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Burma/Myanmar: Challenges of a Ceasefire Accord in Karen State Burma/Myanmar: Herausforderungen eines Waffenstillstandsabkommens im Karen-Staat

Paul Core

Burma (Myanmar) has seen some of the longest-running insurgencies in the world, which have had a devastating effect on local populations and the country as a whole. While the Karen National Union (KNU), which has fought successive Burmese governments since 1949, is in a critical phase of its life, t...

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Aung San Suu Kyi and U.S. Policy toward Burma/Myanmar

David I. Steinberg; School of Foreign Service Georgetown University

No living foreigner has shaped contemporary U.S. attitudes toward a single country more than Aung San Suu Kyi. As the seemingly vulnerable international avatar of democracy, she has effectively determined the parameters of possible U.S. policy choices. Although her Burma/Myanmar specific goals and t...

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Community Building at the Time of Nargis: The ASEAN Response

Julio Santiago Amador III; Foreign Service Institute

Cyclone Nargis was one of the most powerful disasters to hit Myanmar and Southeast Asia. Myanmar was criticized internationally for its allegedly slow effort in allowing international aid to enter into the country. This paper examines the criticism levelled against the ASEAN for its slow response in...

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Alternative Education or Teaching Radicalism? New Literature on Islamic Education in Southeast Asia

Holger Warnk

This review article focuses on three recent publications on Islamic education in Southeast Asia. While two are monographs on South Thailand and Myanmar/ Burma, one is a collection of essays on Indonesia, Malaysia, South Thailand, Cambodia, and the Southern Philippines. All works highlight local, reg...

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Unity-in-Diversity? Regional Identity-building in Southeast Asia

Kristina Jönsson; Lund University

The aim of this paper is to discuss the issue of regional integration and regional identity-building in Southeast Asia. The idea is to problematise the quest for a regional identity by relating the efforts of integration to the issues of multi-ethnicity, national identity-building and multicultural ...

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Review: Gravers, Mikael (ed.) (2007), Exploring Ethnic Diversity in Burma

Roland Mischung

Review of the edited volume: Gravers, Mikael (ed.), Exploring Ethnic Diversity in Burma, Copenhagen: NIAS Press (= NIAS Studies in Asian Topics Series, 39), 2007, ISBN 9788791114960, 283 pages

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