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Nitric oxide and the cell : proliferation, differentiation and death ; proceedings of the symposium held in Calabria, Italy, in September 1996

International Paraelios Symposium on Nitric Oxide Research < 2, 1996, Paraelios>; British Pharmacological Society; Società Italiana di Farmacologia

German National Library of Science and Technology (GetInfo) (German)


ASPECTS OF FLUID THERAPY: An experimental study of the effects of systemic inflammation, microvascular permeability, blood pressure and plasma volume

Dubniks, Maris

Adequate circulating blood volume is a prerequisite for circulatory stability. Fluid therapy aims at correcting hypovolaemia, and is an important part of the haemodynamic management of perioperative and critically ill patients. The efficacy of plasma volume substitution largely depends on the pharma...

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