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Effects of age of acquisition on brain activation during Chinese character recognition

Weekes, BS; Chan, AHD; Tan, LH

The age of acquisition of a word (AoA) has a specific effect on brain activation during word identification in English and German. However, the neural locus of AoA effects differs across studies. According to Hernandez and Fiebach [Hernandez, A., & Fiebach, C. (2006). The brain bases of reading late...

DRIVER (German)


Chemical footprints as cues to foraging bumblebees and pollination ecologists

Witjes, Sebastian

Many plant species are known to emit species-specific floral scents to attract or guide pollinators, thereby ensuring cross pollination. In combination with visual traits, pollinators use these cues to localize floral resources and to specialize on the most rewarding plant species. To complicate mat...

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Beyond the atmosphere - Other factors in telescope site selection

Bout, P. V.; Astronomical Society of the Pacific; International Astronomical Union

German National Library of Science and Technology (GetInfo) (German)