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         i centers (I-ZENTREN)
         i codes (I-CODES)
         i g process (IG-VERFAHREN)
         i-inositol (I-INOSITOL)
         i-v characteristic (V-A KENNLINIE)
         iaea (IAEO)
         iaea agreements (IAEO-ABKOMMEN)
         iaea marine environment laboratory monaco
         iaea safeguards (INTERNATIONALE UEBERWACHUNG (IAEO))
         iaea seibersdorf laboratory (SEIBERSDORFER LABOR IAEA)
         ian (IAN)
         ian-r1 reactor (REAKTOR IAN-R1)
         ianthinite (IANTHINIT)
         ibm computers (IBM-COMPUTER)
         ibr-2 reactor (REAKTOR IBR-2)
         ibr-30 reactor (REAKTOR IBR-30)
         ice (EIS)
         ice caps (EISDECKE)
         ice condensers (EISKONDENSATOREN)
         icebergs (EISBERGE)
         icebreaker lenin reactor (REAKTOR EISBRECHER LENIN)
         iceland (ISLAND)
         ices (ICES)
         ices program (ICES PROGRAMM)
         icf devices (ICF-ANLAGEN)

         ifiec (IFIEC)
         ifip (IFIP)
         ifp process (ifp-verfahren)
         ifr reactor (REAKTOR IFR)
         ifve (ifve)
         igcar (IGCAR)
         ignalina-2 reactor (REAKTOR IGNALINA-2)
         igneous rocks (ERUPTIVGESTEINE)
         ignition (ZUENDUNG)
         ignition quality (ZUENDWILLIGKEIT)
         ignition spherical torus (IGNITION SPHERICAL TORUS)
         ignition systems (ZUENDSYSTEME)
         ignition thermonuclear
         ignitrons (IGNITRONROEHREN)
         igr reactor (REAKTOR IGR)
         igy (IGY)
         ihep (IHEP)
         ikata reactor (REAKTOR IKATA)
         iko (IKO)
         ileum (ILEUM)
         illiac computers (ILLIAC-COMPUTER)
         illinois (ILLINOIS)
         illinois basin (ILLINOIS BASIN)
         illite (ILLIT)
         illium (ILLIUM)

         illuminance (BELEUCHTUNGSSTAERKE)
         illumination (BELEUCHTUNG)
         illumination systems (BELEUCHTUNGSSYSTEME)
         ilmenite (ILMENIT)
         ilo (IAO)
         ilvaite (ILVAIT)
         image converters (BILDWANDLER)
         image intensifiers (BILDVERSTAERKER)
         image processing (BILDVERARBEITUNG)
         image scanners (BILDABTASTER)
         image storage tubes (BILDSPEICHERROEHREN)
         image tubes (BILDROEHREN)
         images (BILDER)
         imco (imco)
         imidazoles (IMIDAZOLE)
         imides (IMIDE)
         imidines (IMIDINE)
         imines (IMINE)
         iminoamides (IMINOAMIDE)
         imipramine (IMIPRAMIN)
         immediate radiation effects (AKUTE STRAHLENEFFEKTE)
         immobilization wastes
         immobilized cells (IMMOBILISIERTE ZELLEN)
         immobilized enzymes (IMMOBILISIERTE ENZYME)
         immune reactions (IMMUNREAKTIONEN)

         indium (INDIUM)
         indium 100 (INDIUM 100)
         indium 101 (INDIUM 101)
         indium 102 (INDIUM 102)
         indium 103 (INDIUM 103)
         indium 104 (INDIUM 104)
         indium 105 (INDIUM 105)
         indium 106 (INDIUM 106)
         indium 107 (INDIUM 107)
         indium 108 (INDIUM 108)
         indium 109 (INDIUM 109)
         indium 110 (INDIUM 110)
         indium 111 (INDIUM 111)
         indium 112 (INDIUM 112)
         indium 113 (INDIUM 113)
         indium 114 (INDIUM 114)
         indium 115 (INDIUM 115)
         indium 116 (INDIUM 116)
         indium 117 (INDIUM 117)
         indium 118 (INDIUM 118)
         indium 119 (INDIUM 119)
         indium 120 (INDIUM 120)
         indium 121 (INDIUM 121)
         indium 122 (INDIUM 122)
         indium 123 (INDIUM 123)

