Sample records for NEODYMISOTOPE (neodymium isotopes)

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Increased input of circumpolar deep water-borne detritus to the glacial SE Atlantic Ocean

Bayon, Germain; German, Cr; Nesbitt, Rw; Bertrand, P; Schneider, Rr

[1] Analysis of radiogenic isotopes in marine sediments can provide useful information on the provenance and transport of detrital material, directly relevant to paleoceanographic investigations. Here we show that the detrital Nd isotopic composition of recent SE Atlantic marine sediments matches th...

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Hf and Nd isotopes in marine sediments: Constraints on global silicate weathering

Bayon Germain; Burton K. W.; Soulet Guillaume; Vigier N.; Dennielou Bernard; Etoubleau Joel; Ponzevera Emmanuel; German C. R.

The combined use of Lu-Hf and Sm-Nd isotope systems potentially offers a unique perspective for investigating continental erosion, but little is known about whether, and to what extent, the Hf-Nd isotope composition of sediments is related to silicate weathering intensity. In this study, Hf and Nd e...

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