Sample records for BETULA (betula)

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Carbon allocation dynamics one decade after afforestation with Pinus radiata D. Don and Betula alba L. under two stand densities in NW Spain

Fernández-Núñez, E.; Rigueiro-Rodríguez, A.; Mosquera-Losada, M.R.

Silvopastoral systems can contribute to the mitigation of climate change by functioning as sinks for greenhouse gases better than exclusively agricultural systems. Tree species, density, and an adequate management of the pasture carrying capacity contribute to the capacity of carbon sequestration. I...

DRIVER (Spanish)


Bioindicators of Forest Sustainability: Using Remote Sensing to Monitor Forest Condition

Noland, T. L.; Miller, J. R.; Zarco-Tejada, Pablo J.; Moorthy, I.; Panigada, C.; Mohammed, G. H.; Sampson, P. H.

Digital.CSIC (Spain)