Sample records for MAGNETISCHE REYNOLDSZAHL (magnetic reynolds number)

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Summary of Papers

Serge Gauthier; Snezhana I Abarzhi; Katepalli R Sreenivasan

German National Library of Science and Technology (GetInfo) (German)


Applications of Metabolomics in Agriculture.

Dixon, R.A.; Gang, D.R.; Charlton, A.J.; Fiehn, O.; Kuiper, H.A.; Reynolds, T.L.; Tjeerdema, R.S.; Jeffery, E.H.; German, J.B.

Biological systems are exceedingly complex. The unraveling of the genome in plants and humans revealed fewer than the anticipated number of genes. Therefore, other processes such as the regulation of gene expression, the action of gene products, and the metabolic networks resulting from catalytic pr...

DRIVER (German)