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         n*baryons (N*BARYONEN)
         n*resonances (N*RESONANZEN)
         n codes (N-CODES)
         n shell (N-SCHALE)
         n-d method (N-D-VERFAHREN)
         n-ethyl maleimide (N-AETHYL-MALEINIMID)
         n-reactor (REAKTOR N)
         n-type conductors (N-TYP-HALBLEITER)
         naa (NAA)
         nabarlek deposit (LAGERSTAETTE NABARLEK)
         nac cyclotron (ZYKLOTRON NAC)
         nad (NAD)
         nadh2 (NADH2)
         nadp (NADP)
         nagasaki (NAGASAKI)
         nahcolite (NAHCOLIT)
         nai detectors (NAJ-DETEKTOREN)
         nails (FINGERNAEGEL)
         nak (nak)
         nak cooled reactors (NAK-GEKUEHLTE REAKTOREN)
         nal synchrotron (SYNCHROTRON NAL)
         namibia (NAMIBIA)
         nanostructures (NANOSTRUKTUREN)
         nanotechnology (NANOTECHNOLOGIE)
         nanotubes (NANOROEHREN)

         nap-m storage ring (SPEICHERRING NAP-M)
         napap (NAPAP)
         naphtha (NAPHTHA)
         naphthalene (NAPHTHALIN)
         naphthalic acid (NAPHTHALSAEURE)
         naphthenes (NAPHTHENE)
         naphthols (NAPHTHOLE)
         naphthols-alpha (NAPHTHOLE-ALPHA)
         naphthyl radicals (NAPHTHYLRADIKALE)
         narcotics (NARKOTIKA)
         nasa (NASA)
         nasa argentina
         nasopharynx (NASOPHARYNX)
         national accelerator laboratory (NATIONAL ACCELERATOR LABORATORY)
         national acid precipitation assessment program (NATIONAL ACID PRECIPITATION ASSESSMENT PROGRAM)
         national aeronautics and space administration (NATIONAL AERONAUTICS AND SPACE ADMINISTRATION)
         national bureau of standards (NATIONAL BUREAU OF STANDARDS)
         national bureau of standards reactor (NATIONAL BUREAU OF STANDARDS REACTOR)
         national center of systems reliability (national center of systems reliability)
         national coal model (NATIONAL COAL MODEL)
         national control (NATIONALE UEBERWACHUNG)
         national council on radiation protection measurements us
         national defense (LANDESVERTEIDIGUNG)
         national electric reliability councils (NATIONAL ELECTRIC RELIABILITY COUNCILS)
         national energy acts (NATIONALE ENERGIEGESETZE)

         national energy conservation policy act (NATIONAL ENERGY CONSERVATION POLICY ACT)
         national energy plans (NATIONALE ENERGIEPLAENE)
         national enterprises (NATIONALE BETRIEBE)
         national environmental policy act (NATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY ACT)
         national government (REGIERUNG)
         national ignition facility (national ignition facility)
         national institute for occupational safety and health (NATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HEALTH)
         national institute for petroleum and energy research (NATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR PETROLEUM AND ENERGY RESEARCH)
         national institute of radiological science cyclotron (NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF RADIOLOGICAL SCIENCE CYCLOTRON)
         national oceanic and atmospheric administration (NATIONAL OCEANIC AND ATMOSPHERIC ADMINISTRATION)
         national organizations (NATIONALE ORGANISATIONEN)
         national program plans (NATIONAL PROGRAM PLANS)
         national radiological protection board (NATIONAL RADIOLOGICAL PROTECTION BOARD)
         national reactor testing station (NATIONAL REACTOR TESTING STATION)
         national renewable energy laboratory (NATIONAL RENEWABLE ENERGY LABORATORY)
         national science foundation (NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION)
         national security (STAATSSICHERHEIT)
         national synchrotron light source (NATIONAL SYNCHROTRON LIGHT SOURCE)
         nationalization (VERSTAATLICHUNG)
         nato (NATO)
         natroautunite (NATROAUTUNIT)
         natural activity (NATUERLICHE AKTIVITAET)
         natural analogue (NATUERLICHES ANALOGON)
         natural attenuation (NATURAL ATTENUATION)
         natural bridges national monument (NATURAL BRIDGES NATIONAL MONUMENT)

