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Older plasma lipoproteins are more susceptible to oxidation: a linking mechanism for the lipid and oxidation theories of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease.

Hansen, R J; Walzem, R L; Frankel, E N; Watkins, S; German, J B

Increases in plasma cholesterol are associated with progressive increases in the risk of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. In humans plasma cholesterol is contained primarily in apolipoprotein B-based low density lipoprotein (LDL). Cells stop making the high-affinity receptor responsible for L...

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Free radicals, lipoproteins, and membrane lipids : proceedings

Crastes de Paulet, A. ( Hrsg. ); Douste-Blazy, Louis ( Hrsg. ); Paoletti, Rodolfo ( Hrsg. )

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