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Was läßt sich wie miteinander vergleichen?

Wolf, Edith

Im Rahmen von kritischen Anmerkungen zum Buch "Kindheit in Deutschland. Aktueller Survey über Kinder und ihre Eltern" (1996) von J. Zinnecker und R.K. Silbereisen wird insbesondere auf die Methodik und Interpretation des vorgenommenen Vergleichs zwischen ost- und westdeutschen Kindern und ihren Elte...

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Untersuchung möglicher immunologischer Zielstrukturen für eine adjuvante Therapie des operablen Plattenepithelkarzinoms des Ösophagus

Siegmund, Annika

Einleitung: Ösophaguskarzinome haben generell eine schlechte Prognose und der Nutzen der derzeitig verfügbaren adjuvanten Therapien wird nach wie vor kontrovers diskutiert. Aufgabe dieser Arbeit war die Expressionsanalyse zweier möglicher immunologischer Zielstrukturen für eine adjuvante Therapie de...

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Study of alternative strategies to the task clarification activity of the market-pull product development process model

Motte, Damien

A very large majority of the current product development process models put forward in textbooks present a homogenous structure, what Ulrich & Eppinger 1 call the market-pull model, presented as a generic one, while other possible product development process models are merely seen as variants. This ...

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Spinocerebellar ataxia types 1, 2, 3, and 6 - Disease severity and nonataxia symptoms

Schmitz-Hubsch, T; Coudert, M; Bauer, P; Giunti, P; Globas, C; Baliko, L; Filla, A; Mariotti, C; Rakowicz, M; Charles, P

Objective: To identify factors that determine disease severity and clinical phenotype of the most common spinocerebellar ataxias (SCAs), we studied 526 patients with SCA1, SCA2, SCA3. or SCA6.Methods: To measure the severity of ataxia we used the Scale for the Assessment and Rating of Ataxia ( SARA)...

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Prospective multicentre study of risk factors associated with delayed healing of recurrent duodenal ulcers (RUDER). RUDER Study Group.

Fischer, M; Armstrong, D; Classen, M; Arnold, R; Goebell, H; Blum, A L

Risk factors for delayed duodenal ulcer healing during treatment with ranitidine (300 mg daily) were examined in a multicentre German study of 1923 patients with endoscopically proved, recurrent duodenal ulceration. Healing rates, per protocol, were 39.5% at two weeks, 70.9% at four weeks, and 93.2%...

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Professor John Bessant CV

Bessant, John

John Bessant is Professor of Innovation Management at the School of Management, Cranfield University. He graduated from Aston University with a degree in Chemical Engineering in 1975 and later obtained a PhD for work on innovation within the chemical industry. After a spell in industry he took up fu...

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Prevalence and molecular characteristics of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) among pigs on German farms and import of livestock-related MRSA into hospitals

Köck, Robin; Harlizius, J.; Bressan, N.; Laerberg, R.; Wieler, Lothar H.; Witte, Wolfgang; Deurenberg, R. H.; Voss, A.

The aim of this study was to evaluate the prevalence and molecular characteristics of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) among pigs and estimate the impact of this animal reservoir on human healthcare. Nasal swabs were derived from 1,600 pigs at 40 German farms. The MRSA were charact...

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Molekulare Analyse von Tumorsuppressorgen-Kandidaten auf Chromosom 10 in Tumoren des Nervensystems

Köhler, Benjamin

Deletionen des Chromosoms 10 stellen eine häufige Veränderung in unterschiedlichen Tumoren des Nervensystems dar. Sie finden sich u.a. in der Mehrzahl der Glioblastome, aber auch in Subgruppen von atypischen und anaplastischen Meningeomen sowie Medulloblastomen. Der häufige Verlust von genetischem M...

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Investeringar i kommunal infrastruktur: Förutsättningar för en målfokuserad investeringsverksamhet

Fjertorp, Jonas

Capital assets in local infrastructure constitute an overbearing concern for society, with the generation of benefits for the population being its prime purpose. Nevertheless, the conditions for the capital investment activities within local governments are diffuse. Which different kinds of investme...

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Hands-On Human Factors and Ergonomics Education

Jones, D. R.; Wisconsin-Madison, U.; Human Factors and Ergonomics Society

German National Library of Science and Technology (GetInfo) (German)


Fcγ receptor IIa, IIIa, and IIIb polymorphisms in German patients with systemic lupus erythematosus: association with clinical symptoms

Kalden, J; Pfahlberg, A; Geisselbrecht, M; Manger, K; van de Winkel, J G J; Jansen, M; Repp, R; Wassmuth, R; Manger, B

Background: Receptors for IgG play an important part in immune complex clearance. Several studies have identified polymorphisms of receptors for the Fc fragment of IgG (FcγR) as genetic factors influencing susceptibility to disease or disease course of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE).

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Erfarenheter av stigmatisering och diskriminering bland personer med psykisk sjukdom

Lundberg, Bertil

The overall aim of this thesis is to 1) investigate the prevalence of stigmatizing experiences and beliefs of devaluation and discrimination among persons with mental illness, and 2) to investigate the relationship between beliefs of devalua¬tion/¬discrimination, rejection experiences and sociodemog...

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Demand-driven logistics from a packaging perspective

Nilsson, Fredrik; Pålsson, Henrik

During the last decade there has been a shift of focus from supply management towards demand management in logistics literature and practice. This article sets out to investigate what impact such a shift has on logistics, especially from a packaging perspective. An extensive literature review has be...

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Counting on ACT-R to Represent Time

Cassenti, D.; Reifers, A.; Human Factors and Ergonomics Society

German National Library of Science and Technology (GetInfo) (German)


Common and spatial drivers in regional business cycles

Artis, Michael J.; Dreger, Christian; Kholodilin, Konstantin

We examine real business cycle convergence for 41 euro area regions and 48 US states. Results obtained by a panel model with spatial correlation indicate that the relevance of common business cycle factors is rather stable over the past two decades in the euro area and the US. Ongoing business cycle...

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Alcohol Use in Swedish Halls of Residence

Ståhlbrandt, Henrietta

In the year 2000, the alcohol habits of 1460 Swedish university students living in residence halls were assessed. The students had a mean age of 23.8 years, and 64% were male. The results from this baseline assessment show that the mean AUDIT score (± sd) was 10.3 ± 5.2 for males and 8.1 ± 4.7 for f...

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