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South and central american rivers

International Association of Geomorphologists / Working Group on Large Rivers

German National Library of Science and Technology (GetInfo) (German)


How did the nutrient concentrations change in northeastern German lowland rivers during the last four millennia? A paleolimnological study of floodplain sediments

Schönfelder, Ilka; Steinberg, Christian E.W.

This study focuses on the feasibility of floodplain sediments and fluvial sediments in paleomeanders and ox-bows of two lowland rivers (River Havel, River Spree, Brandenburg State, Germany) as archives for quantitative paleolimnological reconstructions and potential basis of future river manageme...

DRIVER (German)


Gravel-bed rivers in the environment

International Gravel Bed Rivers Workshop < 4, 1995, Gold Bar, Wash.>

German National Library of Science and Technology (GetInfo) (German)


Dynamics and geomorphology of mountain rivers

International Conference Dynamics and Geomorphology of Mountain Rivers < 1992, Benediktbeuern>; International Geographical Union / Commission on Measurement, Theory and Application in Geomorphology

German National Library of Science and Technology (GetInfo) (German)


Biofilm Community Structure in Polluted Rivers: Abundance of Dominant Phylogenetic Groups over a Complete Annual Cycle

Brümmer, I. H. M.; Wagner-Döbler, I.; Fehr, W.

The seasonal dynamics of river biofilm communities in two German rivers, the Elbe and one of its tributaries, the Spittelwasser, were investigated for the first time by using fluorescence in situ hybridization and a standardized biofilm sampling procedure. We show the importance of members of the β ...

DRIVER (German)