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Proteine im Wein

Wigand, Petra

Untersucht wird die Proteinzusammensetzung verschiedener Weinsorten der Anbaugebiete Rheinhessen, Rheingau und Pfalz. Es erfolgt erstmalig die Identifizierung der Proteine eines Rotweins (Portugieser 2005 aus der Pfalz). Hierzu werden die Proteine mittels Dialyse und Gefriertrocknung konzentriert, a...

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Motor proteins : a volume based on the EMBO workshop, Cambridge, September 1990

Workshop on Dynamics of Cellular Motor Proteins < 1990, Cambridge>; European Molecular Biology Organization

German National Library of Science and Technology (GetInfo) (German)


Interactions in protein systems : proceedings of the 3rd Symposium on Food Proteins ... Reinhardsbrunn, May 17 - 20, 1988

Symposium on Food Proteins < 3, 1988, Reinhardsbrunn>; Zentralinstitut für Ernährung < Rehbrücke>; Akademie der Wissenschaften der DDR < Berlin, Ost>

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Intramolecular control of transcriptional activity by the NK2-specific domain in NK-2 homeodomain proteins

German, Michael S.; Watada, Hirotaka; Kalamaras, Julie; Mirmira, Raghavendra G.

The developmentally important homeodomain transcription factors of the NK-2 class contain a highly conserved region, the NK2-specific domain (NK2-SD). The function of this domain, however, remains unknown. The primary structure of the NK2-SD suggests that it might function as an accessory DNA-bindin...

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Structure and dynamics of nucleic acids, proteins, and membranes : [proceedings of the International Symposium on Structure and Dynamics of Nucleic Acids, Proteins, and Membranes, held August 31 - September 5, 1986, in Riva del Garda,Italy]

International Symposium on Structure and Dynamics of Nucleic Acids, Proteins, and Membranes < 1986, Riva>; National Foundation for Cancer Research; International Business Machines Corporation < Armonk, NY>

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The Homeodomain of PDX-1 Mediates Multiple Protein-Protein Interactions in the Formation of a Transcriptional Activation Complex on the Insulin Promoter

Johnson, Jeffrey D.; Ohneda, Kinuko; Wang, Juehu; Mirmira, Raghavendra G.; German, Michael S.

Activation of insulin gene transcription specifically in the pancreatic β cells depends on multiple nuclear proteins that interact with each other and with sequences on the insulin gene promoter to build a transcriptional activation complex. The homeodomain protein PDX-1 exemplifies such interaction...

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Epstein-Barr Virus Latent Membrane Protein LMP-2A Is Sufficient for Transactivation of the Human Endogenous Retrovirus HERV-K18 Superantigen

Huber, Brigitte T.; Sutkowski, Natalie; Calderon, German; Chen, Gang

Superantigens are microbial proteins that strongly stimulate T cells. We described previously that the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) transactivates a superantigen encoded by the human endogenous retrovirus, HERV-K18. We now report that the transactivation is dependent upon the EBV latent cycle proteins. ...

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Molecular interactions and activity in proteins : Symposium

Symposium on Molecular Interactions and Activity in Proteins < 1977, London>

German National Library of Science and Technology (GetInfo) (German)


Transcriptional synergy between LIM-homeodomain proteins and basic helix-loop-helix proteins: the LIM2 domain determines specificity.

Rutter, W J; Johnson, J D; Rudnick, A; Zhang, W; German, M S

LIM-homeodomain proteins direct cellular differentiation by activating transcription of cell-type-specific genes, but this activation requires cooperation with other nuclear factors. The LIM-homeodomain protein Lmx1 cooperates with the basic helix-loop-helix (bHLH) protein E47/Pan-1 to activate the ...

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Prognostic value of cell proliferation markers, tumour suppressor proteins and cell adhesion molecules in primary squamous cell carcinoma of the larynx and hypopharynx.

Liu, Ming; Lawson, Georges; Delos, Monique; Jamart, Jacques; Chatelain, Bernard; Remacle, Marc; Marbaix, Etienne

In an attempt to identify molecular prognostic markers, a series of laryngeal and hypopharyngeal carcinomas was examined for PCNA, Ki67, p27(Kip1), p53, E-cadherin and CD44 by immunohistochemistry and for DNA content by flow cytometry. No correlation was found between E-cadherin, CD44, p53 or DNA pl...

