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Pensamiento crítico en español?. De la dominación al exilio

Sánchez Cuervo, Antolín

[ES] The raising of a thought in Spanish, in critical terms,stumbles over the historical experience of the engagement of thislanguage with the cultural and political project of exclusion and imperialexpansion meant around 1492, as well as with the authoritarianinertias generated from then. So th...

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La botánica en el exilio. Mariano Lagasca y el Hortus Siccus Londinensis (1827)

Maldonado Polo, J. Luis

[EN] The present work is part of research project upon the History of Madrid’s Botanic Garden in the first half of the nineteenth century. The main objective of this work focuses on the institution’speriod under the direction of Mariano de Lagasca and his subsequent exile in the United Kingdom, aft...

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Key to Nature: Herramientas digitales para la enseñanza de biodiversidad | Key to nature: Interactive e-tools for learning and teaching biodiversity

Ferrer Canal, Marina ; Castroviejo, Santiago

3 páginas. | [ES] Key to Nature es un proyecto europeo que tiene como objetivo la implementación de herramientas digitales para la enseñanza de la biodiversidad. Participan en él 14 instituciones públicas y privadas de 11 países europeos, representando diferentes roles, como proveer datos (Real Jard...

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Active Dendrites Enhance Neuronal Dynamic Range

Gollo, Leonardo L.; Kinouchi, Osame; Copelli, Mauro

Digital.CSIC (Spain)