         indium 124 (INDIUM 124)
         indium 125 (INDIUM 125)
         indium 126 (INDIUM 126)
         indium 127 (INDIUM 127)
         indium 128 (INDIUM 128)
         indium 129 (INDIUM 129)
         indium 130 (INDIUM 130)
         indium 131 (INDIUM 131)
         indium 132 (INDIUM 132)
         indium 133 (INDIUM 133)
         indium 134 (INDIUM 134)
         indium 135 (INDIUM 135)
         indium 97 (INDIUM 97)
         indium 98 (INDIUM 98)
         indium 99 (INDIUM 99)
         indium additions (INDIUMZUSAETZE)
         indium alloys (INDIUMLEGIERUNGEN)
         indium antimonide detectors (INDIUM-ANTIMONID-DETEKTOR)
         indium antimonides (INDIUM ANTIMONIDE)
         indium arsenides (INDIUMARSENIDE)
         indium base alloys (INDIUMBASISLEGIERUNGEN)
         indium borides (INDIUMBORIDE)
         indium bromides (INDIUMBROMIDE)
         indium chlorides (INDIUMCHLORIDE)
         indium complexes (INDIUMKOMPLEXE)

         integrated energy utility systems (ENERGIEVERBUNDSYSTEME)
         integrated in-situ process (INTEGRIERTES IN-SITU-VERFAHREN)
         integrated utility systems (INTEGRIERTE VERSORGUNGSSYSTEME)
         integrators pulse
         integrity fuel
         integro-differential equations (INTEGRODIFFERENTIALGLEICHUNGEN)
         intensifiers image
         inter-governmental maritime consultative organization (INTER-GOVERNMENTAL MARITIME CONSULTATIVE ORGANIZATION)
         interacting boson model (BOSONENMODELL MIT WECHSELWIRKUNG)
         interaction range (WECHSELWIRKUNGSBEREICH)
         interactions (WECHSELWIRKUNGEN)
         interactive display devices (INTERAKTIVE DATENSICHTGERAETE)
         interactive graphics (INTERAKTIVE GRAPHISCHE ZEICHEN)
         interagency cooperation (INNERBEHOERDLICHE ZUSAMMENARBEIT)
         interatomic distances (INTERATOMARE ABSTAENDE)
         interatomic forces (INTERATOMARE KRAEFTE)
         interception (INTERCEPTION)
         interchange instability (AUSTAUSCHINSTABILITAET)
         interchangeability (AUSTAUSCHBARKEIT)
         interconnected power systems (ZUSAMMENGESCHALTETE KRAFTANLAGEN)
         intercrystalline corrosion (INTERKRISTALLINE KORROSION)
         interest groups (INTERESSENGRUPPEN)
         interest rate (ZINSRATE)
         interfaces (GRENZFLAECHEN)

         interfaces equipment
         interfacial tension (OBERFLAECHENSPANNUNG)
         interference (INTERFERENZ)
         interfering elements (STOERELEMENTE)
         interferometers (INTERFEROMETER)
         interferometry (INTERFEROMETRIE)
         interferon (INTERFERON)
         intergalactic space (INTERGALAKTISCHER RAUM)
         intergovernmental cooperation (ZWISCHENBUNDESSTAATLICHE ZUSAMMENARBEIT)
         intergranular corrosion (INTERKRISTALLINE KORROSION)
         interim storage (ABFALL-ZWISCHENLAGERUNG)
         interkosmos satellites (INTERKOSMOS-SATELLITEN)
         interlaboratory comparisons (RINGVERSUCHE)
         interleukins (INTERLEUKINE)
         interlocks (BLOCKIERUNGEN)
         intermediate bosons (INTERMEDIAERE BOSONEN)
         intermediate coupling (INTERMEDIAERE KOPPLUNG)
         intermediate coupling approximation (INTERMEDIATE COUPLING APPROXIMATION)
         intermediate image spectrometer (ZWISCHENBILDSPEKTROMETER)
         intermediate mass nuclei (MITTELSCHWERE KERNE)
         intermediate neutrons (MITTELSCHNELLE NEUTRONEN)
         intermediate reactors (MITTELSCHNELLE REAKTOREN)
         intermediate resonance (INTERMEDIAERE RESONANZ)
         intermediate state (ZWISCHENZUSTAND)
         intermediate storage (UEBERGANGSLOESUNG (ABFALLBESEITIGUNG))

