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The Term Structure of the Spreads between Portuguese and German Interest Rates during Stage II of EMU

Fonseca, José Soares da

The spread between interest rates denominated in different currencies represents the expectations on exchange rate changes, according to the uncovered interest rate parity condition. In the present research the short- and long-term spreads between Portuguese and German Treasury bonds interest rates ...

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Reproductive efficiency of female German Angora Rabbits under Indian sub-temperate climatic conditions.

Kumar, D.; Singh, U.; Bhatt, R.S.; Risam, K.S.

The influence of season, parity, age and weight of doe at service on the reproductive efficiency of female German Angora rabbits has been studied. Nulliparous German Angora rabbits of 4 - 5 months of age were imported from Germany in August, 1997 and reared under standard management practices. They ...

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Interest rate linkages in the Exchange Rate Mechanism : tests for asymmetry, German dominance and interest rate parity using daily data over 1990 to 1997

Thom, Rodney

Empirical research on interest rate linkages within the European Monetary System (EMS) has concentrated on the concepts of asymmetry and German dominance. Asymmetry is usually taken to mean that German monetary policy is invariant to shocks in other EMS economies while dominance implies that the Bun...

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Genetic parameters of mastitis-correlated milk components in first parity dairy cows

Gillon, Alain; Bastin, Catherine; Soyeurt, Hélène; Gengler, Nicolas

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Gebären im Wasser

Oberaigner, W.; Kunczicky, V.; Brezinka, C.

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