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         f*resonances (F*-RESONANZEN)
         f centers (F-ZENTREN)
         f codes (F-CODES)
         f mesons (F-MESONEN)
         f region (F-SCHICHT)
         f states (F-ZUSTAENDE)
         f waves (F-WELLEN)
         f-1 reactor (REAKTOR F-1)
         f-chart (F-CHART)
         f1 layer (F1-SCHICHT)
         f2 layer (F2-SCHICHT)
         fabric filters (FASERFILTER)
         fabrication (FABRIKATION)
         fabry-perot interferometer (FABRY-PEROT-INTERFEROMETER)
         face (GESICHT)
         facilities accelerator
         facilities educational
         facilities energy
         facilities maintenance
         facilities military
         facilities nuclear
         facilities resource recovery
         facilities sport
         facilities storage
         facilities terminal

         fastbus system (FASTBUS-SYSTEM)
         fasteners (BEFESTIGUNGSELEMENTE)
         fastening (BEFESTIGUNG)
         fasting (FASTEN)
         fat cells (FETTZELLEN)
         fathead minnow (FATHEAD MINNOW)
         fatigue (ERMUEDUNG)
         fatigue biological
         fats (FETTE)
         fatty acids (FETTSAEUREN)
         faucets water
         faujasite (FAUJASIT)
         fault liability (VERSCHULDENSHAFTUNG)
         fault tolerant computers (FEHLERTOLERANTE COMPUTER)
         fault tree analysis (FEHLERBAUMANALYSE)
         fault tree systems (FEHLERBAUMSYSTEME)
         faultless event (faultless ereignis)
         faults geologic
         faure cyclotron (ZYKLOTRON FAURE)
         fbh process (FBH-VERFAHREN)
         fbi (FBI)
         fbr type reactors (SCHNELLE BRUTREAKTOREN)
         fbtr reactor kalpakkam
         fca reactor (REAKTOR FCA)
         fcc lattices (KFZ-GITTER)

         fdr reactor (FDR-REAKTOR)
         feasibility studies (DURCHFUEHRBARKEITSSTUDIEN)
         feathers (GEFIEDER)
         feces (FAEKALIEN)
         fedal (FEDAL)
         federal assistance programs (FEDERAL ASSISTANCE PROGRAMS)
         federal aviation administration (FEDERAL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION)
         federal buildings (BUNDESEIGENE GEBAEUDE)
         federal bureau of investigation (FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION)
         federal driving cycle (FEDERAL DRIVING CYCLE)
         federal emergency management agency (FEDERAL EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT AGENCY)
         federal energy administration (BUNDESENERGIEBEHOERDE (USA))
         federal energy regulatory commission (FEDERAL ENERGY REGULATORY COMMISSION)
         federal expenditures (STAATSAUSGABEN)
         federal government (BUNDESREGIERUNG)
         federal power commission (FEDERAL POWER COMMISSION)
         federal radiation council (FEDERAL RADIATION COUNCIL)
         federal region i (BUNDESREGION I)
         federal region ii (BUNDESREGION II)
         federal region iii (BUNDESREGION III)
         federal region iv (BUNDESREGION IV)
         federal region ix (BUNDESREGION IX)
         federal region v (BUNDESREGION V)
         federal region vii (BUNDESREGION VII)
         federal region viii (BUNDESREGION VIII)

         fermium (FERMIUM)
         fermium 241 (FERMIUM 241)
         fermium 242 (FERMIUM 242)
         fermium 246 (FERMIUM 246)
         fermium 252 (FERMIUM 252)
         fermium 255 (FERMIUM 255)
         fermium 256 (FERMIUM 256)
         fermium 257 (FERMIUM 257)
         fermium ions (FERMIUMIONEN)
         fermium isotopes (FERMIUMISOTOPE)
         ferns (FARNE)
         ferranti computers (FERRANTI-COMPUTER)
         ferrates (FERRATE)
         ferredoxin (FERREDOXIN)
         ferric compounds (FERRIVERBINDUNGEN)
         ferricyanides (FERRICYANIDE)
         ferrimagnetic materials (FERRIMAGNETISCHE STOFFE)
         ferrimagnetic resonance (FERRIMAGNETISCHE RESONANZ)
         ferrimagnetism (FERRIMAGNETISMUS)
         ferrite (FERRIT)
         ferrite garnets (FERRITGRANATE)
         ferrites (FERRITE)
         ferritic steels (FERRITISCHE STAEHLE)
         ferritin (FERRITIN)
         ferroan (FERROAN)

