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         t antiquarks (T ANTIQUARKS)
         t channel (T-INVARIANTE)
         t codes (T-CODES)
         t invariance (T-INVARIANZ)
         t matrix (T-MATRIX)
         t quarks (T QUARKS)
         t tauri stars (T-TAURI-STERNE)
         t-10 tokamak (T-10-TOKAMAK)
         t-15 tokamak (T-15-TOKAMAK)
         t-7 tokamak (T-7-TOKAMAK)
         t3 hormone (T3-HORMON)
         t3 process (T3-VERFAHREN)
         t4 hormone (T4-HORMON)
         tabakin potential (TABAKIN-POTENTIAL)
         table mountain area (TABLE MOUNTAIN-GEBIET)
         tables (TABELLEN)
         tachyons (TACHYONEN)
         tadpoles (KAULQUAPPEN)
         tagged photon method (MARKIERTE PHOTONEN)
         tail electrons (TAIL-ELEKTRONEN)
         tailings (FESTE RUECKSTAENDE)
         taiwan (TAIWAN)
         taiwan research reactor (FORSCHUNGSREAKTOR TAIWAN)
         tajikistan (TADSCHIKISTAN)
         takahama-3 reactor (REAKTOR TAKAHAMA-3)

         takahax process (TAKAHAX-VERFAHREN)
         takinoue geothermal field (ERDWAERMEFELD TAKINOUE)
         talc (TALK)
         tall oil (TALLOEL)
         talmi integrals (TALMI-INTEGRALE)
         talspeak process (TALSPEAK-VERFAHREN)
         tam (TAM)
         tamm-dancoff method (TAMM-DANCOFF-METHODE)
         tamoxifen (TAMOXIFEN)
         tandem electrostatic accelerators (ELEKTROSTATISCHE TANDEMBESCHLEUNIGER)
         tandem mirrors (TANDEMSPIEGEL)
         tank circuits (PARALLELSCHWINGKREISE)
         tank farms (TANKLAGER)
         tanker ships (TANKSCHIFFE)
         tanks (TANKS)
         tannic acid (GERBSAEURE)
         tannin (TANNIN)
         tantalates (TANTALATE)
         tantalite (TANTALIT)
         tantalum (TANTAL)
         tantalum 155 (TANTAL 155)
         tantalum 156 (TANTAL 156)
         tantalum 157 (TANTAL 157)
         tantalum 158 (TANTAL 158)
         tantalum 159 (TANTAL 159)

         tantalum 160 (TANTAL 160)
         tantalum 165 (TANTAL 165)
         tantalum 166 (TANTAL 166)
         tantalum 169 (TANTAL 169)
         tantalum 170 (TANTAL 170)
         tantalum 172 (TANTAL 172)
         tantalum 174 (TANTAL 174)
         tantalum 175 (TANTAL 175)
         tantalum 177 (TANTAL 177)
         tantalum 178 (TANTAL 178)
         tantalum 179 (TANTAL 179)
         tantalum 180 (TANTAL 180)
         tantalum 180 target (TANTAL 180 TARGET)
         tantalum 181 (TANTAL 181)
         tantalum 182 (TANTAL 182)
         tantalum 183 (TANTAL 183)
         tantalum 187 (TANTAL 187)
         tantalum 188 (TANTAL 188)
         tantalum 189 (TANTAL 189)
         tantalum 190 (TANTAL 190)
         tantalum additions (TANTALZUSAETZE)
         tantalum alloys (TANTALLEGIERUNGEN)
         tantalum base alloys (TANTALBASISLEGIERUNGEN)
         tantalum borides (TANTALBORIDE)
         tantalum bromides (TANTALBROMIDE)

