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Rubella Virus Replication and Links to Teratogenicity

Lee, Jia-Yee; Bowden, D. Scott

Rubella virus (RV) is the causative agent of the disease known more popularly as German measles. Rubella is predominantly a childhood disease and is endemic throughout the world. Natural infections of rubella occur only in humans and are generally mild. Complications of rubella infection, most commo...

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Enhanced Cytotoxicity without Internuclear Spread of Adenovirus upon Cell Fusion by Measles Virus Glycoproteins

Fritz, Barbara; Horn, German P.; Kornmann, Evelyn; Vongpunsawad, Sompong; Dittmer, Dirk P.; Cattaneo, Roberto; Dobbelstein, Matthias

The efficiency of viruses in cancer therapy is enhanced by proteins that mediate the fusion of infected cells with their neighbors. It was reported that replication-competent adenovirus particles can spread between nuclei within fusion-generated syncytia. To assess this conjecture, we generated fuso...

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