after isolating nuclear and mitochondrial DNA. We also studied the antioxidant defences with superoxide dismutase (SOD), glutathione peroxidase (GPx), glutathione reductase (GSR) and catalase (CAT) in peripheral lymphocytes. We studied the correlation between oxidative stress and the renal function and oxidative stress and co-morbidity factors. Results: All biomarkers showed important differences in comparison with the control subjects. F2 Isoprostanes: 821.89 ± 300.47ng/ml vs. 270 (95.66) * ng/ml (p

Scientific Electronic Library Online (Spanish)


Effects of HCl–HF purification treatment on chemical composition and structure of humic acids

Sánchez-Monedero, Miguel Ángel; Roig, Asunción; Cegarra Rosique, Juan; Bernal Calderón, M. Pilar; Paredes, C.

Digital.CSIC (Spain)


Eduligenin and lowegenin, two new steroidal sapogenins from Tamus edulis

González, Antonio G.; Freire, Raimundo; Salazar, José A.; Suárez, Ernesto

Digital.CSIC (Spain)


Divergent Behavior in the Cyclopalladation of Phosphorus Ylides and Iminophosphoranes.

Aguilar, David; Aragüés, Miguel Angel; Bielsa, Raquel; Serrano, Elena; Navarro, Rafael; Urriolabeitia, Esteban P.

Digital.CSIC (Spain)


Determination of the self-association and inter-association equilibrium constants of a carboxylic acid and its mixtures with pyridine derivates

González, A.; Irusta, L.; Fernández-Berridi, M. J.; Iruin, J. J.; Sierra, Teresa; Oriol, Luis

Digital.CSIC (Spain)


Dehydrogenation of cyanamides. An approach to cyanimides and carbonyl compounds

Carrau, Reyes; Freire, Raimundo; Hernández, Rosendo; Suárez, Ernesto

Digital.CSIC (Spain)


Defense against Protein Carbonylation by DnaK/DnaJ and Proteases of the Heat Shock Regulon

Fredriksson, Åsa; Ballesteros, Manuel; Dukan, Sam; Nyström, Thomas

Digital.CSIC (Spain)


Crotonaldehyde hydrogenation on Rh supported catalysts

Reyes, P.; Aguirre, Mª del Carmen; Pecchi, G.; García Fierro, José Luis

Digital.CSIC (Spain)


Crotonaldehyde Hydrogenation on Rh/TiO2 catalysts. In situ DRIFTS studies

Reyes, P.; Melián-Cabrera, I.; López Granados, M.; García Fierro, José Luis; Aguirre, Mª del Carmen

Digital.CSIC (Spain)


Antioxidant response of the seagrass Posidonia oceanica when epiphytized by the invasive macroalgae Lophocladia lallemandii

Sureda, Antoni; Box Centeno, Antoni; Terrados, Jorge; Deudero Company, María de la Salud; Pons, Antoni

Digital.CSIC (Spain)


Analogs of the dihydroceramide desaturase inhibitor GT11 modified at the amide function: synthesis and biological activities

Bedia Girbés, Carmen; Triola Guillem, Gemma; Casas, Josefina; Llebaria Soldevilla, Amadeu; Fabriàs, Gemma

Digital.CSIC (Spain)


Alkynoates as a source of reactive alkylinides for aldehyde addition reactions

Armas, Pedro de; García-Tellado, Fernando; Marrero-Tellado, José Juan; Tejedor, David; Maestro, Miguel A.; González-Platas, Javier

Digital.CSIC (Spain)