         natural occurrence (NATUERLICHES VORKOMMEN)
         natural radioactivity (NATUERLICHE RADIOAKTIVITAET)
         natural reactor oklo (NATURREAKTOR OKLO)
         natural rubber (NATURKAUTSCHUK)
         natural steam (GEOTHERMISCHER DAMPF)
         natural units (NATUERLICHE EINHEITEN)
         natural uranium (NATURURAN)
         natural uranium reactors (NATURURANREAKTOREN)
         natural uranium target (NATURURANTARGET)
         natural ventilation (NATUERLICHE LUEFTUNG)
         nature conservation (ERHALTUNG DER NATUR)
         nature reserves (NATURSCHUTZGEBIETE)
         nauru (NAURU)
         nausea (UEBELKEIT)
         naval oil shale reserves (OELSCHIEFERVORRAETE DER MARINE)
         naval petroleum reserve (ERDOELVORRAETE DER MARINE)
         naval reactors (NAVAL-REAKTOREN)
         naval research laboratory (NAVAL RESEARCH LABORATORY)
         naval research laboratory cyclotron (NAVAL RESEARCH LABORATORY ZYKLOTRON)
         naval research laboratory linac (NAVAL RESEARCH LABORATORY LINAC)
         navier-stokes equations (NAVIER-STOKES-GLEICHUNGEN)
         navigation (NAVIGATION)
         navigational instruments (NAVIGATIONSINSTRUMENTE)
         nbi cyclotron (ZYKLOTRON NBI)
         nbs synchrotron ultraviolet radiation facility (NBS SYNCHROTRON ULTRAVIOLET RADIATION FACILITY)

         nbs us
         nbsr reactor (REAKTOR NBSR)
         ncrp us
         ncsr (NCSR)
         ndpp (ndpp)
         nea (NEA)
         near infrared radiation (NAHE INFRAROTSTRAHLUNG)
         near ultraviolet radiation (NAHE ULTRAVIOLETTSTRAHLUNG)
         nebraska (NEBRASKA)
         nebulae (NEBEL(ASTR.))
         nec computers (NEC-COMPUTER)
         neck (HALS)
         necrosis (NEKROSE)
         needle chambers (NADELKAMMERN)
         neel point (NEEL-PUNKT)
         neel temperature (NEEL-TEMPERATUR)
         negative energy states (NEGATIVE ENERGIEZUSTAENDE)
         negative ions (NEGATIVE IONEN)
         negative mass (NEGATIVE MASSE)
         negative mass effect (EFFEKT DER NEGATIVEN MASSE)
         negative mass instability (INSTABILITAET DER NEGATIVEN MASSE)
         negatons (NEGATONE)
         negatrons (NEGATRONEN)
         negev nuclear research center (KERNFORSCHUNGSZENTRUM NEGEV)
         negotiation (VERHANDLUNG)

         nelson river (NELSON RIVER)
         nem (NEM)
         nemata (NEMATA)
         nematodes (NEMATODEN)
         nembutal (NEMBUTAL)
         neoclassical transport theory (NEOKLASSISCHE TRANSPORTTHEORIE)
         neocupferron (NEOKUPFERRON)
         neodymium (NEODYM)
         neodymium 124 (NEODYM 124)
         neodymium 125 (NEODYM 125)
         neodymium 126 (NEODYM 126)
         neodymium 127 (NEODYM 127)
         neodymium 128 (NEODYM 128)
         neodymium 130 (NEODYM 130)
         neodymium 131 (NEODYM 131)
         neodymium 132 (NEODYM 132)
         neodymium 134 (NEODYM 134)
         neodymium 135 (NEODYM 135)
         neodymium 136 (NEODYM 136)
         neodymium 137 (NEODYM 137)
         neodymium 138 (NEODYM 138)
         neodymium 140 (NEODYM 140)
         neodymium 142 (NEODYM 142)
         neodymium 143 (NEODYM 143)
         neodymium 144 (NEODYM 144)

