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Possible role of ionic gradients in the apical growth of Neurospora crassa

Salcedo-Hernández, Rubén; Reynaga-Peña, Cristina; Alcántara-Sánchez, Felipe

German National Library of Science and Technology (GetInfo) (German)


What’s in the genome of a filamentous fungus? Analysis of the Neurospora genome sequence

Kempken, Frank; Aign, Verena; Hoheisel, Jörg D.; Mewes, H. Werner; Mannhaupt, Gertrud; Montrone, Corinna; Nyakatura, Gerald

The German Neurospora Genome Project has assembled sequences from ordered cosmid and BAC clones of linkage groups II and V of the genome of Neurospora crassa in 13 and 12 contigs, respectively. Including additional sequences located on other linkage groups a total of 12 Mb were subjected to a manual...

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Hybridization-based mapping of Neurospora crassa linkage groups II and V.

Aign, V; Hoheisel, J D; Schulte, U

As part of the German Neurospora crassa genome project, physical clone maps of linkage groups II and V of N. crassa were generated by hybridization-based mapping. To this end, two different types of clone library were used: (1) a bacterial artificial clone library of 15-fold genome coverage and an a...

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