Sample records for MAR DE OMAN (arabian sea)

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Global phylogeography of marine Synechococcus and Prochlorococcus reveals a distinct partitioning of lineages among oceanic biomes

Zwirglmaier, Katrin; Jardillier, Ludwig; Ostrowski, Martin; Mazard, Sophie; Garczarek, Laurence; Vaulot, Daniel; Not, Fabrice; Massana, Ramon; Ulloa, Osvaldo; Scanlan, Dave J.

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Estimated Future Production of Desalinated Seawater in the MENA Countries and Consequences for the Recipients

Bashitialshaaer, Raed; Persson, Kenneth M; Larson, Magnus

Seawater desalination constitutes an important source for water supply to the population bordering the Arabian Gulf, the Mediterranean Sea, and the Red Sea. Desalination has advantages and disadvantages which may depend on the region, location, technology, impact and amount of fresh water production...

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Environmental Assessment of Brine Discharge Including Wastewater Collection in the Arabian Gulf

Bashitialshaaer, Raed; Flyborg, Lena; Persson, Kenneth M

The environmental effects of brine discharge in the Arabian/Persian Gulf have been assessed. The Arabic Gulf is a wide and shallow system having a horizontal shear dominance. The management choice of mixing brine with wastewater to reduce the salt content in the discharge has also been considered. A...

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Banse, K. and S.A. Piontkovsky (eds.). The mesoscale structure of the epipelagic ecosystem of the open Northern Arabian Sea

Estrada, Marta

Book review: BANSE, K. and S.A. PIONTKOVSKY (eds.). – 2006.The mesoscale structure of the epipelagic ecosystemof the open Northern Arabian Sea.Universities Press, Hyderabad, India. 237 pp. ISBN81 7371 496 7. | This book presents an extensive body of informationobtained mainly from the thirtieth...

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