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         g codes (G-CODES)
         g factor gyromagnetic ratio
         g factor lande
         g matrix (G-MATRIX)
         g parity (G-PARITAET)
         g resonances (G-RESONANZEN)
         g states (G-ZUSTAENDE)
         g value (G-WERT)
         g-1 reactor (REAKTOR G-1)
         g-2 reactor (REAKTOR G-2)
         g-3 reactor (REAKTOR G-3)
         g-parity invariance (G-PARITAETSINVARIANZ)
         g-proteins (G-PROTEINE)
         ga siwabessy reactor (REAKTOR GA SIWABESSY)
         ga standard reactor (STANDARDREAKTOR GA)
         gabbros (GABBROS)
         gabon (GABUN)
         gadolinite (GADOLINIT)
         gadolinium (GADOLINIUM)
         gadolinium 134 (GADOLINIUM 134)
         gadolinium 135 (GADOLINIUM 135)
         gadolinium 136 (GADOLINIUM 136)
         gadolinium 137 (GADOLINIUM 137)
         gadolinium 138 (GADOLINIUM 138)
         gadolinium 139 (GADOLINIUM 139)

         gallium 58 (GALLIUM 58)
         gallium 59 (GALLIUM 59)
         gallium 60 (GALLIUM 60)
         gallium 61 (GALLIUM 61)
         gallium 62 (GALLIUM 62)
         gallium 63 (GALLIUM 63)
         gallium 64 (GALLIUM 64)
         gallium 65 (GALLIUM 65)
         gallium 65 target (GALLIUM 65 TARGET)
         gallium 66 (GALLIUM 66)
         gallium 67 (GALLIUM 67)
         gallium 67 target (GALLIUM 67 TARGET)
         gallium 68 (GALLIUM 68)
         gallium 69 (GALLIUM 69)
         gallium 69 target (GALLIUM 69 TARGET)
         gallium 70 (GALLIUM 70)
         gallium 71 (GALLIUM 71)
         gallium 71 target (GALLIUM 71 TARGET)
         gallium 72 (GALLIUM 72)
         gallium 73 (GALLIUM 73)
         gallium 74 (GALLIUM 74)
         gallium 75 (GALLIUM 75)
         gallium 76 (GALLIUM 76)
         gallium 77 (GALLIUM 77)
         gallium 78 (GALLIUM 78)

         geologic deposits (GEOLOGISCHE LAGERSTAETTEN)
         geologic engineering (INGENIEURGEOLOGIE)
         geologic faults (GEOLOGISCHE VERWERFUNGEN)
         geologic fissures (GEOLOGISCHE SPALTEN)
         geologic formations (GEOLOGISCHE FORMATIONEN)
         geologic history (ERDGESCHICHTE)
         geologic joints (KLUEFTE)
         geologic models (GEOLOGISCHE MODELLE)
         geologic natural analogue (GEOLOGISCHES NATUERLICHES ANALOGON)
         geologic provinces (GEOLOGISCHE PROVINZEN)
         geologic strata (GEOLOGISCHE SCHICHTEN)
         geologic structures (GEOLOGISCHE STRUKTUREN)
         geologic surveys (GEOLOGISCHE VERMESSUNGEN)
         geologic traps (GEOLOGISCHE FALLEN)
         geological surveys (GEOLOGISCHE VERMESSUNGEN)
         geology (GEOLOGIE)
         geomagnetic conjugacy (GEOMAGNETISCHE BINDUNG)
         geomagnetic coordinates (GEOMAGNETISCHE KOORDINATEN)
         geomagnetic cut-off rigidity (GEOMAGN. ABSCHNEIDESTEIFIGKEIT)
         geomagnetic equator (GEOMAGNETISCHER AEQUATOR)
         geomagnetic field (GEOMAGNETISCHES FELD)
         geomagnetic storms (GEOMAGNETISCHE STUERME)
         geometric buckling (GEOMETRISCHE FLUSSDICHTEWOELBUNG)
         geometric sensitivity (GEOMETRISCHE EMPFINDLICHKEIT)
         geometrical aberrations (GEOMETRISCHE ABERRATIONEN)

