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         w boson (W-BOSON)
         w codes (W-CODES)
         w minus bosons (W-MINUS BOSONEN)
         w plus bosons (W-PLUS BOSONEN)
         w stellarators (W-STELLARATOREN)
         wadden sea (WATTENMEER)
         wages (LOEHNE)
         wagr reactor (REAKTOR WAGR)
         waiotapu geothermal field (ERDWAERMEFELD WAIOTAPU)
         wairakei geothermal field (ERDWAERMEFELD WAIRAKEI)
         wairakite (WAIRAKIT)
         wak (WAK)
         wakefield accelerators (WAKEFIELD-BESCHLEUNIGER)
         walecka model (WALECKA-MODELL)
         walker carcinoma (WALKER-KARZINOM)
         wall effect (WANDEFFEKT)
         wall effects (WANDEFFEKTE)
         wall loading (WANDLADUNG)
         wall-less counters (WANDLOSE ZAEHLER)
         walls (WAENDE)
         walls thermonuclear reactor
         walther process (WALTHER-VERFAHREN)
         wankel engines (WANKEL-MOTOREN)
         wano (WANO)
         wapa (WAPA)

         worms segmented
         wounds (WUNDEN)
         wppss nuclear project no 1
         wppss nuclear project no 2
         wppss nuclear project no 3
         wppss nuclear project no 5
         wt-3 tokamak (WT-3-TOKAMAK)
         wulfenite (WULFENIT)
         wwer type reactors (WWER-REAKTOREN)
         wylfa reactor (REAKTOR WYLFA)
         wyoming (WYOMING)