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Effects of Deletion and Overexpression of the Autographa californica Nuclear Polyhedrosis Virus FP25K Gene on Synthesis of Two Occlusion-Derived Virus Envelope Proteins and Their Transport into Virus-Induced Intranuclear Membranes

Rosas-Acosta, Germán; Summers, Max D.; Braunagel, Sharon C.

Partial deletions within Autographa californica open reading frame 61 (FP25K) alter the expression and accumulation profile of several viral proteins and the transport of occlusion-derived virus (ODV)-E66 to intranuclear membranes during infection (S. C. Braunagel et al., J. Virol. 73:8559–8570, 199...

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Ninth International Symposium on High-performance Liquid Chromatography of Proteins, Peptides and Polynucleotides, Philadelphia, PA (U.S.A.), November 6-8, 1989

International Symposium on High Performance Liquid Chromatography of Proteins, Peptides and Polynucleotides < 9, 1989, Philadelphia, Pa.>

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Cloning and Functional Analysis of the Gene Encoding the 33- to 36-Kilodalton Outer Membrane Protein Associated with Carbapenem Resistance in Acinetobacter baumannii

Velasco, David; Tomás, Maria del Mar; Pérez, Astrid; Beceiro, Alejandro; Moure, Rita; Bou, Germán; Villanueva, Rosa

We investigated a multiresistant strain of Acinetobacter baumannii isolated in our hospital. Analysis of the N-terminal peptide sequence of the outer membrane proteins (OMPs) purified from the strain allowed us to clone and sequence the nucleotides of the gene encoding the 33- to 36-kDa OMP associat...

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Detecting Relationships between Amino Acid Residue Sequences and 3D Protein Structures based on a New Class of Rotamer Libraries

Hinneburg, Alexander; Keim, Daniel A.; Brandt, Wolfgang

In the past a good number of rotamer libraries have been published, which allow a deeper understanding of the conformational behaviour of amino acid residues in proteins. Since the number of available high resolution X-ray protein structures has grown significantly over the last years, a more compre...

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Repression of African Swine Fever Virus Polyprotein pp220-Encoding Gene Leads to the Assembly of Icosahedral Core-Less Particles

Rodríguez, Javier M.; Andrés, Germán; Salas, María L.; García-Escudero, Ramón

African swine fever virus (ASFV) polyprotein pp220, encoded by the CP2475L gene, is an N-myristoylated precursor polypeptide that, after proteolytic processing, gives rise to the major structural proteins p150, p37, p34, and p14. These proteins localize at the core shell, a matrix-like virus domain ...

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Pancreatic beta cells express a diverse set of homeobox genes.

Rutter, W J; Rudnick, A; Odagiri, H; Ling, T Y; German, M S

Homeobox genes, which are found in all eukaryotic organisms, encode transcriptional regulators involved in cell-type differentiation and development. Several homeobox genes encoding homeodomain proteins that bind and activate the insulin gene promoter have been described. In an attempt to identify a...

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African Swine Fever Virus Proteinase Is Essential for Core Maturation and Infectivity

Alejo, Alí; Salas, María L.; Andrés, Germán

African swine fever virus (ASFV) encodes two polyprotein precursors named pp220 and pp62 that are sequentially processed during viral infection, giving rise to six major structural proteins. These reside at the core shell, a matrix domain located between the endoplasmic reticulum-derived inner envel...

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Mistletoe lectins enhance immune responses to intranasally co-administered herpes simplex virus glycoprotein D2.


The mucosal adjuvant properties of the three type 2 ribosome-inactivating proteins (RIPs) from the European mistletoe, Viscum album L., were investigated. Mistletoe lectins were compared with cholera toxin (CT) as adjuvants when delivered nasotracheally together with herpes simplex virus glycoprotei...

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Optimization of the palindromic order of the TtgR operator enhances binding cooperativity

Krell, Tino; Terán, Wilson; López Mayorga, Obdulio; Rivas, Germán; Jiménez, Mercedes; Daniels, Craig

TtgR is the specific transcriptional repressor of the TtgABC efflux pump. TtgR and the TtgB efflux pump proteins possess multidrug-binding capacity, and their concerted action is responsible for the multidrug resistance phenotype of Pseudomonas putida DOT-T1E. TtgR binds to a pseudo-palindromic site...

