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         lanthanum 123 (LANTHAN 123)
         lanthanum 124 (LANTHAN 124)
         lanthanum 125 (LANTHAN 125)
         lanthanum 126 (LANTHAN 126)
         lanthanum 127 (LANTHAN 127)
         lanthanum 128 (LANTHAN 128)
         lanthanum 129 (LANTHAN 129)
         lanthanum 130 (LANTHAN 130)
         lanthanum 132 (LANTHAN 132)
         lanthanum 133 (LANTHAN 133)
         lanthanum 136 (LANTHAN 136)
         lanthanum 137 (LANTHAN 137)
         lanthanum 138 (LANTHAN 138)
         lanthanum 139 (LANTHAN 139)
         lanthanum 139 reactions (LANTHAN 139 REAKTIONEN)
         lanthanum 139 target (LANTHAN 139 TARGET)
         lanthanum 140 (LANTHAN 140)
         lanthanum 141 (LANTHAN 141)
         lanthanum 143 (LANTHAN 143)
         lanthanum 144 (LANTHAN 144)
         lanthanum 145 (LANTHAN 145)
         lanthanum 146 (LANTHAN 146)
         lanthanum 147 (LANTHAN 147)
         lanthanum 149 (LANTHAN 149)
         lanthanum 150 (LANTHAN 150)

         lc-fining (LC-FINING)
         lcao calculations (LCAO-RECHNUNGEN)
         lcao method (LCAO-METHODE)
         lcao mo calculations (LCAO-MO-RECHNUNGEN)
         lcao scf treatment (LCAO-SCF-VERFAHREN)
         lcao theory (LCAO-THEORIE)
         lcr (LCR)
         ld 50 (LD 50)
         leachates (SICKERFLUESSIGKEITEN)
         leaching (LAUGUNG)
         lead (BLEI)
         lead 178 (BLEI 178)
         lead 179 (BLEI 179)
         lead 180 (BLEI 180)
         lead 181 (BLEI 181)
         lead 182 (BLEI 182)
         lead 183 (BLEI 183)
         lead 184 (BLEI 184)
         lead 185 (BLEI 185)
         lead 186 (BLEI 186)
         lead 187 (BLEI 187)
         lead 188 (BLEI 188)
         lead 189 (BLEI 189)
         lead 190 (BLEI 190)
         lead 191 (BLEI 191)

         lead 192 (BLEI 192)
         lead 193 (BLEI 193)
         lead 194 (BLEI 194)
         lead 195 (BLEI 195)
         lead 196 (BLEI 196)
         lead 197 (BLEI 197)
         lead 198 (BLEI 198)
         lead 199 (BLEI 199)
         lead 200 (BLEI 200)
         lead 200 target (BLEI 200 TARGET)
         lead 201 (BLEI 201)
         lead 202 (BLEI 202)
         lead 203 (BLEI 203)
         lead 204 (BLEI 204)
         lead 204 target (BLEI 204 TARGET)
         lead 205 (BLEI 205)
         lead 206 (BLEI 206)
         lead 206 target (BLEI 206 TARGET)
         lead 207 (BLEI 207)
         lead 207 target (BLEI 207 TARGET)
         lead 208 (BLEI 208)
         lead 208 reactions (BLEI 208 REAKTIONEN)
         lead 208 target (BLEI 208 TARGET)
         lead 209 (BLEI 209)
         lead 209 target (BLEI 209 TARGET)

