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Knowing Left From Right: Ideological Identification in Brazil, 2002-2006 Diferenciando a Esquerda da Direita: Identificação Ideológica no Brasil, 2002-2006

Barry Ames; University of Pittsburgh; Amy Erica Smith; University of Pittsburgh

Ideology, typically defined on a left-right spectrum, should provide a means of communication between elites and masses. After years of leftist party rule, have Brazilian voters internalized ideological divisions? Longitudinal surveys conducted from 2002 to 2006 reveal high nonresponse and instabili...

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Presidential Control of High Courts in Latin America: A Long-term View (1904-2006) Control presidencial de las cortes supremas en América Latina. Una mirada histórica (1904-2006)

Aníbal Pérez-Liñán; University of Pittsburgh; Andrea Castagnola; University of Pittsburgh

In many Latin American countries the executive branch manipulatesthe composition of the Supreme Court, and judicial independence hasremained elusive. Because high courts can exercise judicial review and influencelower courts, incoming presidents often force the resignation of adversarialjustices or ...

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