         global positioning system (GLOBALES POSITIONSBESTIMMUNGSSYSTEM)
         global risk (GLOBALES RISIKO)
         global temperature (GLOBALE TEMPERATUR)
         global warming (GLOBALE ERWAERMUNG)
         globalization (GLOBALISIERUNG)
         globins (GLOBINE)
         globulins (GLOBULINE)
         glomeruli (GLOMERULI)
         glossaries (WOERTERBUECHER)
         glossina (GLOSSINA)
         gloveboxes (GLOVE-BOXEN)
         gloves (HANDSCHUHE)
         glow curve (GLOWKURVE)
         glow discharges (GLIMMENTLADUNGEN)
         glucagon (GLUCAGON)
         glucocorticoids (GLUCOCORTICOIDE)
         glucoheptonate (GLUCOHEPTONAT)
         gluconic acid (GLUCONSAEURE)
         glucoproteins (GLUCOPROTEINE)
         glucosamine (GLUCOSAMIN)
         glucose (GLUCOSE)
         glucosidase (GLUCOSIDASE)
         glucuronic acid (GLUCURONSAEURE)
         glucuronidase (GLUCURONIDASE)
         glucuronide conjugates (GLUCURONID-KONJUGATE)

         glueballs (GLUEBALLS)
         gluon condensation (GLUONKONDENSATION)
         gluon-gluon interactions (GLUON-GLUON WECHSELWIRKUNGEN)
         gluonium (GLUONIUM)
         gluons (GLUONEN)
         glutamic acid (GLUTAMINSAEURE)
         glutamine (GLUTAMIN)
         glutaric acid (GLUTARSAEURE)
         glutathione (GLUTATHION)
         glutathione conjugates (GLUTATHION-KONJUGATE)
         glutin (GLUTIN)
         glyceric acid (GLYCERINSAEURE)
         glycerin (GLYZERIN)
         glycerol (GLYCERIN)
         glyceryl trioleate (GLYCERINTRIOLEAT)
         glycides (GLYCIDE)
         glycine (GLYCIN)
         glycine hispida (GLYCINE HISPIDA)
         glycocoll (GLYKOKOLL)
         glycogen (GLYKOGEN)
         glycol monoalkyl ethers (GLYKOLMONOALKYLAETHER)
         glycolic acid (GLYKOLSAEURE)
         glycolipids (GLYKOLIPIDE)
         glycols (GLYKOLE)
         glycolysis (GLYKOLYSE)

         glyconic acid (GLYKONSAEURE)
         glycoproteins (GLYKOPROTEINE)
         glycosides (GLYKOSIDE)
         glycosuria (GLYKOSURIE)
         glycosyl hydrolases (GLYKOSYLHYDROLASEN)
         glycosyl transferases (GLYKOSYLTRANSFERASEN)
         glycylglycine (GLYCYLGLYCIN)
         glyoxal (GLYOXAL)
         glyoxylic acid (GLYOXYLSAEURE)
         gneisses (GNEISSE)
         goats (ZIEGEN)
         gobar gas (GOBAR-GAS)
         godiva reactor (REAKTOR GODIVA)
         goes satellites (GOES-SATELLITEN)
         goethite (GOETHIT)
         goiania radiological emergency (strahlenunfall goiania)
         goiter (KROPF)
         gol-3 device (GOL-3-ANLAGE)
         gold (GOLD)
         gold 169 (GOLD 169)
         gold 170 (GOLD 170)
         gold 171 (GOLD 171)
         gold 172 (GOLD 172)
         gold 173 (GOLD 173)
         gold 174 (GOLD 174)

         gold 175 (GOLD 175)
         gold 176 (GOLD 176)
         gold 177 (GOLD 177)
         gold 178 (GOLD 178)
         gold 179 (GOLD 179)
         gold 180 (GOLD 180)
         gold 181 (GOLD 181)
         gold 182 (GOLD 182)
         gold 183 (GOLD 183)
         gold 184 (GOLD 184)
         gold 185 (GOLD 185)
         gold 186 (GOLD 186)
         gold 187 (GOLD 187)
         gold 188 (GOLD 188)
         gold 189 (GOLD 189)
         gold 190 (GOLD 190)
         gold 191 (GOLD 191)
         gold 192 (GOLD 192)
         gold 193 (GOLD 193)
         gold 193 target (GOLD 193 TARGET)
         gold 194 (GOLD 194)
         gold 195 (GOLD 195)
         gold 195 target (GOLD 195 TARGET)
         gold 196 (GOLD 196)
         gold 196 target (GOLD 196 TARGET)