         lead 210 (BLEI 210)
         lead 210 target (BLEI 210 TARGET)
         lead 211 (BLEI 211)
         lead 212 (BLEI 212)
         lead 213 (BLEI 213)
         lead 214 (BLEI 214)
         lead 215 (BLEI 215)
         lead 216 (BLEI 216)
         lead additions (BLEIZUSAETZE)
         lead alloys (BLEILEGIERUNGEN)
         lead base alloys (BLEIBASISLEGIERUNGEN)
         lead bromides (BLEIBROMIDE)
         lead carbides (BLEICARBIDE)
         lead carbonates (BLEICARBONATE)
         lead chlorides (BLEICHLORIDE)
         lead complexes (BLEIKOMPLEXE)
         lead compounds (BLEIVERBINDUNGEN)
         lead fluorides (BLEIFLUORIDE)
         lead halides (BLEIHALOGENIDE)
         lead hydrides (BLEIHYDRIDE)
         lead hydroxides (BLEIHYDROXIDE)
         lead iodides (BLEIJODIDE)
         lead ions (BLEIIONEN)
         lead isotopes (BLEIISOTOPE)
         lead method (BLEIMETHODE)

         lead minerals (BLEI-MINERALE)
         lead nitrates (BLEINITRATE)
         lead nitrides (BLEINITRIDE)
         lead oxides (BLEIOXIDE)
         lead perchlorates (BLEIPERCHLORATE)
         lead phosphates (BLEIPHOSPHATE)
         lead selenides (BLEISELENIDE)
         lead silicates (BLEISILICATE)
         lead sulfates (BLEISULFATE)
         lead sulfides (BLEISULFIDE)
         lead tellurides (BLEITELLURIDE)
         lead tungstates (BLEIWOLFRAMATE)
         lead zirconate titanate (BLEI-ZIRKONAT-TITANAT)
         lead-acid batteries (BLEIBATTERIEN)
         lead-free gasoline (BLEIFREIES BENZIN)
         leading abstract (LEITREFERAT)
         leading particles (FUEHRENDE TEILCHEN)
         leak detectors (LECKSUCHGERAETE)
         leak testing (DICHTHEITSPRUEFUNG)
         leakage (LECKAGE)
         leakage current (KRIECHSTROM)
         leakage neutron
         leaks (LECKS)
         lear (lear)
         learning (LERNPROZESS)

         leptonic decay (LEPTONISCHER ZERFALL)
         leptons (LEPTONEN)
         lesotho (LESOTHO)
         lesser antilles (KLEINE ANTILLEN)
         let (LET)
         lethal doses (LETALE DOSEN)
         lethal genes (LETALGENE)
         lethal irradiation (LETALE BESTRAHLUNG)
         lethal mutations (LETALMUTATIONEN)
         lethal radiation dose (LETALE STRAHLENDOSIS)
         lethals (LETALFAKTOREN)
         letters-of-credit (KREDITBRIEF)
         lettuce (SALATPFLANZE)
         leucine (LEUCIN)
         leucocytes (LEUCOZYTEN)
         leucovorin (LEUKOVORIN)
         leukemia (LEUKAEMIE)
         leukemia viruses (LEUKAEMIEVIREN)
         leukemogenesis (LEUKAEMOGENESE)
         leukocytes (LEUKOZYTEN)
         leukopenia (LEUKOPENIE)
         leukopoiesis (LEUKOPOESE)
         level density (NIVEAUDICHTE)
         level indicators (FUELLSTANDSANZEIGER)
         level mixing resonance (NIVEAUMISCHUNGSRESONANZ)

         lighter-than-air craft (LUFTSCHIFFE)
         lightering (LEICHTERN)
         lighting requirements (LICHTBEDARF)
         lighting systems (BELEUCHTUNGSSYSTEME)
         lightning (BLITZ)
         lightning arresters (BLITZABLEITER)
         lightwood (kienholz)
         lignin (LIGNIN)
         lignite (LIGNIT)
         ligroin (LIGROIN)
         liliopsida (LILIOPSIDA)
         lilium (LILIUM)
         limbs (GLIEDMASSEN)
         lime-soda sinter process (LIME-SODA SINTER VERFAHREN)
         limestone (KALKSTEIN)
         liming (KALKEN)
         limit cycle (GRENZZYKEL)
         limitations liability
         limiters (BEGRENZER)
         limiting fragmentation (GRENZFRAGMENTIERUNG)
         limiting values (GRENZWERTE)
         limnanthes alba (LIMNANTHES ALBA)
         limnology (LIMNOLOGIE)
         limonite (LIMONIT)