         tar sand oil (TEERSAND-OEL)
         tar sands (TEERSANDE)
         tara devices (TARA-ANLAGEN)
         tarapur-4 reactor (REAKTOR TARAPUR-4)
         target chambers (TARGETKAMMERN)
         target holders (TARGETHALTER)
         targets (TARGETS)
         tariffs (ZOELLE)
         tartaric acid (WEINSAEURE)
         tartaric acid esters (WEINSAEUREESTER)
         tartrates (TARTRATE)
         task scheduling (AUFGABENSERIALISIERUNG)
         tasman sea (TASMANSEE)
         tasmania (TASMANIEN)
         taste buds (GESCHMACKSKNOSPEN)
         taste particles (taste-teilchen)
         tatb (TATB)
         tau leptons (TAU-LEPTONEN)
         tau neutrinos (TAU-NEUTRINOS)
         tau particles (TAU-TEILCHEN)
         tauons (TAU-MESONEN)
         taurine (TAURIN)
         tautomerism (TAUTOMERIE)
         tax credits (STEUERGUTSCHRIFT)

         tax laws (STEUERRECHT)
         taxes (STEUERN)
         taxicabs (TAXIS)
         taxonomy (TAXONOMIE)
         tbp (TBP)
         tbr tokamak (TBR-TOKAMAK)
         tca reactor (REAKTOR TCA)
         tca tokamak (TCA-TOKAMAK)
         tcabr tokamak (TCABR TOKAMAK)
         tcp (TCP)
         tct (TCT)
         tcv tokamak (TCV TOKAMAK)
         td-nickel (TD-NICKEL)
         td-nmr (TD-NMR)
         tda (TDA)
         tea (TEE)
         tea leaves (TEEBLAETTER)
         tea plants (TEEPFLANZEN)
         teab (teab)
         teaching (UNTERRICHT)
         teaching facilities (LEHRANSTALTEN)
         teal oil (SESAMOEL)
         teapot project (PROJEKT TEAPOT)
         tearing instability (RISSINSTABILITAET)
         techa river (TECHA)

         tectonics (TEKTONIK)
         tedlar (TEDLAR)
         teel oil (SESAMOEL)
         teeth (ZAEHNE)
         teflon (TEFLON)
         teheran university research reactor (FORSCHUNGSREAKTOR UNIVERSITAET TEHERAN)
         tektites (TEKTITE)
         tel tetraethyl lead
         telangiectasis (TELANGIEKTASIE)
         telemetry (TELEMETRIE)
         telephones (TELEFONE)
         telescope counters (ZAEHLROHRTELESKOPE)
         telescopes (TELESKOPE)
         teletherapy (TELETHERAPIE)
         television (FERNSEHEN)
         television cameras (FERNSEHKAMERAS)
         tellurates (TELLURATE)
         telluric acid (TELLURSAEURE)
         telluric surveys (TELLURISCHE VERMESSUNGEN)
         tellurides (TELLURIDE)
         tellurium (TELLUR)
         tellurium 106 (TELLUR 106)
         tellurium 107 (TELLUR 107)
         tellurium 108 (TELLUR 108)
         tellurium 109 (TELLUR 109)

         tellurium 110 (TELLUR 110)
         tellurium 111 (TELLUR 111)
         tellurium 112 (TELLUR 112)
         tellurium 113 (TELLUR 113)
         tellurium 114 (TELLUR 114)
         tellurium 115 (TELLUR 115)
         tellurium 116 (TELLUR 116)
         tellurium 117 (TELLUR 117)
         tellurium 118 (TELLUR 118)
         tellurium 119 (TELLUR 119)
         tellurium 120 (TELLUR 120)
         tellurium 121 (TELLUR 121)
         tellurium 122 (TELLUR 122)
         tellurium 123 (TELLUR 123)
         tellurium 123 target (TELLUR 123 TARGET)
         tellurium 124 (TELLUR 124)
         tellurium 125 (TELLUR 125)
         tellurium 125 target (TELLUR 125 TARGET)
         tellurium 126 (TELLUR 126)
         tellurium 127 (TELLUR 127)
         tellurium 128 (TELLUR 128)
         tellurium 128 target (TELLUR 128 TARGET)
         tellurium 129 (TELLUR 129)
         tellurium 130 (TELLUR 130)
         tellurium 131 (TELLUR 131)

