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Microarray expression analysis of meiosis and microsporogenesis in hexaploid bread wheat

Shirley, Neil; Crismani, Wayne; Sutton, Tim; Baumann, Ute; Webster, Tracie; Able, Jason A; Spangenberg, German; Langridge, Peter

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Human male infertility, probably genetically determined, due to defective meiosis and spermatogenic arrest.

Chaganti, R S; German, J

A family is reported in which infertility affected three men related through their mothers. The propositus, from testicular tissue was obtained, exhibited desynapsis, lack of chiasmata, and degeneration of spermatocytes during the first meiotic division. These observations lead us to postulate that ...

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Case report of one patient with macrocephalic and multiflagellate spermatozoa

Gómez Torres, María José; Ramos Mas, Belén; Girela López, José Luis; Avilés Sánchez, Manuel; Fernández Colom, Pedro José

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