         liquid column chromatography (FLUESSIGKEITS-SAEULENCHROMATOGRAPHIE)
         liquid contamination monitors (FLUESSIGKEITSKONTAMIN. MONITORE)
         liquid crystals (FLUESSIGKRISTALLE)
         liquid drop model (TROEPFCHENMODELL)
         liquid effluents (ABLEITUNG FLUESS. ABFALLSTOFFE)
         liquid flow (FLUESSIGKEITSSTROEMUNG)
         liquid fuels (FLUESSIGE BRENNSTOFFE)
         liquid holding recovery (LIQUID HOLDING RECOVERY)
         liquid homogeneous reactors (HOMOGENE LOESUNGSREAKTOREN)
         liquid ion exchangers (FLUESSIGE IONENAUSTAUSCHER)
         liquid ionization chambers (FLUESSIGKEITSIONISATIONSKAMMERN)
         liquid lasers (FLUESSIGKEITS-LASER)
         liquid magnets (MAGNETISCHE FLUESSIGKEITEN)
         liquid metal coolant (FLUESSIGMETALLKUEHLMITTEL)
         liquid metal cooled reactors (FLUESSIGMETALLGEKUEHLTE REAKTOREN)
         liquid metal test facilities (FLUESSIGMETALLVERSUCHSANLAGEN)
         liquid metals (FLUESSIGMETALLE)
         liquid penetrant inspection (FLUESSIGKEITSEINDRINGPRUEFUNG)
         liquid phase methanation process (liquid phase methanation verfahren)
         liquid phase methanol process (LIQUID PHASE METHANOL VERFAHREN)
         liquid proportional counters (FLUESSIGPROPORTIONALZAEHLER)
         liquid scintillation detectors (FLUESSIGSZINTILLATIONSZAEHLER)
         liquid scintillators (FLUESSIGE SZINTILLATOREN)
         liquid wastes (FLUESSIGE ABFALLSTOFFE)
         liquid-liquid extraction (FLUESSIG-FLUESSIG EXTRAKTION)

         liver cirrhosis (LEBERZIRRHOSE)
         livermore pool type reactor (LIVERMORE POOL TYPE REACTOR)
         livestock (VIEH)
         living standards (LEBENSSTANDARD)
         lixiviation (FEST- FLUESSIG- EXTRAKTION)
         lizards (EIDECHSEN)
         ljungstrom process (ljungstrom-verfahren)
         llamas (LAMAS)
         llnl (LLNL)
         lm devices (LM-ANLAGEN)
         lng (LNG)
         lng industry (FLUESSIGERDGASINDUSTRIE)
         lng plants (FLUESSIGERDGASANLAGEN)
         lng spills (FLUESSIGERDGASUNFAELLE)
         lnls storage ring (SPEICHERRING LNLS)
         load analysis (BELASTUNGSANALYSE)
         load characteristics (BELASTUNGSCHARAKTERISTIKA)
         load dynamic
         load management (LASTMANAGEMENT)
         loaders (LADEMASCHINEN)
         loading (BELADUNG)
         loading fission reactor
         loading rate (BELADUNGSGESCHWINDIGKEIT)
         loads dynamic
         loads power demand

         loads static
         loads stresses
         loam (LEHM)
         loan guarantees (KEDITBUERGSCHAFTEN)
         loans (KREDITE)
         lobachevsky geometry (LOBATSCHEWSKI-GEOMETRIE)
         lobachevsky space (LOBATSCHEWSKI-RAUM)
         lobbies (LOBBIES)
         lobsters (HUMMER)
         loca (LOCA)
         local area networks (LOKALE NETZE)
         local boiling (LOKALES SIEDEN)
         local fallout (LOKALER FALLOUT)
         local galaxy (GALAXIS)
         local government (REGIONALVERWALTUNG)
         local group (LOKALES SUPERSYSTEM)
         local irradiation (LOKALE BESTRAHLUNG)
         local thermodynamic equilibrium (LOKALES THERMODYNAMISCHES GLEICHGEWICHT)
         locality (LOKALITAET)
         localization biological
         lock-in amplifiers (LOCK-IN-VERSTAERKER)
         locks security
         locomotives (LOKOMOTIVEN)
         locust trees (ROBINIEN)
         locusts (HEUSCHRECKEN)