         neon 19 beams (NEON 19 STRAHLEN)
         neon 20 (NEON 20)
         neon 20 beams (NEON 20 STRAHLEN)
         neon 20 reactions (NEON 20 REAKTIONEN)
         neon 20 target (NEON 20 TARGET)
         neon 21 (NEON 21)
         neon 22 (NEON 22)
         neon 22 beams (NEON 22 STRAHLEN)
         neon 22 target (NEON 22 TARGET)
         neon 23 (NEON 23)
         neon 24 (NEON 24)
         neon 25 (NEON 25)
         neon 26 (NEON 26)
         neon 27 (NEON 27)
         neon 28 (NEON 28)
         neon 29 (NEON 29)
         neon 30 (NEON 30)
         neon 31 (NEON 31)
         neon 32 (NEON 32)
         neon 33 (NEON 33)
         neon 34 (NEON 34)
         neon chlorides (NEONCHLORIDE)
         neon complexes (NEONKOMPLEXE)
         neon compounds (NEONVERBINDUNGEN)
         neon fluorides (NEONFLUORIDE)

         neon hydrides (NEONHYDRIDE)
         neon ions (NEONIONEN)
         neon isotopes (NEONISOTOPE)
         neon oxides (NEONOXIDE)
         neonates (NEUGEBORENE)
         neopentane (NEOPENTAN)
         neoplasms (TUMORE)
         neoprene (NEOPREN)
         nepa (NEPA)
         nepal (NEPAL)
         nepheline basalts (NEPHELINBASALTE)
         nephrectomy (NEPHREKTOMIE)
         nephritis (NEPHRITIS)
         nephrosclerosis (NEPHROSKLEROSE)
         nepotism (NEPOTISMUS)
         neptune planet (NEPTUN)
         neptune reactor (REAKTOR NEPTUN)
         neptunium (NEPTUNIUM)
         neptunium 230 (NEPTUNIUM 230)
         neptunium 231 (NEPTUNIUM 231)
         neptunium 232 (NEPTUNIUM 232)
         neptunium 233 (NEPTUNIUM 233)
         neptunium 234 (NEPTUNIUM 234)
         neptunium 235 (NEPTUNIUM 235)
         neptunium 236 (NEPTUNIUM 236)

         neurons (NEURONEN)
         neuroregulators (NEUROREGULATOREN)
         neurospora (NEUROSPORA)
         neutral atom beam injection (NEUTRALATOMSTRAHLEINSCHUSS)
         neutral beam sources (NEUTRALTEILCHENSTRAHLQUELLEN)
         neutral currents (NEUTRALE STROEME)
         neutral particle analyzers (NEUTRALTEILCHENANALYSATOREN)
         neutral particles (NEUTRALE TEILCHEN)
         neutral red (NEUTRALROT)
         neutral-current interactions (WECHSELWIRKUNGEN NEUTRALER STROEME)
         neutral-particle transport (NEUTRALTEILCHENTRANSPORT)
         neutralization beam
         neutralization chemical
         neutralization physical
         neutrettos (NEUTRETTOS)
         neutrino beams (NEUTRINOSTRAHLEN)
         neutrino detection (NEUTRINONACHWEIS)
         neutrino oscillation (NEUTRINOSCHWINGUNG)
         neutrino reactions (NEUTRINOREAKTIONEN)
         neutrino-deuteron interactions (NEUTRINO-DEUTERON-WECHSELWIRKUNGEN)
         neutrino-electron interactions (NEUTRINO-ELEKTRON-WECHSELWIRKUNGEN)
         neutrino-muon interactions (NEUTRINO-MYON-WECHSELWIRKUNGEN)
         neutrino-neutrino interactions (NEUTRINO-NEUTRINO-WECHSELWIRKUNGEN)
         neutrino-nucleon interactions (NEUTRINO-NUKLEON-WECHSELWIRKUNGEN)
         neutrino-proton interactions (NEUTRINO-PROTON-WECHSELWIRKUNGEN)

