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         kerogen (KEROGEN)
         kerosene (KEROSIN)
         kerr effect (KERR-EFFEKT)
         kerr field (KERR-FELD)
         kerr metric (KERR-METRIK)
         ketenes (KETENE)
         keto acids (KETOSAEUREN)
         ketones (KETONE)
         ketosteroids urinary
         kev range (KEV-BEREICH)
         kev range 10-100 (KEV-BEREICH 10-100)
         kev range 100-1000 (KEV-BEREICH 100-1000)
         kevlar (KEVLAR)
         kewaunee reactor (REAKTOR KEWAUNEE)
         kewb reactor (REAKTOR KEWB)
         key lake mine (BERGWERK KEY LAKE)
         kfki reactor (KFKI-REAKTOR)
         kgra (KGRA)
         khalatnikov theory (KHALATNIKOV-THEORIE)
         kharkov linac (CHARKOV LINAC)
         khuri representation (KHURI-DARSTELLUNG)
         khz range (KHZ-BEREICH)
         khz range 100-1000 (KHZ-BEREICH 100-1000)
         kicker magnets (KICKERMAGNETE)
         kidney stones (NIERENSTEINE)

         kidneys (NIEREN)
         kieselguhr (KIESELGUR)
         kiev cyclotron (ZYKLOTRON KIEW)
         kiev wwr-m reactor (KIEW WWR-M REAKTOR)
         kihara core (KIHARA-CORE)
         kihara potential (KIHARA-POTENTIAL)
         kihara theory (KIHARA-THEORIE)
         kikuchi lines (KIKUCHI-LINIEN)
         kilauea volcano (VULKAN KILAUEA)
         kiln incinerators (ABFALLBRENNOEFEN)
         kilngas process (KILNGAS-VERFAHREN)
         kilns (BRENNOEFEN)
         kilowatt power range (KILOWATT-LEISTUNGSBEREICH)
         kimberlites (KIMBERLITE)
         kinases (KINASEN)
         kinases phosphotransferases
         kinematics particle
         kinetic energy (KINETISCHE ENERGIE)
         kinetic equations (KINETISCHE GLEICHUNGEN)
         kinetics (KINETIK)
         kinetics equations reactor
         kinetin (KINETIN)
         king reactor (REAKTOR KING)
         kingston steam plant (DAMPFKRAFTWERK KINGSTON)
         kinins (KININE)