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Erfarenheter av stigmatisering och diskriminering bland personer med psykisk sjukdom

Lundberg, Bertil

The overall aim of this thesis is to 1) investigate the prevalence of stigmatizing experiences and beliefs of devaluation and discrimination among persons with mental illness, and 2) to investigate the relationship between beliefs of devalua¬tion/¬discrimination, rejection experiences and sociodemog...

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Chemical footprints as cues to foraging bumblebees and pollination ecologists

Witjes, Sebastian

Many plant species are known to emit species-specific floral scents to attract or guide pollinators, thereby ensuring cross pollination. In combination with visual traits, pollinators use these cues to localize floral resources and to specialize on the most rewarding plant species. To complicate mat...

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A Method for Controlling Angiogenesis in Porous, Non-Woven Biomaterials

Baker, A. B.; Sanders, J. E.; American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Bioengineering Division

German National Library of Science and Technology (GetInfo) (German)