         neutron flux flattening (NEUTRONENFLUSSABFLACHUNG)
         neutron generators (NEUTRONENGENERATOREN)
         neutron guides (NEUTRONENLEITER)
         neutron halos (NEUTRONENHALOS)
         neutron heating (NEUTRONENHEIZUNG)
         neutron importance function (NEUTRONENEINFLUSSFUNKTION)
         neutron international standard neutron source (NEUTRON INTERNATIONAL STANDARD NEUTRON SOURCE)
         neutron leakage (NEUTRONENLECKAGE)
         neutron logging (NEUTRONEN-BOHRLOCHMESSUNG)
         neutron matter (NEUTRONENMATERIE)
         neutron moisture meters (NEUTRONENFEUCHTIGKEITSMESSER)
         neutron multiplier facility (NEUTRONENVERVIELFACHERANLAGE)
         neutron oscillation (NEUTRONENOSZILLATION)
         neutron probes (NEUTRONENSONDEN)
         neutron radiography (NEUTRONENRADIOGRAPHIE)
         neutron reactions (NEUTRONENREAKTIONEN)
         neutron reflectors (NEUTRONENREFLEKTOREN)
         neutron separation energy (NEUTRONENTRENNUNGSENERGIE)
         neutron source facilities (NEUTRONENANLAGEN)
         neutron source thermal reactor (NEUTRON SOURCE THERMAL REACTOR)
         neutron sources (NEUTRONENQUELLEN)
         neutron spectra (NEUTRONENSPEKTREN)
         neutron spectrometers (NEUTRONENSPEKTROMETER)
         neutron spectrometry (NEUTRONENSPEKTROMETRIE)

         new mexico (NEW MEXICO)
         new south wales (NEW SOUTH WALES)
         new york (NEW YORK)
         new york bight (NEW YORK BIGHT)
         new york city (NEW YORK CITY)
         new zealand (NEUSEELAND)
         new zealand organizations (NEUSEELAENDISCHE ORGANISATIONEN)
         newborns (NEUGEBORENE)
         newcastle disease (GEFLUEGELPEST)
         newfoundland (NEUFUNDLAND)
         newton mechanics (NEWTON-MECHANIK)
         newton method (NEWTON-METHODE)
         newts (MOLCHE)
         next european torus (NEXT EUROPEAN TORUS)
         ngl (NGL)
         nhr-5 reactor (REAKTOR NHR-5)
         ni-hard (NI-HARD)
         niacin (NIACIN)
         niagara river (NIAGARA)
         nicaragua (NICARAGUA)
         nichrome (NICHROM)
         nichrome v (NICHROM V)
         nickel (NICKEL)
         nickel 48 (NICKEL 48)
         nickel 50 (NICKEL 50)

         nickel 51 (NICKEL 51)
         nickel 52 (NICKEL 52)
         nickel 53 (NICKEL 53)
         nickel 54 (NICKEL 54)
         nickel 55 (NICKEL 55)
         nickel 56 (NICKEL 56)
         nickel 56 target (NICKEL 56 TARGET)
         nickel 57 (NICKEL 57)
         nickel 57 target (NICKEL 57 TARGET)
         nickel 58 (NICKEL 58)
         nickel 58 beams (NICKEL 58 STRAHLEN)
         nickel 58 target (NICKEL 58 TARGET)
         nickel 59 (NICKEL 59)
         nickel 59 target (NICKEL 59 TARGET)
         nickel 60 (NICKEL 60)
         nickel 60 beams (NICKEL 60 STRAHLEN)
         nickel 60 reactions (NICKEL 60 REAKTIONEN)
         nickel 60 target (NICKEL 60 TARGET)
         nickel 61 (NICKEL 61)
         nickel 61 reactions (NICKEL 61 REAKTIONEN)
         nickel 62 (NICKEL 62)
         nickel 63 (NICKEL 63)
         nickel 63 target (NICKEL 63 TARGET)
         nickel 64 (NICKEL 64)
         nickel 64 reactions (NICKEL 64 REAKTIONEN)

