Sample records for CARBON BRITANICO (british coal)

Sample records 1 - 4 shown.


NO x - Reduction with staged combustion - comparison of experimental and modelling results

Magel, Hans-Christoph; Greul, Ulrich; Schnell, Uwe

Two ‘global’ NO models are used to calculate the fuel nitrogen conversion in pulverized coal combustion with DeNOx technologies. The investigated models show good agreement of predicted effluent NO emissions with measured trends for the change of unstaged to fuel-staged combustion. But they fail to ...

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Geological controls on the mineralogy and geochemistry of the Beypazari lignite, central Anatolia, Turkey

Querol, Xavier; Whateley, M. K. G; Fernandez-Turiel, J. L.; Tuncali, E.

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Effects of body mass on the foraging behaviour of subordinate Coal Tits Parus ate

Barbosa, Andrés ; Barluenga, Marta ; Moreno, Eulalia

Several mechanisms can explain individual differences in foraging behaviour, such as variation in predation risk between patches, variation in the ability of individuals to detect or escape from predators, variation between individuals in their requirement for food, the quality and abundance of food...

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