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X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy characterisation of high-k dielectric Al2O3 and HfO2 layers deposited on SiO2/Si surface

Vitchev, RG; Pireaux, JJ.; Conard, T.; Bender, H.; Wolstenholme, J; Defranoux, C; 8th European Vacuum Congress (EVC-8)/2nd Annual Conference of the German-Vacuum-Society (DVG)

Ultra thin Al2O3 and HfO2 films (UP to similar to6 nm) were deposited on SiO2/Si wafers by atomic layer chemical vapour deposition (ALCVD(TM,1)) and studied by exsitu X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) and spectroscopic ellipsometry (SE). The thickness of these high-k layers (including the thick...

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