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Strategic aspects of the incorporation of acrylic acid in emulsion polymers

Slawinski, Martine

Doctoral degree 20-10-1999; Department of Chemical Engineering; Supervisors: A.L. German and G. Riess; co-promotor J. Meuldijk Digitale versie wijkt in de paginering af van de papieren versie.

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Static electricity as a hazard in industry

Van Laar, Ir.

Looking at the German and Dutch statistics, the percentage of dust explosions in all industries dealing with explosible dust-air mixtures which have been ignited by electrostatic discharges is about 8-10%. However, in the plastics industry this value is much higher: 25%. In particular in the last fe...

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Latices with intrinsic crosslink activity

Geurts, JM (John)

Doctoral degree 24-11-1997; Department of Chemical Engineering; Supervisors: A.L. German and R. van der Linde

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Investigations of the Influence of Mixture Preparation on Cyclic Variations in a SI-Engine, Using Laser Induced Fluorescence

Johansson, Bengt; Neij, Hans; Aldén, Marcus; Juhlin, Greger

To study the effect of different injection timings on the charge inhomogeneity, planar laser-induced fluorescence (PLIF) was applied to an operating engine. Quantitative images of the fuel distribution within the engine were obtained. Since the fuel used, iso-octane, does not fluoresce, a dopant was...

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Gradient polymer elution chromatography : a qualitative study on the prediction of retention times using cloud-points and solubility parameters

Staal, WJ (Wim)

Doctoral degree 12-03-1996; Department of Chemical Engineering; Supervisors: A.L. German and C.A.M.G. Cramers; co-promotor A.M. van Herk

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Genetically engineered Pseudomonas: a factory of new bioplastics with broad applications

Olivera, Elías R.; Carnicero, David; Jodra, Ruth; Miñambres Rodríguez, Baltasar; García, Belén; Abraham, Gustavo A.

7 pages, 4 figures, 1 table.-- PMID: 11722541 [PubMed]. | New bioplastics containing aromatic or mixtures of aliphatic and aromatic monomers have been obtained using genetically engineered strains of Pseudomonas putida. The mutation (-) or deletion (Delta) of some of the genes involved in the beta-o...

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Cycle-To-Cycle Variations in S.I. Engines--The Effects of Fluid Flow and Gas Composition in the Vicinity of the Spark Plug on Early Combustion

Johansson, Bengt

Simultaneous measurements of early flame speed and local measurements of the major parameters controlling the process are presented. The early flame growth rate was captured with heat release analysis of the cylinder pressure. The local concentration of fuel or residual gas were measured with laser ...

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