         nickel 64 target (NICKEL 64 TARGET)
         nickel 65 (NICKEL 65)
         nickel 66 (NICKEL 66)
         nickel 67 (NICKEL 67)
         nickel 68 (NICKEL 68)
         nickel 69 (NICKEL 69)
         nickel 71 (NICKEL 71)
         nickel 72 (NICKEL 72)
         nickel 73 (NICKEL 73)
         nickel 74 (NICKEL 74)
         nickel 75 (NICKEL 75)
         nickel 76 (NICKEL 76)
         nickel 77 (NICKEL 77)
         nickel 78 (NICKEL 78)
         nickel additions (NICKELZUSAETZE)
         nickel alloys (NICKELLEGIERUNGEN)
         nickel arsenides (NICKELARSENIDE)
         nickel base alloys (NICKELBASISLEGIERUNGEN)
         nickel borides (NICKELBORIDE)
         nickel bromides (NICKELBROMIDE)
         nickel carbides (NICKELCARBIDE)
         nickel carbonates (NICKELCARBONATE)
         nickel chlorides (NICKELCHLORIDE)
         nickel chromium-td (NICKELCHROM-TD)
         nickel complexes (NICKELKOMPLEXE)

         nickel-iron batteries (NICKEL-EISEN-BATTERIEN)
         nickel-zinc batteries (NICKEL-ZINK-BATTERIEN)
         nickelates (NICKELATE)
         nicotiana (NICOTIANA)
         nicotinamide (NICOTINAMID)
         nicotinamide-adenine dinucleotide (NICOTINAMID-ADENIN-DINUCLEOTID)
         nicotinamide-adenine dinucleotide phosphate (NICOTIN-ADENIN-DINUCLEOTIDPHOSPHAT)
         nicotine (NICOTIN)
         nicotinic acid (NICOTINSAEURE)
         nif (nif)
         nigella (NIGELLA)
         niger (REPUBLIK NIGER)
         niger river (NIGER)
         nigeria (NIGERIA)
         night sky (NACHTHIMMEL)
         nightglow (NACHTLEUCHTEN)
         nighttime sky
         nii uk
         nikhef (NIKHEF)
         nile river (NIL)
         nilsson model (NILSSON-MODELL)
         nilsson potential (NILSSON-POTENTIAL)
         nilsson scheme (NILSSON-SCHEMA)
         nilsson-mottelson model (NILSSON-MOTTELSON-MODELL)
         nim (NIM)

         nimbus satellites (NIMBUS-SATELLITEN)
         nimonic (NIMONIC)
         nimonic 105 (NIMONIC 105)
         nimonic 115 (NIMONIC 115)
         nimonic 80a (NIMONIC 80A)
         nimonic 86 (NIMONIC 86)
         nimonic 90 (NIMONIC 90)
         nimonic pe16 (NIMONIC PE16)
         nimrod (NIMROD)
         nina (NINA)
         ningyoite (NINGYOIT)
         ninhydrin (NINHYDRIN)
         niobates (NIOBATE)
         niobium (NIOB)
         niobium 100 (NIOB 100)
         niobium 101 (NIOB 101)
         niobium 102 (NIOB 102)
         niobium 104 (NIOB 104)
         niobium 105 (NIOB 105)
         niobium 106 (NIOB 106)
         niobium 107 (NIOB 107)
         niobium 108 (NIOB 108)
         niobium 109 (NIOB 109)
         niobium 110 (NIOB 110)
         niobium 111 (NIOB 111)

         niobium 112 (NIOB 112)
         niobium 81 (NIOB 81)
         niobium 82 (NIOB 82)
         niobium 83 (NIOB 83)
         niobium 84 (NIOB 84)
         niobium 85 (NIOB 85)
         niobium 86 (NIOB 86)
         niobium 87 (NIOB 87)
         niobium 88 (NIOB 88)
         niobium 89 (NIOB 89)
         niobium 90 (NIOB 90)
         niobium 91 (NIOB 91)
         niobium 92 (NIOB 92)
         niobium 93 (NIOB 93)
         niobium 94 (NIOB 94)
         niobium 95 (NIOB 95)
         niobium 95 target (NIOB 95 TARGET)
         niobium 96 (NIOB 96)
         niobium 97 (NIOB 97)
         niobium 98 (NIOB 98)
         niobium 99 (NIOB 99)
         niobium additions (NIOBZUSAETZE)
         niobium alloys (NIOBLEGIERUNGEN)
         niobium arsenides (NIOBARSENIDE)
         niobium base alloys (NIOBBASISLEGIERUNGEN)

