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Una nuova ipotesi fonetica sull’Umlaut primario di germ.*/a/ in antico alto tedesco

Panieri, Luca

This paper is concerned with the origin of the so-called Old High German primary umlaut. Even if this question has long been discussed, debate on the subject is still open. It seems however that Scholars, though not agreeing with each other, mostly accept the standard theory’s assumption of the exis...

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The Path Dependence of European Copyright

Larsson, Stefan

This article analyses the path dependence of European copyright. It shows how copyright is legally constructed, is harmonised through international treaties and European regulatory efforts in terms of InfoSoc Directive and the IPRED, and is also affected by the Data Retention Directive and the Telec...

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Professor John Bessant CV

Bessant, John

John Bessant is Professor of Innovation Management at the School of Management, Cranfield University. He graduated from Aston University with a degree in Chemical Engineering in 1975 and later obtained a PhD for work on innovation within the chemical industry. After a spell in industry he took up fu...

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Liquidity and the dynamic pattern of asset price adjustment: a global view

Belke, Ansgar; Orth, Walter; Setzer, Ralph

Global liquidity expansion has been very dynamic since 2001. Contrary to conventional wisdom, high money growth rates have not coincided with a concurrent rise in goods prices. At the same time, however, asset prices have increased sharply, significantly outpacing the subdued development in consumer...

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Double-deck elevators: savings in time and space

Siikonen, M.-L.; International Federation of High-Rise Structures; Concrete Society

German National Library of Science and Technology (GetInfo) (German)