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         olein (OLEIN)
         oleoresins (OELHARZE)
         olfactory bulbs (BULBUS OLFACTORIUS)
         oligocene epoch (OLIGOZAEN)
         oligonucleotides (OLIGONUKLEOTIDE)
         oligophenylenes (OLIGOPHENYLENE)
         oligosaccharides (OLIGOSACCHARIDE)
         olive oil (OLIVENOEL)
         olives (OLIVEN)
         olivine (OLIVIN)
         olkiluoto reactor (REAKTOR OLKILUOTO)
         olympic dam mine (BERGWERK OLYMPIC DAM)
         oman (OMAN)
         omega baryons (OMEGA-BARYONEN)
         omega facility (OMEGA-ANLAGE)
         omega minus (OMEGA MINUS)
         omega particle beams (OMEGATEILCHENSTRAHLEN)
         omega particles (OMEGATEILCHEN)
         omega west reactor (OMEGA WEST REAKTOR)
         omentum (OMENTUM)
         omnitron (OMNITRON)
         omre reactor (REAKTOR OMRE)
         on-highway use (STRASSENEINSATZ)
         on-line computers (ON-LINE-COMPUTER)
         on-line control systems (ON-LINE-REGELSYSTEME)

         organic chlorine compounds (ORGANISCHE CHLORVERBINDUNGEN)
         organic compounds (ORGANISCHE VERBINDUNGEN)
         organic coolants (ORGANISCHE KUEHLMITTEL)
         organic cooled reactors (ORGANISCH GEKUEHLTE REAKTOREN)
         organic crystal phosphors (ORGANISCHE KRISTALLPHOSPHORE)
         organic fluorine compounds (ORGANISCHE FLUORVERBINDUNGEN)
         organic halogen compounds (ORGANISCHE HALOGENVERBINDUNGEN)
         organic insulators (ORGANISCHE ISOLATOREN)
         organic iodine compounds (ORGANISCHE JODVERBINDUNGEN)
         organic ion exchangers (ORGANISCHE IONENAUSTAUSCHER)
         organic matter (ORGANISCHE STOFFE)
         organic mercury compounds (ORGANISCHE QUECKSILBERVERBINDUNGEN)
         organic moderators (ORGANISCHE MODERATOREN)
         organic nitrogen compounds (ORGANISCHE STICKSTOFFVERBINDUNGEN)
         organic oxygen compounds (ORGANISCHE SAUERSTOFFVERBINDUNGEN)
         organic phosphorus compounds (ORGANISCHE PHOSPHORVERBINDUNGEN)
         organic polymers (ORGANISCHE POLYMERE)
         organic semiconductors (ORGANISCHE HALBLEITER)
         organic silicon compounds (ORGANISCHE SILIZIUMVERBINDUNGEN)
         organic solar cells (ORGANISCHE SOLARZELLEN)
         organic solvents (ORGANISCHE LOESUNGSMITTEL)
         organic sulfur compounds (ORGANISCHE SCHWEFELVERBINDUNGEN)
         organic superconductors (ORGANISCHE SUPRALEITER)
         organic wastes (ORGANISCHE ABFAELLE)
         organization economic co-operation and development (ORGANIZATION ECONOMIC CO-OPERATION AND DEVELOPMENT)

         oskarshamn-3 reactor (OSKARSHAMN-3 REAKTOR)
         oslo cyclotron (ZYKLOTRON OSLO)
         osmium (OSMIUM)
         osmium 165 (OSMIUM 165)
         osmium 168 (OSMIUM 168)
         osmium 169 (OSMIUM 169)
         osmium 172 (OSMIUM 172)
         osmium 173 (OSMIUM 173)
         osmium 176 (OSMIUM 176)
         osmium 177 (OSMIUM 177)
         osmium 178 (OSMIUM 178)
         osmium 180 (OSMIUM 180)
         osmium 181 (OSMIUM 181)
         osmium 184 (OSMIUM 184)
         osmium 185 (OSMIUM 185)
         osmium 186 (OSMIUM 186)
         osmium 187 (OSMIUM 187)
         osmium 188 (OSMIUM 188)
         osmium 189 (OSMIUM 189)
         osmium 190 (OSMIUM 190)
         osmium 191 (OSMIUM 191)
         osmium 192 (OSMIUM 192)
         osmium 192 target (OSMIUM 192 TARGET)
         osmium 193 (OSMIUM 193)
         osmium 193 target (OSMIUM 193 TARGET)

         otec (OTEC)
         other organic compounds (ANDERE ORGANISCHE VERBINDUNGEN)
         otisca process (OTISCA-VERFAHREN)
         ottawa river (OTTAWA RIVER)
         ottawa slowpoke reactor (OTTAWA SLOWPOKE REAKTOR)
         otters (OTTER)
         otto cycle (OTTO-PROZESS)
         otto hahn nuclear ship
         otto hahn reactor (REAKTOR OTTO HAHN)
         otto process (OTTO-VERFAHREN)
         ouabain (OUABAIN)
         ounce metal (UNZENMETALL)
         outages (AUSFAELLE)
         outdoors (DRAUSSEN)
         outer continental shelf (AEUSSERER BEREICH DES KONTINENTALSOCKELS)
         outgassing (AUSGASEN)
         outlet structures (AUSLAESSE)
         output (OUTPUT)
         ova (OVA)
         ovalbumin (OVALBUMIN)
         ovaries (OVARIEN)
         oven coke (OFENKOKS)
         ovens (BACKOEFEN)
         overburden (ABRAUM)
         overcurrent (UEBERSTROM)

         overhauser effect (OVERHAUSER-EFFEKT)
         overhead power transmission (FREILEITUNGSSTROMUEBERTRAGUNG)
         overthrust belt (UEBERSCHIEBUNGSGUERTEL)
         overvoltage (UEBERSPANNUNG)
         ovulation (OVULATION)
         ownership (EIGENTUM)
         oxadiazoles (OXADIAZOLE)
         oxalaldehyde (OXALALDEHYD)
         oxalates (OXALATE)
         oxalic acid (OXALSAEURE)
         oxalic acid esters (OXALSAEUREESTER)
         oxazoles (OXAZOLE)
         oxetane (OXETAN)
         oxidants (OXIDANS)
         oxidases (OXIDASEN)
         oxidation (OXIDATION)
         oxidation state (OXIDATIONSZUSTAND)
         oxide minerals (OXID-MINERALE)
         oxides (OXIDE)
         oxidizers (OXIDATIONSMITTEL)
         oxidizing agents (OXIDIERENDE AGENTIEN)
         oxidoreductases (OXIDOREDUKTASEN)
         oximes (OXIME)
         oxine (OXIN)
         oxirans (OXIRANE)

         oxygen meters (SAUERSTOFFMESSGERAETE)
         oxygen plants (SAUERSTOFFANLAGEN)
         oxygen potential (SAUERSTOFFPOTENTIAL)
         oxygenases (OXYGENASEN)
         oxyhalides (OXYHALOGENE)
         oxyiodides (OXYJODIDE)
         oxymethylene (OXYMETHYLEN)
         oxynitrates (OXYNITRATE)
         oxyselenides (OXYSELENIDE)
         oxysulfides (OXYSULFIDE)
         oxytellurides (OXYTELLURIDE)
         oxytetracycline (OXYTETRACYCLIN)
         oxytocin (OXYTOCIN)
         oysters (AUSTERN)
         ozark region (ozark-region)
         ozone (OZON)
         ozone layer (OZONSCHICHT)
         ozonization (OZONISIERUNG)