         tensors (TENSOREN)
         terahertz frequency range (TERAHERTZ-FREQUENZBEREICH)
         teratogen screening (TERATOGENITAETSTEST)
         teratogenesis (TERATOGENESE)
         teratogens (TERATOGENE)
         terawatt power range (TERAWATT-LEISTUNGSBEREICH)
         terbium (TERBIUM)
         terbium 135 (TERBIUM 135)
         terbium 139 (TERBIUM 139)
         terbium 140 (TERBIUM 140)
         terbium 145 (TERBIUM 145)
         terbium 146 (TERBIUM 146)
         terbium 149 (TERBIUM 149)
         terbium 150 (TERBIUM 150)
         terbium 151 (TERBIUM 151)
         terbium 152 (TERBIUM 152)
         terbium 153 (TERBIUM 153)
         terbium 154 (TERBIUM 154)
         terbium 155 (TERBIUM 155)
         terbium 156 (TERBIUM 156)
         terbium 157 (TERBIUM 157)
         terbium 158 (TERBIUM 158)
         terbium 159 (TERBIUM 159)
         terbium 160 (TERBIUM 160)
         terbium 161 (TERBIUM 161)

         thallium 182 (THALLIUM 182)
         thallium 184 (THALLIUM 184)
         thallium 185 (THALLIUM 185)
         thallium 186 (THALLIUM 186)
         thallium 187 (THALLIUM 187)
         thallium 190 (THALLIUM 190)
         thallium 191 (THALLIUM 191)
         thallium 192 (THALLIUM 192)
         thallium 193 (THALLIUM 193)
         thallium 195 (THALLIUM 195)
         thallium 198 (THALLIUM 198)
         thallium 199 (THALLIUM 199)
         thallium 200 (THALLIUM 200)
         thallium 201 (THALLIUM 201)
         thallium 202 (THALLIUM 202)
         thallium 203 (THALLIUM 203)
         thallium 203 target (THALLIUM 203 TARGET)
         thallium 204 (THALLIUM 204)
         thallium 205 (THALLIUM 205)
         thallium 205 reactions (THALLIUM 205 REAKTIONEN)
         thallium 206 (THALLIUM 206)
         thallium 207 (THALLIUM 207)
         thallium 208 (THALLIUM 208)
         thallium 210 (THALLIUM 210)
         thallium 212 (THALLIUM 212)

         thermal decay time log (MESSUNG DER THERMISCHEN ABKLINGZEIT)
         thermal decomposition (ZERSETZUNG DURCH HITZE)
         thermal degradation (THERMISCHE ZERSETZUNG)
         thermal diffusion (THERMODIFFUSION)
         thermal diffusivity (TEMPERATURLEITFAEHIGKEIT)
         thermal effects (TEMPERATUREFFEKTE)
         thermal efficiency (THERMISCHER WIRKUNGSGRAD)
         thermal effluents (WAERMEABLEITUNGEN)
         thermal energy storage equipment (WAERMESPEICHER)
         thermal envelope houses (THERMOHUELLENHAEUSER)
         thermal equilibrium (THERMISCHES GLEICHGEWICHT)
         thermal expansion (THERMISCHE AUSDEHNUNG)
         thermal fatigue (THERMISCHE ERMUEDUNG)
         thermal fission (THERMISCHE SPALTUNG)
         thermal fission factor (THERMISCHER SPALTUNGSFAKTOR)
         thermal fractures (THERMISCHE BRUECHE)
         thermal fracturing (BRECHEN DURCH THERMISCHE BELASTUNG)
         thermal gradients (thermische gradienten)
         thermal gravimetric analysis (THERMOGRAVIMETRISCHE ANALYSE)
         thermal hydraulics (THERMOHYDRAULIK)
         thermal insulating glass (WAERMEISOLIERENDES GLAS)
         thermal insulation (WAERMEISOLIERUNG)
         thermal inversion (TEMPERATURINVERSION)
         thermal mass (THERMISCHE MASSE)
         thermal neutrons (THERMISCHE NEUTRONEN)