         intermediate structure (INTERMEDIAERE STRUKTUR)
         intermediate technology (ADAEQUATE-TECHNOLOGIE)
         intermediate vector bosons (SCHWERE BOSONEN)
         intermediate-level radioactive wastes (MITTELRADIOAKTIVE ABFAELLE)
         intermediates reaction
         intermetallic compounds (INTERMETALLISCHE VERBINDUNGEN)
         intermolecular forces (INTERMOLEKULARE KRAEFTE)
         internal bremsstrahlung (INNERE BREMSSTRAHLUNG)
         internal revenue service (INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE)
         internal ring devices (INNENRINGANLAGEN)
         internal waves (INNERE WELLEN)
         international affairs (INTERNATIONALE ANGELEGENHEITEN)
         international agreements (INTERNATIONALE ABKOMMEN)
         international atomic energy agency (INTERNATIONAL ATOMIC ENERGY AGENCY)
         international center for theoretical physics (INTERNATIONAL CENTER FOR THEORETICAL PHYSICS)
         international commission on radiation units and measurements (INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION ON RADIATION UNITS AND MEASUREMENTS)
         international commission radiological protection (INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION RADIOLOGICAL PROTECTION)
         international control (INTERNATIONALE UEBERWACHUNG)
         international convention on nuclear safety (INTERNATIONALE KONVENTION UEBER NUKLEARE SICHERHEIT)
         international cooperation (INTERNATIONALE ZUSAMMENARBEIT)
         international electrotechnical commission (INTERNATIONAL ELECTROTECHNICAL COMMISSION)
         international energy agency (INTERNATIONALE ENERGIEBEHOERDE)
         international food irradiation project (INTERNATIONAL FOOD IRRADIATION PROJECT)
         international fusion superconducting magnet test facility (international fusion superconducting magnet test facility)
         international geophysical year (INTERNATIONALES GEOPHYSIKALISCHES JAHR)

         international labour organisation (INTERNATIONAL LABOUR ORGANISATION)
         international laws (VOELKERRECHT)
         international magnetospheric study (INTERNATIONALE MAGNETOSPHAERISCHE STUDIE)
         international maritime consultative organization (INTERNATIONAL MARITIME CONSULTATIVE ORGANIZATION)
         international maritime organization (INTERNATIONAL MARITIME ORGANIZATION)
         international nuclear data committee (INTERNATIONAL NUCLEAR DATA COMMITTEE)
         international nuclear event scale (INTERNATIONAL NUCLEAR EVENT SCALE)
         international nuclear information system (INTERNATIONAL NUCLEAR INFORMATION SYSTEM)
         international organizations (INTERNATIONALE ORGANISATIONEN)
         international quiet sun year (INTERNATIONALES JAHR DER RUHIGEN SONNE)
         international radiation protection association (INTERNATIONAL RADIATION PROTECTION ASSOCIATION)
         international regulations (INTERNATIONALE VORSCHRIFTEN)
         international relations (INTERNATIONALE BEZIEHUNGEN)
         international solar maximum year (INTERNATIONALES JAHR DES SONNENMAXIMUMS)
         international space station (INTERNATIONALE RAUMSTATION)
         international standard organization (INTERNATIONAL STANDARD ORGANIZATION)
         international tokamak reactor (INT. TOKAMAK-REAKTORANLAGE)
         internet (INTERNET)
         interplanetary magnetic fields (INTERPLANETARE MAGNETFELDER)
         interplanetary space (INTERPLANETARER RAUM)
         interpolation (INTERPOLATION)
         intersecting beams (WECHSELWIRKENDE STRAHLEN)
         intersecting storage accelerator (INTERSECTING STORAGE ACCELERATOR)
         interstellar grains (INTERSTELLARER STAUB)
         interstellar magnetic fields (INTERSTELLARE MAGNETFELDER)