         niper (NIPER)
         nippostrongylus (NIPPOSTRONGYLUS)
         nirr-1 reactor (REAKTOR NIRR-1)
         nirs cyclotron (ZYKLOTRON NIRS)
         nitella (NITELLA)
         nitinol (nitinol)
         nitrates (NITRATE)
         nitration (NITRIERUNG)
         nitric acid (SALPETERSAEURE)
         nitric acid esters (SALPETERSAEUREESTER)
         nitric oxide (STICKSTOFFMONOXID)
         nitridation (NITRIDIERUNG)
         nitrides (NITRIDE)
         nitrification (NITRIFIZIERUNG)
         nitriles (NITRILE)
         nitrilotriacetic acid (NITRILOTRIESSIGSAEURE)
         nitrites (NITRITE)
         nitro compounds (NITROVERBINDUNGEN)
         nitrobenzene (NITROBENZOL)
         nitrocellulose (NITROCELLULOSE)
         nitrogen (STICKSTOFF)
         nitrogen 10 (STICKSTOFF 10)
         nitrogen 11 (STICKSTOFF 11)
         nitrogen 12 (STICKSTOFF 12)
         nitrogen 12 target (STICKSTOFF 12 TARGET)

         nodular corrosion (NODULARE KORROSION)
         noise (RAUSCHEN)
         noise dosemeters (LAERMMESSGERAETE)
         noise pollution (LAERMBELAESTIGUNG)
         noise pollution abatement (LAERMSCHUTZ)
         noise pollution control (LAERMUEBERWACHUNG)
         noise reactor
         noise thermometers (RAUSCHTHERMOMETER)
         nolen-schiffer anomaly (NOLEN-SCHIFFER-ANOMALIE)
         nomograms (NOMOGRAMME)
         non lagrangian quantum field theory (NON-LAGRANGIAN QUANTENFELDTHEORIE)
         non-aqueous solvents (NICHTWAESSRIGE LOESUNGSMITTEL)
         non-canonical dimension (NICHTKANONISCHE DIMENSION)
         non-central forces (NICHTZENTRALKRAEFTE)
         non-destructive analysis (ZERSTOERUNGSFREIE ANALYSE)
         non-destructive testing (ZERSTOERUNGSFREIE PRUEFUNG)
         non-disjunction (NON-DISJUNCTION)
         non-equilibrium plasma (NICHTGLEICHGEWICHTSPLASMA)
         non-inductive current drive (NICHTINDUKTIVE PLASMASTROMERZEUGUNG)
         non-leptonic decay (NICHTLEPTONISCHER ZERFALL)
         non-linear field theory (NICHTLINEARE FELDTHEORIE)
         non-linear optics (NICHTLINEARE OPTIK)
         non-linear plasma instabilities (NICHT-LINEARE PLASMAINSTABILITAETEN)
         non-linear problems (NICHTLINEARE PROBLEME)
         non-linear systems (NICHTLINEARE SYSTEME)

         non-local potential (NICHTLOKALES POTENTIAL)
         non-local quantum field theory (NICHTLOKALE QUANTENFELDTHEORIE)
         non-measurable variables (NICHT MESSBARE KENNWERTE)
         non-metals (NICHTMETALLE)
         non-proliferation (NICHTVERBREITUNG V. KERNWAFFEN)
         non-proliferation policy (NICHTVERBREITERUNGSPOLITIK)
         non-proliferation treaty (ATOMWAFFENSPERRVERTRAG)
         non-radioactive waste disposal (BESEITIGUNG NICHTRADIOAKTIVER ABFAELLE)
         non-radioactive wastes (NICHTRADIOAKTIVE ABFAELLE)
         non-uniform irradiation (UNGLEICHMAESSIGE BESTRAHLUNG)
         non-unitary representations (NICHTUNITAERE DARSTELLUNGEN)
         nonanoic acid (NONANSAEURE)
         nonaqueous solvents (NICHTWAESSRIGE LOESUNGSMITTEL)
         nonaxial nuclei (NICHTAXIALE KERNE)
         noncanonical dimension (NICHTKANONISCHE DIMENSION)
         noncentral forces (NICHTZENTRALKRAEFTE)
         nondestructive analysis (ZERSTOERUNGSFREIE ANALYSE)
         nondestructive chemical analysis (ZERSTOERUNGSFREIE CHEMISCHE ANALYSE)
         nondestructive testing (ZERSTOERUNGSFREIE PRUEFUNG)
         nondisjunction (NONDISJUNCTION)
         nondispersive ion waves (NICHTDISPERSIVE IONENWELLEN)
         nonequilibrium plasma (NICHTGLEICHGEWICHTSPLASMA)
         nonleptonic decay (NICHTLEPTONISCHER ZERFALL)
         nonlinear field theory (NICHTLINEARE FELDTHEORIE)
         nonlinear optics (NICHTLINEARE OPTIK)