         thermionic diodes (ROEHRENDIODEN)
         thermionic emission (GLUEHEMISSION)
         thermionic emitters (THERMIONISCHE EMITTER)
         thermionic fuel elements (THERMIONISCHE BRENNELEMENTE)
         thermionic generators (ROEHRENGENERATOREN)
         thermionic reactors (THERMIONIKREAKTOREN)
         thermionic tubes (GLUEHKATHODENROEHREN)
         thermionics (THERMIONIK)
         thermistors (THERMISTOREN)
         thermoactinomyces (THERMOACTINOMYCES)
         thermochemical diagrams (THERMOCHEMISCHE DIAGRAMME)
         thermochemical heat storage (THERMOCHEMISCHE WAERMESPEICHERUNG)
         thermochemical processes (THERMOCHEMISCHE VERFAHREN)
         thermochromatography (THERMOCHROMATOGRAPHIE)
         thermocouples (THERMOELEMENTE)
         thermodiffusion (THERMODIFFUSION)
         thermodynamic activity (THERMODYNAMISCHE AKTIVITAET)
         thermodynamic cycles (THERMODYNAMISCHE KREISPROZESSE)
         thermodynamic model (THERMODYNAMISCHES MODELL)
         thermodynamic molecular model (THERMODYNAMISCHES MOLEKUELMODELL)
         thermodynamic properties (THERMODYNAMISCHE EIGENSCHAFTEN)
         thermodynamics (THERMODYNAMIK)
         thermoelasticity (THERMOELASTIZITAET)
         thermoelectric conversion (THERMOELEKTRISCHE UMWANDLUNG)
         thermoelectric converters (THERMOELEKTRISCHE WANDLER)

         thermoelectric coolers (THERMOELEKTRISCHE KUEHLER)
         thermoelectric generators (THERMOELEKTRISCHE GENERATOREN)
         thermoelectric heat pumps (THERMOELEKTRISCHE WAERMEPUMPEN)
         thermoelectric heaters (THERMOELEKTRISCHE HEIZGERAETE)
         thermoelectric materials (THERMOELEKTRISCHE MATERIALIEN)
         thermoelectric refrigerators (THERMOELEKTRISCHE KAELTEMASCHINEN)
         thermoelectricity (THERMOELEKTRIZITAET)
         thermography (THERMOGRAPHIE)
         thermogravimetric analysis (THERMOGRAVIMETRISCHE ANALYSE)
         thermogravimetry (THERMOGRAVIMETRIE)
         thermohydraulics (THERMOHYDRAULIK)
         thermoluminescence (THERMOLUMINESZENZ)
         thermoluminescent dosemeters (THERMOLUMINESZENZDOSIMETER)
         thermoluminescent dosimetry (THERMOLUMINESZENZDOSIMETRIE)
         thermomagnetic conversion (THERMOMAGNETISCHE ENERGIEUMWANDLUNG)
         thermomagnetism (THERMOMAGNETISMUS)
         thermomechanical treatments (THERMOMECHANISCHE MATERIALBEARBEITUNG)
         thermometers (THERMOMETER)
         thermometric titration (THERMOMETRISCHE TITRATION)
         thermonuclear explosions (THERMONUKLEARE EXPLOSIONEN)
         thermonuclear fuels (THERMONUKLEARE BRENNSTOFFE)
         thermonuclear ignition (THERMONUKLEARE ZUENDUNG)
         thermonuclear implosions laser
         thermonuclear power plants (THERMONUKLEARE KRAFTWERKE)
         thermonuclear reactions (THERMONUKLEARE REAKTIONEN)