         intrusion water
         intrusive rocks (intrusivgesteine)
         inulin (INULIN)
         invap argentina
         invar (INVAR)
         invariance principles (INVARIANZREGELN)
         invariant imbedding (INVARIANTE EINBETTUNG)
         inventions (ERFINDUNGEN)
         inventories (INVENTAR)
         inverse scattering problem (INVERSES STREUPROBLEM)
         inversions temperature
         invertebrates (INVERTEBRATEN)
         inverters (WECHSELRICHTER)
         investigations (ermittlungen)
         investment (INVESTITIONEN)
         inviscid flow (IDEALE STROEMUNG)
         invoices (RECHNUNGEN)
         iodates (JODATE)
         iodic acid (JODSAEURE)
         iodides (JODIDE)
         iodinated hydrocarbons (JODIERTE KOHLENWASSERSTOFFE)
         iodination (JODIERUNG)
         iodine (JOD)
         iodine 108 (JOD 108)
         iodine 109 (JOD 109)

         iodine 110 (JOD 110)
         iodine 111 (JOD 111)
         iodine 112 (JOD 112)
         iodine 113 (JOD 113)
         iodine 114 (JOD 114)
         iodine 115 (JOD 115)
         iodine 116 (JOD 116)
         iodine 117 (JOD 117)
         iodine 118 (JOD 118)
         iodine 119 (JOD 119)
         iodine 120 (JOD 120)
         iodine 121 (JOD 121)
         iodine 122 (JOD 122)
         iodine 123 (JOD 123)
         iodine 124 (JOD 124)
         iodine 125 (JOD 125)
         iodine 126 (JOD 126)
         iodine 127 (JOD 127)
         iodine 127 reactions (JOD 127 REAKTIONEN)
         iodine 127 target (JOD 127 TARGET)
         iodine 128 (JOD 128)
         iodine 129 (JOD 129)
         iodine 129 target (JOD 129 TARGET)
         iodine 130 (JOD 130)
         iodine 131 (JOD 131)

         iodine 132 (JOD 132)
         iodine 133 (JOD 133)
         iodine 134 (JOD 134)
         iodine 135 (JOD 135)
         iodine 136 (JOD 136)
         iodine 137 (JOD 137)
         iodine 138 (JOD 138)
         iodine 139 (JOD 139)
         iodine 140 (JOD 140)
         iodine 142 (JOD 142)
         iodine 143 (JOD 143)
         iodine 144 (JOD 144)
         iodine additions (JODZUSAETZE)
         iodine bromides (JODBROMIDE)
         iodine chlorides (JODCHLORIDE)
         iodine complexes (JODKOMPLEXE)
         iodine compounds (JODVERBINDUNGEN)
         iodine fluorides (JODFLUORIDE)
         iodine iodides (JODJODIDE)
         iodine ions (JODIONEN)
         iodine lasers (JODLASER)
         iodine oxides (JODOXIDE)
         iododeoxyuridine (JODDESOXYURIDIN)
         iodoform (JODOFORM)
         iodohippurate (JODOHIPPURAT)

         iranian organizations (IRANISCHE ORGANISATIONEN)
         iraq (IRAK)
         iraqi atomic energy commission (IRAKISCHE ATOMENERGIEKOMMISSION)
         iraqi nuclear research centre (IRAKISCHES KERNFORSCHUNGSZENTRUM)
         iraqi organizations (IRAKISCHE ORGANISATIONEN)
         ireland (IRLAND)
         iri (IRI)
         iridium (IRIDIUM)
         iridium 165 (IRIDIUM 165)
         iridium 169 (IRIDIUM 169)
         iridium 170 (IRIDIUM 170)
         iridium 175 (IRIDIUM 175)
         iridium 178 (IRIDIUM 178)
         iridium 180 (IRIDIUM 180)
         iridium 181 (IRIDIUM 181)
         iridium 182 (IRIDIUM 182)
         iridium 183 (IRIDIUM 183)
         iridium 184 (IRIDIUM 184)
         iridium 185 (IRIDIUM 185)
         iridium 186 (IRIDIUM 186)
         iridium 187 (IRIDIUM 187)
         iridium 188 (IRIDIUM 188)
         iridium 189 (IRIDIUM 189)
         iridium 190 (IRIDIUM 190)
         iridium 191 (IRIDIUM 191)