         nonlinear plasma instabilities (NICHTLINEARE PLASMAINSTABILITAETEN)
         nonlinear problems (NICHTLINEARE PROBLEME)
         nonlinear programming (NICHTLINEARE PROGRAMMIERUNG)
         nonlinear systems (NICHTLINEARE SYSTEME)
         nonlocal potential (NICHTLOKALES POTENTIAL)
         nonlocal quantum field theory (NICHTLOKALE QUANTENFELDTHEORIE)
         nonluminous matter (NICHTLEUCHTENDE MATERIE)
         nonmeasurable variables (NICHT MESSBARE PARAMETER)
         nonmetals (NICHTMETALLE)
         nonproliferation (NICHTVERBREITUNG V. KERNWAFFEN)
         nonproliferation treaty (ATOMWAFFENSPERRVERTRAG)
         nonradioactive waste management (ENTSORGUNG NICHTRADIOAKTIVER ABFALLSTOFFE)
         nonradioactive wastes (NICHTRADIOAKTIVE ABFALLSTOFFE)
         nonspecific proteinases (UNSPEZIFISCHE PROTEINASEN)
         nonuniform irradiation (UNGLEICHMAESSIGE BESTRAHLUNG)
         nonunitary representations (NICHTUNITAERE DARSTELLUNGEN)
         nonviscous flow (NICHTVISKOSE STROEMUNG)
         nonylic acid (NONYLSAEURE)
         nora reactor (REAKTOR NORA)
         noradrenaline (NORADRENALIN)
         norbornadiene (NORBORNADIEN)
         nord computers (NORD-COMPUTER)
         nordheim equation (NORDHEIM-GLEICHUNG)
         nordstrandite (NORDSTRANDIT)
         norepinephrine (NOREPINEPHRIN)

         nougat operation (NOUGAT OPERATION)
         nova facility (NOVA-ANLAGE)
         nova model (NOVA-MODELL)
         nova scotia (NOVA SCOTIA)
         novacekite (NOVACEKIT)
         novae (NOVAE)
         novaya zemlya (NOWOJA SEMLJA)
         novette facility (NOVETTE-ANLAGE)
         novocaine (NOVOCAIN)
         noxso process (NOXSO-VERFAHREN)
         nozzles (DUESEN)
         npd reactor (REAKTOR NPD)
         npr reactor (NPR-REAKTOR)
         nra (NRA)
         nrel (NREL)
         nrl cyclotron (ZYKLOTRON NRL)
         nrpb (NRPB)
         nrts (NRTS)
         nru canada reactor (NRU CANADA REAKTOR)
         nru reactor (REAKTOR NRU)
         nrx reactor (REAKTOR NRX)
         ns otto hahn (NS OTTO HAHN)
         ns savannah (NS SAVANNAH)
         nsls (NSLS)
         nspp (NSPP)

