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Why small retailers endure in Latin America

Stengel, Alejandro; Lopez-Aleman, Belen; D'Andrea, Guillermo

German National Library of Science and Technology (GetInfo) (German)


Why do German retailers think and act as they do? Hvorfor tænker og handler tyske detailkæder som de gør?

Esbjerg, Lars; Stacey, Julia

German consumers say one thing and do the other. They say they are willing to pay extra for fresh pork in order to get quality meat. But they act quite differently when they shop in the supermarket and the price becomes a decisive factor. At least that is what most German retail buyers of pork think...

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The process of creating a nation-wide pool system for transport packaging - from vision to decision

Gustafsson, Kerstin

After several years of disussions, tests, investigations and additional tests, the suppliers and retailers within the Swedish business sector for food and commodities formed a jointly owned, non-profit company in 1997, which subsequently started in physical operations in 2000. This company, Svenska ...

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The Different International Strategies of European Grocery Retailers : The Case of Groupe Casino and REWE Group

Aïtamer, Gildas; Meier, Anne-Kathrin

The retail sector is at the forefront of internationalisation activities. It is especially the case for German and French retailers that operate respectively 27,8% and 20,6% of non domestic outlets in Western Europe. Stating this, the grocery retailers have also drastically changed their orientation...

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Private labels for premium products: The example of organic food

Jonas, Astrid; Roosen, Jutta

This paper inquires into the tendency of German food retailers to market organic products as private-label products (PLs). After a review of the literature, we present preliminary results of a survey of retailers and processors. 62.5 % of the interviewed processors produce organic PL. Retailers sell...

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