         thorium (THORIUM)
         thorium 208 (THORIUM 208)
         thorium 209 (THORIUM 209)
         thorium 210 (THORIUM 210)
         thorium 211 (THORIUM 211)
         thorium 212 (THORIUM 212)
         thorium 213 (THORIUM 213)
         thorium 214 (THORIUM 214)
         thorium 215 (THORIUM 215)
         thorium 216 (THORIUM 216)
         thorium 218 (THORIUM 218)
         thorium 219 (THORIUM 219)
         thorium 220 (THORIUM 220)
         thorium 222 (THORIUM 222)
         thorium 223 (THORIUM 223)
         thorium 224 (THORIUM 224)
         thorium 225 (THORIUM 225)
         thorium 226 (THORIUM 226)
         thorium 227 (THORIUM 227)
         thorium 228 (THORIUM 228)
         thorium 229 (THORIUM 229)
         thorium 230 (THORIUM 230)
         thorium 230 target (THORIUM 230 TARGET)
         thorium 231 (THORIUM 231)
         thorium 232 (THORIUM 232)

         thymic acid (THYMOLUM)
         thymidine (THYMIDIN)
         thymidylic acid (THYMIDYLSAEURE)
         thymine (THYMIN)
         thymocytes (THYMOZYTEN)
         thymol (THYMOL)
         thymus (THYMUS)
         thymus cells (THYMUSZELLEN)
         thyratrons (THYRATRONROEHREN)
         thyristors (THYRISTOREN)
         thyrocalcitonin (THYREOCALCITONIN)
         thyroglobulin (THYREOGLOBULIN)
         thyroid (SCHILDDRUESE)
         thyroid antagonists (SCHILDDRUESENANTAGONISTEN)
         thyroid cells (SCHILDDRUESENZELLEN)
         thyroid hormones (SCHILDDRUESENHORMONE)
         thyroid stimulating hormone (THYREOTROPES HORMON)
         thyroidectomy (THYREOIDEKTOMIE)
         thyroiditis (THYREOIDITIS)
         thyronine (THYRONIN)
         thyrotoxicosis (THYREOTOXIKOSE)
         thyrotropin-releasing hormone (THYREOTROPIN RELEASING HORMON)
         thyroxine (THYROXIN)
         thz range (THZ-BEREICH)
         tibet (TIBET)

         time-of-flight spectrometers (FLUGZEITSPEKTROMETER)
         time-of-use pricing (BENUTZUNGSSTUNDEN-PREISBILDUNG)
         time-reversal invariance (ZEITUMKEHRINVARIANZ)
         time-series analysis (ZEIT-SERIENANALYSE)
         time-to-amplitude converters (ZEIT-AMPLITUDEN-WANDLER)
         timeliness (TERMINEINHALTUNG)
         timing circuits (ZEITSTEUERSCHALTUNGEN)
         timing properties (ZEITEIGENSCHAFTEN)
         timor sea (TIMORSEE)
         tin (ZINN)
         tin 100 (ZINN 100)
         tin 101 (ZINN 101)
         tin 102 (ZINN 102)
         tin 103 (ZINN 103)
         tin 104 (ZINN 104)
         tin 105 (ZINN 105)
         tin 106 (ZINN 106)
         tin 107 (ZINN 107)
         tin 108 (ZINN 108)
         tin 109 (ZINN 109)
         tin 110 (ZINN 110)
         tin 110 target (ZINN 110 TARGET)
         tin 111 (ZINN 111)
         tin 112 (ZINN 112)
         tin 112 reactions (ZINN 112 REAKTIONEN)