         nuclear energy agency oecd
         nuclear engineering (KERNTECHNIK)
         nuclear engineering test reactor (NUCLEAR ENGINEERING TEST REACTOR)
         nuclear evaporation (KERNVERDAMPFUNG)
         nuclear excavation (AUSSCHACHTUNG DURCH KERNEXPLOSION)
         nuclear explosion detection (KERNEXPLOSIONSNACHWEIS)
         nuclear explosions (KERNEXPLOSIONEN)
         nuclear explosives (KERNEXPLOSIVSTOFFE)
         nuclear facilities (KERNTECHNISCHE ANLAGEN)
         nuclear ferromagnetism (kernferromagnetismus)
         nuclear fireball model (NUKLEARES FEUERBALL-MODELL)
         nuclear fireballs (NUKLEARE FEUERBAELLE)
         nuclear forces (KERNKRAEFTE)
         nuclear fragmentation (KERNZERTRUEMMERUNG)
         nuclear fragments (KERNBRUCHSTUECKE)
         nuclear freeze (ATOMRUESTUNGSSTOP)
         nuclear fuel centers (KERNBRENSTOFFZENTREN)
         nuclear fuel conversion (KERNBRENNSTOFFKONVERSION)
         nuclear fuel elements (KERNBRENNSTOFFELEMENTE)
         nuclear fuels (KERNBRENNSTOFFE)
         nuclear furnace reactor (NUCLEAR FURNACE REAKTOR)
         nuclear halos (NUKLEARER HALOS)
         nuclear industry (NUKLEARINDUSTRIE)
         nuclear installation sites (atomanlagenstandorte)
         nuclear installations inspectorate (NUCLEAR INSTALLATIONS INSPECTORATE)

         nuclear physics research institute amsterdam (KERNPHYSIKFORSCHUNGSINSTITUT AMSTERDAM)
         nuclear poisons (REAKTORGIFTE)
         nuclear potential (KERNPOTENTIAL)
         nuclear power (KERNKRAFT)
         nuclear power demonstration reactor canada (NUCLEAR POWER DEMONSTRATION REACTOR CANADA)
         nuclear power phaseout (KERNENERGIEAUSSTIEG)
         nuclear power plant research institute (KERNKRAFTWERK-FORSCHUNGSINSTITUT)
         nuclear power plants (KERNKRAFTWERKE)
         nuclear power stations (ATOMKRAFTWERKE)
         nuclear properties (KERNEIGENSCHAFTEN)
         nuclear pumping (NUKLEARES PUMPEN)
         nuclear quadrupole resonance (KERNQUADRUPOLRESONANZ)
         nuclear radii (KERNRADIEN)
         nuclear reaction analysis (KERNREAKTIONSANALYSE)
         nuclear reaction analyzers (KERNREAKTIONSANALYSATOREN)
         nuclear reaction kinetics (KERNREAKTIONSKINETIK)
         nuclear reaction yield (KERNREAKTIONSAUSBEUTE)
         nuclear reactions (KERNREAKTIONEN)
         nuclear reactors (KERNREAKTOREN)
         nuclear regulatory authority of the slovak republic (ATOMRECHTLICHE BEHOERDE DER SLOWAKISCHEN REPUBLIK)
         nuclear safety (NUKLEARE SICHERHEIT)
         nuclear safety convention (NUKLEARE SICHERHEITSKONVENTION)
         nuclear safety culture (NUKLEARSICHERHEITSKULTUR)
         nuclear safety research reactor japan
         nuclear science center reactor texas (NUCLEAR SCIENCE CENTER REACTOR TEXAS)

         nucleotides (NUKLEOTIDE)
         nucleotidyltransferases (NUCLEOTIDYLTRANSFERASEN)
         nuclides (NUKLIDE)
         number codes (ZAHLENCODES)
         numerical analysis (NUMERISCHE ANALYSE)
         numerical data (NUMERISCHE DATEN)
         numerical data tagging (NUMERICAL DATA TAGGING)
         numerical solution (NUMERISCHE LOESUNG)
         nunavut (NUNAVUT)
         nur reactor (REAKTOR NUR)
         nusselt number (NUSSELTZAHL)
         nutrients (NAEHRSTOFFE)
         nutrition (ERNAEHRUNG)
         nutritional deficiency (MANGELERNAEHRUNG)
         nuts (MUTTERN)
         nuts mechanical
         nx-188 (NX-188)
         nylon (NYLON)
         nymphs (NYMPHEN)
         nyquist diagrams (NYQUIST-DIAGRAMME)