         gold 197 (GOLD 197)
         gold 197 beams (GOLD 197 STRAHLEN)
         gold 198 (GOLD 198)
         gold 199 (GOLD 199)
         gold 199 target (GOLD 199 TARGET)
         gold 200 (GOLD 200)
         gold 201 (GOLD 201)
         gold 202 (GOLD 202)
         gold 203 (GOLD 203)
         gold 204 (GOLD 204)
         gold 205 (GOLD 205)
         gold additions (GOLDZUSAETZE)
         gold alloys (GOLDLEGIERUNGEN)
         gold base alloys (GOLDBASISLEGIERUNGEN)
         gold bromides (GOLDBROMIDE)
         gold chlorides (GOLDCHLORIDE)
         gold complexes (GOLDKOMPLEXE)
         gold compounds (GOLDVERBINDUNGEN)
         gold fluorides (GOLDFLUORIDE)
         gold hydrides (GOLDHYDRIDE)
         gold iodides (GOLDJODIDE)
         gold ions (GOLDIONEN)
         gold isotopes (GOLDISOTOPE)
         gold ores (GOLDERZE)
         gold oxides (GOLDOXIDE)

         granodiorites (GRANODIORITE)
         grants (zuschuesse)
         granular bed filters (GRANULATFILTER)
         granular materials (GRANULATE)
         granulation (GRANULIEREN)
         granulites (GRANULITE)
         granulocytes (GRANULOZYTEN)
         granulomas (GRANULOME)
         grapefruits (GRAPEFRUITS)
         grapes (WEINTRAUBEN)
         graph theory (GRAPHENTHEORIE)
         graphite (GRAPHIT)
         graphite fibers (GRAPHITFASERN)
         graphite low-energy experimental pile (GRAPHITE LOW-ENERGY EXPERIMENTAL PILE)
         graphite moderated reactors (GRAPHITMODERIERTE REAKTOREN)
         graphite moderator (GRAPHITMODERATOR)
         graphitization (GRAPHITISATION)
         grasers (GRASER)
         grashof number (GRASHOF-ZAHL)
         grass (GRAS)
         grasshoppers (GRASHUEPFER)
         grasslands (GRUENLAND)
         grates (GITTER)
         gratings (GITTER)

         growth hormone-release inhibiting factor (GROWTH HORMONE-RELEASE INHIBITING FACTOR)
         growth inhibition (WACHSTUMSHEMMUNG)
         growth rings (WACHSTUMSRINGE)
         growth stimulation (WACHSTUMSSTIMULATION)
         grs (GRS)
         grueneisen constant (GRUENEISEN-KONSTANTE)
         gs process (GS-VERFAHREN)
         gsd (GSD)
         gtp-ases (GTP-ASEN)
         gtr reactor (REAKTOR GTR)
         guam (GUAM)
         guanidines (GUANIDINE)
         guanine (GUANIN)
         guanosine (GUANOSIN)
         guanylic acid (GUANYLSAEURE)
         guard logging (WIDERSTANDS-BOHRLOCHMESSUNG)
         guards (WACHPERSONAL)
         guatemala (GUATEMALA)
         guayule (GUAYULE-STRAUCH)
         guidance electronic
         guidelines (RICHTLINIEN)
         guides shaft
         guiding-center approximation (FUEHRUNGSZENTRUM-NAEHERUNG)
         guilleminite (GUILLEMINIT)
         guinea (GUINEA)

         guinea pigs (MEERSCHWEINCHEN)
         guinier-preston zones (GUINIER-PRESTON-ZONEN)
         gulf coast (GULF COAST (USA))
         gulf of alaska (GOLF VON ALASKA)
         gulf of california (KALIFORNISCHER GOLF)
         gulf of maine (GOLF VON MAINE)
         gulf of mexico (GOLF VON MEXIKO)
         gulf of suez (GOLF VON SUEZ)
         gulf stream (GOLFSTROM)
         gum acacia (ARABINGUMMI)
         gum arabic (GUMMI ARABICUM)
         gums (GUMMEN)
         gun cotton (SCHIESSBAUMWOLLE)
         gunnison river (GUNNISON RIVER)
         guns (FEUERWAFFEN)
         guns electron
         guns plasma
         guyana (GUYANA)
         gymnosperms (GYMNOSPERMEN)
         gynecology (GYNAEKOLOGIE)
         gypsum (GIPS)
         gypsum cements (GIPSZEMENTE)
         gypsy moth (SCHWAMMSPINNER)
         gyrocons (GYROCONS)
         gyrofrequency (GYROFREQUENZ)