         tin 112 target (ZINN 112 TARGET)
         tin 113 (ZINN 113)
         tin 114 (ZINN 114)
         tin 115 (ZINN 115)
         tin 116 (ZINN 116)
         tin 116 reactions (ZINN 116 REAKTIONEN)
         tin 117 (ZINN 117)
         tin 118 (ZINN 118)
         tin 118 reactions (ZINN 118 REAKTIONEN)
         tin 119 (ZINN 119)
         tin 120 (ZINN 120)
         tin 120 reactions (ZINN 120 REAKTIONEN)
         tin 120 target (ZINN 120 TARGET)
         tin 121 (ZINN 121)
         tin 122 (ZINN 122)
         tin 122 reactions (ZINN 122 REAKTIONEN)
         tin 123 (ZINN 123)
         tin 124 (ZINN 124)
         tin 124 reactions (ZINN 124 REAKTIONEN)
         tin 125 (ZINN 125)
         tin 125 target (ZINN 125 TARGET)
         tin 126 (ZINN 126)
         tin 127 (ZINN 127)
         tin 128 (ZINN 128)
         tin 129 (ZINN 129)

         tin 130 (ZINN 130)
         tin 131 (ZINN 131)
         tin 132 (ZINN 132)
         tin 133 (ZINN 133)
         tin 134 (ZINN 134)
         tin 135 (ZINN 135)
         tin 136 (ZINN 136)
         tin 137 (ZINN 137)
         tin 99 (ZINN 99)
         tin additions (ZINNZUSAETZE)
         tin alloys (ZINNLEGIERUNGEN)
         tin arsenides (ZINNARSENIDE)
         tin base alloys (ZINNBASISLEGIERUNGEN)
         tin borides (ZINNBORIDE)
         tin bromides (ZINNBROMIDE)
         tin carbides (ZINNCARBIDE)
         tin chlorides (ZINNCHLORIDE)
         tin complexes (ZINNKOMPLEXE)
         tin compounds (ZINNVERBINDUNGEN)
         tin fluorides (ZINNFLUORIDE)
         tin halides (ZINNHALOGENIDE)
         tin hydrides (ZINNHYDRIDE)
         tin hydroxides (ZINNHYDROXIDE)
         tin iodides (ZINNJODIDE)
         tin ions (ZINNIONEN)

         tin isotopes (ZINNISOTOPE)
         tin nitrides (ZINNITRIDE)
         tin ores (ZINNERZE)
         tin oxides (ZINNOXIDE)
         tin phosphates (ZINNPHOSPHATE)
         tin phosphides (ZINNPHOSPHIDE)
         tin selenides (ZINNSELENIDE)
         tin sulfates (ZINNSULFATE)
         tin sulfides (ZINNSULFIDE)
         tin tellurides (ZINNTELLURIDE)
         tinea (TINEA)
         tires (REIFEN)
         tiron (TIRON)
         tissue cultures (GEWEBEKULTUREN)
         tissue distribution (GEWEBEVERTEILUNG)
         tissue equivalent chambers (GEWEBEAEHNLICHE KAMMERN)
         tissue extracts (GEWEBSEXTRAKTE)
         tissue-equivalent detectors (GEWEBEAEQUIVALENTE DETEKTOREN)
         tissues (GEWEBE)
         titanates (TITANATE)
         titanite (TITANIT)
         titanium (TITAN)
         titanium 38 (TITAN 38)
         titanium 39 (TITAN 39)
         titanium 40 (TITAN 40)

         tools (WERKZEUGE)
         tools educational
         top accidents (TOP-UNFAELLE)
         top particles (TOP-TEILCHEN)
         top quark model (TOP QUARK MODELL)
         top quarks (TOP QUARKS)
         topaz reactor (REAKTOR TOPAZ)
         tophet (TOPHET)
         tophet c (TOPHET C)
         topo trioctylphosphine oxide
         topography (TOPOGRAPHIE)
         topological foliation (TOPOLOGISCHE FALTUNG)
         topological mapping (TOPOLOGISCHE ABBILDUNG)
         topology (TOPOLOGIE)
         toponium (TOPONIUM)
         tor devices (TOR-MASCHINEN)
         torbanite (TORBANIT)
         torbernite (TORBERNIT)
         tore supra (TORE SUPRA)
         tore supra tokamak (TORE SUPRA TOKAMAK)
         tori (TORI)
         tornado devices (TORNADO-ANLAGEN)
         tornado turbines (TORNADO-TURBINEN)
         tornadoes (TORNADOS)
         torness reactor (REAKTOR TORNESS)