         iridium 192 (IRIDIUM 192)
         iridium 193 (IRIDIUM 193)
         iridium 194 (IRIDIUM 194)
         iridium 198 (IRIDIUM 198)
         iridium additions (IRIDIUMZUSAETZE)
         iridium alloys (IRIDIUMLEGIERUNGEN)
         iridium base alloys (IRIDIUMBASISLEGIERUNGEN)
         iridium carbides (IRIDIUMCARBIDE)
         iridium chlorides (IRIDIUMCHLORIDE)
         iridium complexes (IRIDIUMKOMPLEXE)
         iridium compounds (IRIDIUMVERBINDUNGEN)
         iridium fluorides (IRIDIUMFLUORIDE)
         iridium hydrides (IRIDIUMHYDRIDE)
         iridium ions (IRIDIUMIONEN)
         iridium isotopes (IRIDIUMISOTOPE)
         iridium nitrides
         iridium oxides (IRIDIUMOXIDE)
         iridium silicides (IRIDIUMSILICIDE)
         iriginite (IRIGINIT)
         irish sea (IRISCHE SEE)
         irl reactor (REAKTOR IRL)
         iron (EISEN)
         iron 45 (EISEN 45)
         iron 46 (EISEN 46)
         iron 47 (EISEN 47)

         iron 48 (EISEN 48)
         iron 49 (EISEN 49)
         iron 50 (EISEN 50)
         iron 51 (EISEN 51)
         iron 52 (EISEN 52)
         iron 53 (EISEN 53)
         iron 54 (EISEN 54)
         iron 54 reactions (EISEN 54 REAKTIONEN)
         iron 55 (EISEN 55)
         iron 55 target (EISEN 55 TARGET)
         iron 56 (EISEN 56)
         iron 56 target (EISEN 56 TARGET)
         iron 57 (EISEN 57)
         iron 57 target (EISEN 57 TARGET)
         iron 58 (EISEN 58)
         iron 58 reactions (EISEN 58 REAKTIONEN)
         iron 58 target (EISEN 58 TARGET)
         iron 59 (EISEN 59)
         iron 60 (EISEN 60)
         iron 61 (EISEN 61)
         iron 62 (EISEN 62)
         iron 63 (EISEN 63)
         iron 64 (EISEN 64)
         iron 65 (EISEN 65)
         iron 66 (EISEN 66)

         iron 67 (EISEN 67)
         iron 68 (EISEN 68)
         iron 69 (EISEN 69)
         iron 70 (EISEN 70)
         iron 71 (EISEN 71)
         iron 72 (EISEN 72)
         iron additions (EISENZUSAETZE)
         iron alloys (EISENLEGIERUNGEN)
         iron arsenides (EISENARSENIDE)
         iron base alloys (EISENBASISLEGIERUNGEN)
         iron borides (EISENBORIDE)
         iron bromides (EISENBROMIDE)
         iron carbides (EISENCARBIDE)
         iron carbonates (EISENCARBONATE)
         iron chlorides (EISENCHLORIDE)
         iron complexes (EISENKOMPLEXE)
         iron compounds (EISENVERBINDUNGEN)
         iron fluorides (EISENFLUORIDE)
         iron garnets (EISENGRANATE)
         iron hydrides (EISENHYDRIDE)
         iron hydroxides (EISENHYDROXIDE)
         iron iodides (EISENJODIDE)
         iron ions (EISENIONEN)
         iron isotopes (EISENISOTOPE)
         iron meteorites (EISENMETEORITE)

     ixion - ixion

         ixion (ixion)