Sample records for INTERACCIONES HAZ-HAZ (beam-beam interactions)

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Status and outlook of the neutron time-of-flight facility n_TOF at CERN

Gunsing, F. ; Abbondanno, U. ; Aerts, G. ; Álvarez, H. ; Álvarez-Velarde, F. ; Andriamonje, S. ; Andrzejewski, J.

5 pages, 2 figures.-- PACS nrs.: 29.25; 28.20.−v; 24.30.−v; 98.80.-- ISI Article Identifier: 000248784100221 | Printed version published Aug 2007.-- Issue title: The Application of Accelerators in Research and Industry - Proceedings of the Nineteenth International Conference on The Application of Ac...

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External microbeam set-up at the CNA (Sevilla) and its application to the study of Tartesic jewellery

Ontalba, Maria Ángeles ; Ager, Francisco José ; Ynsa, M. D. ; Gómez Tubío, Blanca María ; Respaldiza, Miguel Ángel

6 pages.-- PACS nrs.: 81.70.Jb; 82.80.Ej; 82.80.Yc; 89.90.+n. | A new external microbeam system has been installed recently at the +45° beam line of the 3 MV Pelletron accelerator at the Centro Nacional de Aceleradores (Sevilla, Spain). The facility, based on the system from Oxford Microbeams (OM), ...

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Crystal effects in the Neutralization of He+ ions in the low energy ion scattering regime

Primetzhofer, D. ; Markin, S. N. ; Juaristi Oliden, Joseba Iñaki ; Taglauer, E. ; Bauer, P.

4 pages.-- PACS nrs.: 34.35.+a, 68.47.De, 68.49.Sf, 79.20.Rf. | Investigating possible crystal effects in ion scattering from elemental surfaces, measurements of the positive ion fraction P+ are reported for He+ ions scattered from single and polycrystalline Cu surfaces. In the Auger neutralization ...

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CNA: The first accelerator-based IBA facility in Spain

García López, Francisco Javier ; Ager, Francisco José ; Barbadillo, M. ; Madrigal, F. J. ; Ontalba, Maria Ángeles

6 pages.-- PACS nrs.: 29.17.+w; 07.50.Qx; 07.30.Kf. | The recently created Centro Nacional de Aceleradores (National Center for Accelerators, CNA) in Seville emerges as the first ion beam analysis facility in Spain. The laboratory is based on a 3 MV tandem accelerator model 9SDH-2 of NEC and it is p...

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