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Trägheit des Magnetfeldes: Induktive Schaltverzögerung

Lüders, Klaus (Berlin); Pohl, Robert Otto (Ithaca, NY); Beuermann, Gustav (Göttingen)

German National Library of Science and Technology (GetInfo) (German)


Variable Speed Wind Turbines Capability for Temporary Over-Production

Tarnowski, Germán Claudio; Kjær, Philip Carne; Sørensen, Poul Ejnar; Østergaard, Jacob

DRIVER (German)


The dynamics of inertia: Institutional persistence and institutional change in telecommunications and health care

Genschel, Philipp

There is a tendency in the new institutionalist literature to equate institutional inertia with stasis and no-change . Using case studies from the international telecommunications regime and the German health care system, the paper tries to show that this equation is wrong. Inertia does not necessa...

DRIVER (German)


The German labor market: still adjusting badly?

Eichhorst, Werner; Kaiser, Lutz C.

In the late nineties, Germany was often seen as a laggard with respect to labor market and welfare state reforms with institutional inertia being reflected in notoriously sluggish employment growth and rising unemployment. Recent years, however, saw a complex sequence of reforms with regard to labor...

DRIVER (German)


Cyclical price fluctuations caused by information inertia : evidence from the German call-by-call telephone market

Baier, Antje; Bolle, Friedel

The 2002 prices of suppliers in German call-by-call telephone market are rather dispersed, out-of-phase (uncorrelated), and show systematic down-up movements. In 2004, these prices are less dispersed, more in-phase and show more upwards runs than downs-ups. In both years, we clearly do not observe E...

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