         loft reactor (REAKTOR LOFT)
         logging while drilling (MESSUNGEN WAEHREND DES BOHRENS)
         logic circuits (LOGISCHE SCHALTUNGEN)
         logic mathematics
         london convention for prevention of marine pollution (londoner vereinbarung zur reinhaltung der meere)
         london equation (LONDON-GLEICHUNG)
         london safety of life at sea convention (LOND. KONV. Z. SCHUTZ MENSCHL. LEB. SEE)
         long counters (LANGZAEHLROHRE)
         long island sound (LONG ISLAND-SUND)
         long shot event (LONG SHOT EREIGNIS)
         long term intake (LANGZEITINKORPORIERUNG)
         long term irradiation (LANGZEITBESTRAHLUNG)
         long valley (LONG VALLEY)
         long wave radiation (LANGWELLIGE STRAHLUNG)
         long-range interactions (WEITREICHENDE WECHSELWIRKUNGEN)
         long-range transport (GROSSRAEUMIGER SCHADSTOFFTRANSPORT)
         longitudinal momentum (LONGITUDINALIMPULS)
         longitudinal pinch (LONGITUDINALE EINSCHNUERUNG)
         longwall mining (LANGFRONTBAU)
         lorentz groups (LORENTZ-GRUPPEN)
         lorentz invariance (LORENTZ-INVARIANZ)
         lorentz plasma (LORENTZ-PLASMA)
         lorentz poles (LORENTZ-POLE)
         lorentz transformations (LORENTZ-TRANSFORMATIONEN)
         los alamos (LOS ALAMOS)

         los alamos meson physics facility (LOS ALAMOS MESON PHYSICS FACILITY)
         los alamos national laboratory (LOS ALAMOS NATIONAL LABORATORY)
         los alamos omega west reactor (LOS ALAMOS OMEGA WEST REACTOR)
         los alamos scientific laboratory (los alamos scientific laboratory)
         los alamos water boiler reactor (LOS ALAMOS WATER BOILER REACTOR)
         los angeles (LOS ANGELES)
         loss cone (VERLUSTKEGEL)
         loss cone instability (VERLUSTKEGELINSTABILITAET)
         loss of coolant (KUEHLMITTELVERLUST)
         loss of flow (STROEMUNGSVERLUST)
         loss of fluid test reactor (LOSS OF FLUID TEST REACTOR)
         losses (VERLUSTE)
         lost circulation (spuelungsverluste)
         lotus facility (LOTUS-ANLAGE)
         louisiana (LOUISIANA)
         louvain isochronous cyclotron (LOUVAIN ISOCHRONES ZYKLOTRON)
         love waves (LOVE-WELLEN)
         lovelace biomedical and environmental research institute (LOVELACE BIOMEDICAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE)
         loviisa reactor (REAKTOR LOVIISA)
         loviisa-2 reactor (REAKTOR LOVIISA-2)
         lovozerite (LOWOSERIT)
         lovozero (LOVOZERO)
         low alloy steels (NIEDRIGLEGIERTE STAEHLE)
         low btu gas (SCHWACHGAS)
         low carbon-high alloy steels (NIEDRIGGEKOHLTE, HOCHLEGIERTE STAEHLE)