         florence oil (OLIVENOEL)
         florencite (FLORENCIT)
         florida (FLORIDA)
         florida current (FLORIDASTROM)
         florida university reactor (REAKTOR UNIV. FLORIDA)
         flotation (FLOTATION)
         flour (MEHL)
         flow blockage (STROEMUNGSBLOCKIERUNG)
         flow blood
         flow counters (DURCHFLUSSZAEHLER)
         flow cytometers (DURCHFLUSSZYTOMETRIE)
         flow fluid
         flow models (STROEMUNGSMODELLE)
         flow regulators (STROEMUNGSREGLER)
         flow sheets (FLIESSSCHEMA)
         flow stress (FLIESSSPANNUNG)
         flow visualization (SICHTBARMACHUNG DER STROEMUNG)
         flowers (BLUETEN)
         flowmeters (DURCHFLUSSMESSER)
         flowsheets (FLUSSDIAGRAMME)
         fluctuations (FLUKTUATIONEN)
         flue gas (RAUCHGAS)
         fluence neutron
         fluid equations plasma

         fluorine 19 target (FLUOR 19 TARGET)
         fluorine 20 (FLUOR 20)
         fluorine 21 (FLUOR 21)
         fluorine 22 (FLUOR 22)
         fluorine 23 (FLUOR 23)
         fluorine 24 (FLUOR 24)
         fluorine 25 (FLUOR 25)
         fluorine 26 (FLUOR 26)
         fluorine 27 (FLUOR 27)
         fluorine 28 (FLUOR 28)
         fluorine 29 (FLUOR 29)
         fluorine 30 (FLUOR 30)
         fluorine 31 (FLUOR 31)
         fluorine additions (FLUORZUSAETZE)
         fluorine bromides (FLUORBROMIDE)
         fluorine chlorides (FLUORCHLORIDE)
         fluorine complexes (FLUORKOMPLEXE)
         fluorine compounds (FLUORVERBINDUNGEN)
         fluorine fluorides (FLUORFLUORIDE)
         fluorine iodides (FLUORJODIDE)
         fluorine ions (FLUORIONEN)
         fluorine isotopes (FLUORISOTOPE)
         fluorine oxides (FLUOROXIDE)
         fluorite (FLUORIT)
         fluoroborates (FLUOROBORATE)

         forecasting (PROGNOSE)
         foreign exchange rate (DEVISENKURSE)
         foreign policy (AUSSENPOLITIK)
         forensic science (GERICHTSWISSENSCHAFTEN)
         foreshocks (VORBEBEN)
         forest litter (WALDSTREU)
         forestry (FORSTWIRTSCHAFT)
         forests (WAELDER)
         forge welding (FEUERSCHWEISSEN)
         forging (SCHMIEDEN)
         form factors (FORMFAKTOREN)
         formal methylal
         formaldehyde (FORMALDEHYD)
         formaldehyde fuel cells (FORMALDEHYD-BRENNSTOFFZELLEN)
         formalin (FORMALIN)
         formalith (FORMALDEHYD)
         formamide (FORMAMID)
         formates (FORMIATE)
         formation damage (TRAEGERSCHAEDIGUNG)
         formation enthalpy (BILDUNGSENTHALPIE)
         formation free energy (FREIE BILDUNGSENERGIE)
         formation heat (BILDUNGSWAERME)
         formation pressure (FORMATIONSDRUCK)
         formation synthesis
         formation water (FORMATIONSWASSER)

         frictionless flow (REIBUNGSLOSE STROEMUNG)
         friedel-crafts reaction (FRIEDEL-CRAFTS-REAKTION)
         frj-1 reactor (REAKTOR FRJ-1)
         frj-2 reactor (REAKTOR FRJ-2)
         frm reactor (REAKTOR FRM)
         frm-ii reactor (REAKTOR FRM-II)
         frogs (FROESCHE)
         frost (FROST)
         frost tests (FROSTTESTS)
         froude number (FROUDEZAHL)
         fructose (FRUCTOSE)
         fruit flies (TAUFLIEGEN)
         fruit seeds
         fruit trees (OBSTBAEUME)
         fruits (FRUECHTE)
         fsa (fsa)
         fsc approximation (FSC-NAEHERUNG)
         fsd devices (FSD-GERAETE)
         fsh (FSH)
         ft tokamak (FT-TOKAMAK)
         ft value (FT-WERT)
         ftu tokamak (FTU-TOKAMAK)
         fucose (FUCOSE)
         fucus (FUCUS)
         fudr (FUDR)

         fusion fuels (FUSIONSBRENNSTOFFE)
         fusion heat (SCHMELZWAERME)
         fusion melting
         fusion nuclear
         fusion reactions (FUSIONSREAKTIONEN)
         fusion reactions heavy ion
         fusion reactions thermonuclear
         fusion reactors (FUSIONSREAKTOREN)
         fusion welding
         fusion yield (FUSIONSAUSBEUTE)
         fusion-reactor materials (FUSIONSREAKTORMATERIALIEN)
         fuzes (ZUENDER)
         fuzzy logic (FUZZY LOGIK)
         fwpca (fwpca)