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Urban Life-Worlds in Motion: In Africa and Beyond Städtische Lebenswelten in Bewegung: in Afrika und darüber hinaus

Hans Peter Hahn

Although throughout the history of anthropology the ethnography of urban societies was never an important topic, investigations on cities in Africa contributed to the early theoretical development of urban studies in social sciences. As the ethnography of rural migrants in towns made clear, cultural...

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The effects of development projects on the Karrayu in Metahara area

Gebre, A.; Ethiopian Society of Sociologists, Social Workers and Anthropologists; United Nations Development Programme

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The Vitality of Kabiye in Togo Zur Überlebensfähigkeit des Kabiye in Togo

Komlan Essowe Essizewa; University of Lomé

In Togo, speakers of Kabiye have been in contact with the speak¬ers of Ewe for several decades due to migration. As a result of this language contact, many members of the Kabiye speech community have become bilingual in Kabiye and Ewe. There have been a number of claims that Kabiye “est une langue e...

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The Role of Amateur Football in Circular Migration Systems in South Africa Zur Bedeutung des Amateurfußballs für zirkuläre Migrationssysteme in Südafrika

Malte Steinbrink; University of Osnabrück

This article explores the significance of amateur football for the changing patterns of circular migration in post-Apartheid South Africa. Even after the end of Apartheid, the abolishment of the migrant labour system has not brought a decline of circular migration. The state-institutionalised system...

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The Global Crisis’ Impact upon China’s Rural Migrants

Sara Hsu; University of Texas at Austin; Shiyin Jiang; Sichuan Provincial Communist Party Committee School

Towards the end of 2008, as the world economy slowed and export-demand declined due to the global financial crisis, news reports began to appear detailing the return of rural migrants in China to their provincial homes. It was reported that 20 million rural migrant workers were laid off, and social ...

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