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Microbial Diversity in Uranium Mine Waste Heaps

Sand, W.; Schippers, A.; Wentzien, S.; Hallmann, R.

Two different uranium mine waste heaps near Ronneburg, Thuringia, Germany, which contain the remains of the activity of the former uranium-mining Soviet-East German company Wismut AG, were analyzed for the occurrence of lithotrophic and chemoorganotropic leach bacteria. A total of 162 ore samples we...

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Lung cancer risk among former uranium miners of the WISMUT Company in Germany.

Brüske-Hohlfeld, Irene; Rosario, Angelika Schaffrath; Wölke, Gabriele; Heinrich, Joachim; Kreuzer, Michaela; Kreienbrock, Lothar

Lifestyle modulation of cancer & cancer biomarkersLifestyle element evaluated: attained age, time since exposure, exposure duration, and exposure rateOutcome studied (cancer or cancer biomarker): lung cancerMethod of biomarker analysis: job-exposure-matrix (JEM) by reference (Kreuzer M, Brachner A, ...

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Influence of Leaching Parameters on the Biological Removal of Uranium from Coal by a Filamentous Cyanobacterium

Lorenz, Michael G.; Krumbein, Wolfgang E.

Axenic cultures of the filamentous cyanobacterium LPP OL3 were incubated with samples of uraniumbearing coal from a German mining area. The influence of leaching parameters such as coal concentration (pulp density), initial biomass, particle size, temperature, and composition of the growth medium on...

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