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Enhanced Cytotoxicity without Internuclear Spread of Adenovirus upon Cell Fusion by Measles Virus Glycoproteins

Fritz, Barbara; Horn, German P.; Kornmann, Evelyn; Vongpunsawad, Sompong; Dittmer, Dirk P.; Cattaneo, Roberto; Dobbelstein, Matthias

The efficiency of viruses in cancer therapy is enhanced by proteins that mediate the fusion of infected cells with their neighbors. It was reported that replication-competent adenovirus particles can spread between nuclei within fusion-generated syncytia. To assess this conjecture, we generated fuso...

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The Kallikrein-Related Peptidases hK2 and PSA with Emphasis on Genetic Variation, Secretion, and Sperm Motility

Sävblom, Charlotta

Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) and human glandular kallikrein 2 (hK2) are secreted by the prostate into seminal plasma and through leakage into blood. This leakage increases rapidly in prostate disease, and PSA is used worldwide as a marker of prostate cancer. PSA is activated in vitro by hK2, and ...

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Successful termination of a furunculosis outbreak due to lukS-lukF-positive, methicillin-susceptible Staphylococcus aureus in a German village by stringent decolonization, 2002-2005

Wiese-Posselt, Miriam; Heuck, Dagmar; Draeger, Andreas; Mielke, Martin; Witte, Wolfgang; Ammon, Andrea; Hamouda, Osamah

Background: Skin infections due to Staphylococcus aureus have recently become a public concern, mainly because of emerging resistance against widely used antibiotics and specific virulence determinants. Strains harboring the lukS-lukF gene (which codes for Panton-Valentine leukocidin) are fre...

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Molekulare Analyse von Tumorsuppressorgen-Kandidaten auf Chromosom 10 in Tumoren des Nervensystems

Köhler, Benjamin

Deletionen des Chromosoms 10 stellen eine häufige Veränderung in unterschiedlichen Tumoren des Nervensystems dar. Sie finden sich u.a. in der Mehrzahl der Glioblastome, aber auch in Subgruppen von atypischen und anaplastischen Meningeomen sowie Medulloblastomen. Der häufige Verlust von genetischem M...

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Lack of evidence for xenotropic murine leukemia virus-related virus(XMRV) in German prostate cancer patients

Hohn, Oliver; Krause, Hans; Barbarotto, Pia; Niederstadt, Lars; Beimforde, Nadine; Denner, Joachim; Miller, Kurt

Background: A novel gammaretrovirus named xenotropic murine leukemia virus-related virus (XMRV) has been recently identified and found to have a prevalence of 40% in prostate tumor samples from American patients carrying a homozygous R462Q mutation in the RNaseL gene. This mutation impairs...

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Isolation and characterisation of substances from Royal Jelly Isolierung und Charakterisierung von Substanzen aus Gelée Royale

Stocker, Andreas

The dissertation was completed as a German-French joint research project (Cotutelle de Thèse) of the Technische Universität München and the Centre de biophysique moléculaire, CNRS UPR 4301, affiliated to the University of Orléans. Royal jelly is produced by the honey bee (Apis mellifera) by absorpti...

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Intra- and extragenic marker haplotypes of CFTR mutations in cystic fibrosis families

Dork, T; Neumann, T; Wulbrand, U; Wulf, B; Kalin, N; Maaß, G; Krawczak, M; Guillermit, H; Ferec, C; Horn, G; Klinger, K; Kerem, B

In order to facilitate the screening for the less common mutations in the cystic fibrosis (CF) gene viz., the CF transmembrane conductance regulator gene (CFTR), marker haplotypes were determined for German non-CF (N) and CF chromosomes by polymerase chain reaction analysis of four polymorphisms ups...

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GabiPD : the GABI primary database - a plant integrative "omics" database

Riano-Pachon, Diego Mauricio; Nagel, Axel; Neigenfind, Jost; Wagner, Robert; Basekow, Rico; Weber, Elke; Müller-Röber, Bernd

The GABI Primary Database, GabiPD (http://, was established in the frame of the German initiative for Genome Analysis of the Plant Biological System (GABI). The goal of GabiPD is to collect, integrate, analyze and visualize primary information from GABI projects. GabiPD constitutes ...

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A novel IS26 structure is surrounding blaCTX-M genes in different plasmids of German clinical isolates of Escherichia coli

Cullik, Angela; Pfeifer, Yvonne; Prager, Rita; von Baum, Heike; Witte, Wolfgang

This report focuses on the molecular characterization of 22 extended-spectrum beta-lactamase (ESBL) producing E. coli isolates collected in a German university hospital, during a period of nine months in 2006. Relationship analysis of clinical isolates was done via pulsed-field gel-electrophoresis, ...

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