         towers (TUERME)
         towers extraction
         towers structures
         town gas (STADTGAS)
         townsend avalanche (TOWNSEND-LAWINE)
         townsend discharge (TOWNSEND-ENTLADUNG)
         townsend formula (TOWNSEND-FORMEL)
         townsend process (townsend-verfahren)
         townsend theory (TOWNSEND-THEORIE)
         toxic materials (GIFTSTOFFE)
         toxic substances control act (TOXIC SUBSTANCES CONTROL ACT)
         toxic substances control acts (GIFTSTOFFUEBERWACHUNGSGESETZE)
         toxicity (TOXIZITAET)
         toxins (TOXINE)
         toxoids (TOXOIDE)
         tpc (TPC)
         tpe-rx device (TPE-RX-ANLAGE)
         tpx device (TPX-ANLAGE)
         tr-1 reactor (REAKTOR TR-1)
         tr-2 reactor (REAKTOR TR-2)
         trabecular bone (KNOCHENBAELKCHEN)
         trace amounts (SPURENANTEILE)
         trace elements (SPURENELEMENTE)
         tracer techniques (TRACERVERFAHREN)
         trachea (TRACHEA)

         transferrin (TRANSFERRIN)
         transformations (TRANSFORMATIONEN)
         transformations oncogenic
         transformations phase
         transformer oils (TRANSFORMATOROEL)
         transformers (TRANSFORMATOREN)
         transfrontier contamination (GRENZUEBERSCHREITENDE KONTAMINIERUNG)
         transfrontier pollution (GRENZUEBERSCHREITENDE VERSEUCHUNG)
         transfusions (TRANSFUSIONEN)
         transgenic animals (TRANSGENE TIERE)
         transgenic mice (TRANSGENE MAEUSE)
         transgenic plants (TRANSGENE PFLANZEN)
         transient experiment critical facility (TRANSIENT EXPERIMENT CRITICAL FACILITY)
         transient overpower accidents (TRANSIENT-OVERPOWER-UNFAELLE)
         transient reactor test facility (TRANSIENT REACTOR TEST FACILITY)
         transient species (UEBERGANGSPRODUKTE)
         transients (TRANSIENTEN)
         transistor amplifiers (TRANSISTORVERSTAERKER)
         transistor oscillators (TRANSISTORSCHWINGUNGEN)
         transistor switching circuits (TRANSISTORSCHALTKREISE)
         transistor trigger circuits (TRANSISTORTRIGGERSCHALTUNGEN)
         transistors (TRANSISTOREN)
         transit-time heating (DURCHGANGSZEIT-AUFHEIZEN)
         transit-time magnetic pumping (DURCHGANGSZEIT-MAGNETPUMPEN)
         transition amplitudes (UEBERGANGSAMPLITUDEN)

         transmission heat
         transmission lines (UEBERTRAGUNGSLEITUNGEN)
         transmission towers (FREILEITUNGSMASTE)
         transmutation (KERNUMWANDLUNG)
         transonic flow (SCHALLNAHE STROEMUNG)
         transparency (TRANSPARENZ)
         transpiration (TRANSPIRATION)
         transpiration animal
         transplants (TRANSPLANTATION)
         transplutonides (TRANSPLUTONIDE)
         transplutonium compounds (TRANSPLUTONIUMVERBINDUNGEN)
         transplutonium elements (TRANSPLUTONIUMELEMENTE)
         transport (TRANSPORT)
         transport atoms
         transport beam
         transport charged-particle
         transport energy
         transport environmental
         transport environmental radionuclides
         transport gamma
         transport in organisms
         transport insurance (TRANSPORTVERSICHERUNG)
         transport neutral-particle
         transport neutron
         transport photon

