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Recuitment and Retention Factors for the Hospitality Professoriate

Pavesic, D. V.; Brymer, R. A.; Council on Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Education

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Professor John Bessant CV

Bessant, John

John Bessant is Professor of Innovation Management at the School of Management, Cranfield University. He graduated from Aston University with a degree in Chemical Engineering in 1975 and later obtained a PhD for work on innovation within the chemical industry. After a spell in industry he took up fu...

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Political Factors Shaping the Role of Foreign Finance: The Case of Greece, 1832-1932

Pepelasis Minoglou, I.; London School of Economics and Political Science; Department of Economic History and Institute of Development Studies

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Investeringar i kommunal infrastruktur: Förutsättningar för en målfokuserad investeringsverksamhet

Fjertorp, Jonas

Capital assets in local infrastructure constitute an overbearing concern for society, with the generation of benefits for the population being its prime purpose. Nevertheless, the conditions for the capital investment activities within local governments are diffuse. Which different kinds of investme...

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Institutional change in the German wage bargaining system: The role of big companies

Hassel, Anke; Rehder, Britta

Despite the emergence of new production systems, Europeanization and economic internationalization, the national arrangements of wage bargaining systems have not been eroded. The paper highlights the factors that counteract the pressures for a straightforward decentralization with reference to Germa...

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German-Ukrainian business relationships: Trust development in the face of institutional uncertainty and cultural differences

Möllering, Guido; Stache, Florian

The paper examines cultural differences and institutional uncertainty as important factors in the development of trust as a basis for successful international business relationships. The authors focus their investigation on the potential that actors have in becoming aware of and creatively respondin...

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Erfarenheter av stigmatisering och diskriminering bland personer med psykisk sjukdom

Lundberg, Bertil

The overall aim of this thesis is to 1) investigate the prevalence of stigmatizing experiences and beliefs of devaluation and discrimination among persons with mental illness, and 2) to investigate the relationship between beliefs of devalua¬tion/¬discrimination, rejection experiences and sociodemog...

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