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         q centers (Q-ZENTREN)
         q codes (Q-CODES)
         q devices (Q-ANLAGEN)
         q resonances (Q-RESONANZEN)
         q-shift (Q-VERSCHIEBUNG)
         q-switching (Q-SCHALTUNG)
         q-value (Q-WERT)
         qatar (QATAR)
         qbits (QBITS)
         qcd (QCD)
         qf radiation
         qinshan reactor (REAKTOR QINSHAN)
         qinshan-1 reactor (REAKTOR QINSHAN-1)
         qp devices (QP-ANLAGEN)
         quadratures (QUADRATUREN)
         quadricyclene (QUADRICYCLEN)
         quadrupolar configurations (QUADRUPOLKONFIGURATIONEN)
         quadrupole linacs (QUADRUPOLLINEARBESCHLEUNIGER)
         quadrupole moments (QUADRUPOLMOMENTE)
         quadrupoles (QUADRUPOLE)
         qualitative chemical analysis (QUALITATIVE CHEMISCHE ANALYSE)
         quality assurance (QUALITAETSSICHERUNG)
         quality control (QUALITAETSKONTROLLE)
         quality factor (BEWERTUNGSFAKTOR)
         quality of life (LEBENSQUALITAET)

         quasi-elastic scattering (QUASIELASTISCHE STREUUNG)
         quasi-fission (QUASISPALTUNG)
         quaterphenyls (QUATERPHENYLE)
         qubits (QUBITS)
         quebec (QUEBEC)
         queensland (QUEENSLAND)
         quench aging (ABSCHRECKALTERUNG)
         quench hardening (ABSCHRECKHAERTUNG)
         quenching (ABSCHRECKEN)
         quenching avalanche
         quenching discharge
         quenching fluorescence
         quenching scintillation
         quercetin (QUERCETIN)
         quercus (QUERCUS)
         queues (WARTESCHLANGEN)
         quiescent plasma (PLASMA IM RUHEZUSTAND)
         quinaldine (CHINALDIN)
         quinalizarin (CHINALIZARIN)
         quinhydrone (CHINHYDRON)
         quinine (CHININ)
         quinizarin (CHINIZARIN)
         quinolines (CHINOLINE)
         quinone (CHINON)
         quinones (CHINONE)