         trona (TRONA)
         tropical medicine (TROPENMEDIZIN)
         tropical regions (TROPISCHE ZONEN)
         tropomyosin (TROPOMYOSIN)
         tropones (TROPONE)
         tropopause (TROPOPAUSE)
         troposkien shape (TROPOSKY-FORM)
         troposphere (TROPOSPHAERE)
         trout (FORELLE)
         tru wastes (TRU-ABFAELLE)
         trucks (LASTKRAFTWAGEN)
         truex process (TRUEX-VERFAHREN)
         trust territory of the pacific islands (TREUHANDGEBIET DER PAZIFISCHEN INSELN)
         truth model (TRUTH-MODELL)
         trw process (TRW-VERFAHREN)
         trx-1 (trx-1)
         trypaflavine (TRYPAFLAVIN)
         trypan blue (TRYPANBLAU)
         trypanosoma (TRYPANOSOMA)
         trypanosomes (TRYPANOSOMEN)
         trypanosomiasis (TRYPANOSOMIASIS)
         trypsin (TRYPSIN)
         tryptamines (TRYPTAMINE)
         tryptophan (TRYPTOPHAN)
         tryptophan oxygenase (TRYPTOPHANOXYGENASE)

         ts-3 device (TS-3-ANLAGE)
         tschebyscheff approximation (TSCHEBYSCHEFF-NAEHERUNG)
         tsetse fly (TSETSE-FLIEGE)
         tsh (TSH)
         tsl process (TSL-VERFAHREN)
         tsp (TSP)
         tsp tokamak (TSP-TOKAMAK)
         tsr storage ring (SPEICHERRING TSR)
         tsta (TSTA)
         tsukuba kek synchrotron (SYNCHROTRON KEK TSUKUBA)
         tsunamis (TSUNAMI-WELLEN)
         tsuruga reactor (REAKTOR TSURUGA)
         tsuruga-2 reactor (REAKTOR TSURUGA-2)
         tta (TTA)
         ttf tetrathiafulvalene
         ttf-tcnq (TTF-TCNQ)
         ttmp (TTMP)
         tube model (ROHRMODELL)
         tuberculin (TUBERKULIN)
         tuberculosis (TUBERKULOSE)
         tubers (WURZELKNOLLEN)
         tubes (ROHRE)
         tubes conduits
         tubules (TUBULI)
         tuff (TUFF)

         tumbler project (PROJEKT TUMBLER)
         tumbleweeds (STEPPENLAEUFER)
         tumor cells (TUMORZELLEN)
         tumor necrosis factor (TUMORNEKROSEFAKTOR)
         tumor promoters (TUMORPROMOTOREN)
         tumor viruses (TUMORVIREN)
         tumors (KREBSGESCHWULST)
         tuna (THUNFISCH)
         tundra (TUNDRA)
         tungstates (WOLFRAMATE)
         tungsten (WOLFRAM)
         tungsten 157 (WOLFRAM 157)
         tungsten 158 (WOLFRAM 158)
         tungsten 159 (WOLFRAM 159)
         tungsten 160 (WOLFRAM 160)
         tungsten 161 (WOLFRAM 161)
         tungsten 162 (WOLFRAM 162)
         tungsten 163 (WOLFRAM 163)
         tungsten 164 (WOLFRAM 164)
         tungsten 165 (WOLFRAM 165)
         tungsten 166 (WOLFRAM 166)
         tungsten 167 (WOLFRAM 167)
         tungsten 168 (WOLFRAM 168)
         tungsten 169 (WOLFRAM 169)
         tungsten 170 (WOLFRAM 170)

         tyrosine (TYROSIN)
         tyuyamunite (TUJAMUNIT)
         tzm (TZM)