         low dose irradiation (BESTRAHLUNG MIT NIEDRIGEN DOSEN)
         low energy electron diffraction (NIEDERENERGIE-ELEKTRONENDIFFRAKTION)
         low equation (LOW-GLEICHUNG)
         low flux reactor petten (LOW FLUX REACTOR PETTEN)
         low frequency radiation (NIEDERFREQUENZSTRAHLUNG)
         low income groups (NIEDRIGE EINKOMMENSGRUPPEN)
         low intensity test reactor (LOW INTENSITY TEST REACTOR)
         low level counters (ZAEHLROHRE FUER SCHWACHE INTENSITAET)
         low level counting (ZAEHLEN BEI SCHWACHER INTENSITAET)
         low power reactor assembly (LOW POWER REACTOR ASSEMBLY)
         low pressure (NIEDERDRUCK)
         low pressure coolant injection (NIEDERDRUCKKUEHLMITTELINJEKTION)
         low temperature (TIEFTEMPERATUR)
         low-beta plasma (NIEDRIG-BETA-PLASMA)
         low-emission vehicles (SCHADSTOFFARME FAHRZEUGE)
         low-energy buildings (NIEDRIGENERGIEHAEUSER)
         low-energy theorem (NIEDERENERGIETHEOREM)
         low-head hydroelectric power plants (NIEDERWEHRWASSERKRAFTWERKE)
         low-level radioactive wastes (SCHWACHRADIOAKTIVE ABFAELLE)
         lower hybrid heating (NIEDERHYBRIDE HEIZUNG)
         lower hybrid resonance heating (NIEDERHYBRIDE RESONANZHEIZUNG)
         lp-gas (LP-GAS)
         lpci (LPCI)
         lpg industry (FLUESSIGGASINDUSTRIE)
         lpr reactor (REAKTOR LPR)

         lr-0 reactor (REAKTOR LR-0)
         lsz theory (LSZ-THEORIE)
         lt-3 tokamak (LT-3-TOKAMAK)
         lte (LTE)
         lth (LTH)
         lubricants (SCHMIERSTOFFE)
         lubricating oils (SCHMIEROELE)
         lubricating properties (SCHMIEREIGENSCHAFTEN)
         lubrication (SCHMIERUNG)
         lucas process (lucas-verfahren)
         luciferase (LUCIFERASE)
         luciferin (LUCIFERIN)
         lucite (LUCIT)
         lugol (LUGOL)
         lugol solution (LUGOL-LOESUNG)
         lumber industry (HOLZINDUSTRIE)
         luminal (LUMINAL)
         luminescence (LUMINESZENZ)
         luminescent chambers (LUMINESZENZKAMMERN)
         luminescent concentrators (LUMINESZENZKONZENTRATOREN)
         luminescent dosemeters (LUMINESZENZDOSIMETER)
         luminol (LUMINOL)
         luminosity (LUMINOSITAET)
         luminous flux density (LICHTSTROMDICHTE)
         luminous paints (LEUCHTFARBEN)

         lunar atmosphere (MONDATMOSPHAERE)
         lunar materials (MONDMATERIAL)
         lunar occultation (STERNBEDECKUNG (D. MOND))
         lund synchrotron (SYNCHROTRON LUND)
         lung cells (LUNGENZELLEN)
         lung clearance (LUNGENCLEARANCE)
         lungs (LUNGEN)
         lupus (LUPUS)
         lurgi process (LURGI-VERFAHREN)
         lusy (LUSY)
         luteinizing hormone (LUTEINISIERENDES HORMON)
         luteotropic hormone (LUTEOTROPES HORMON)
         lutetium (LUTETIUM)
         lutetium 150 (LUTETIUM 150)
         lutetium 156 (LUTETIUM 156)
         lutetium 157 (LUTETIUM 157)
         lutetium 158 (LUTETIUM 158)
         lutetium 161 (LUTETIUM 161)
         lutetium 163 (LUTETIUM 163)
         lutetium 164 (LUTETIUM 164)
         lutetium 167 (LUTETIUM 167)
         lutetium 168 (LUTETIUM 168)
         lutetium 170 (LUTETIUM 170)
         lutetium 172 (LUTETIUM 172)
         lutetium 173 (LUTETIUM 173)

         lysergic acid (LYSERGSAEURE)
         lysimeters (LYSIMETER)
         lysine (LYSIN)
         lysis (LYSIS)
         lysosomes (LYSOSOME)
         lysozyme (LYSOZYM)