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Some Aspects of Gas Turbine Fuel Preparation and Turbomachinery Response to LCV Fuels

Eriksson, Pontus

This thesis gives some background information on environmental issues as the scientific community at large currently sees it. It tries to relate the plethora of current combustion technologies which may be used in gas turbines to those issues. Some basic principles on combustion design are given. Di...

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Pflanzenbauliche Untersuchungen zum Einfluss von Genotyp und Anbauverfahren auf die Ertragsbildung und das Methanbildungspotenzial von Mais (Zea mays L.) Influence of genotype and plant production on biomass yield and the methane potential of maize (Zea mays L.)

Eder, Barbara

Silomais (Zea mays L.) wird in 85 % der deutschen Biogasanlagen als Hauptenergielieferant eingesetzt. Die Nachfrage nach leistungsfähigen Genotypen ist entsprechend groß. Gegenstand der Untersuchung war der Einfluss von Reifetyp und Anbauverfahren auf den Methanhektarertrag. In Fe...

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Liquid Vapour Balance Based Sun Tracking System

Singh, T. A. K.; Dinesh, P. S.; Warangal regional engineering college

German National Library of Science and Technology (GetInfo) (German)


Federal Environmental Rulemaking on Coal: Do the Costs of Proposed Subsidence Regulations Balance the Benefits?

Watson, W. D.; United States Association for Energy Economics; International Association for Energy Economics

German National Library of Science and Technology (GetInfo) (German)


Efficiency and gas-water balance condition of solar energy H~2O=H~2+1/2O~2 power cycle

Jian, K.; Sustainable Energy Society of Southern Africa; Foundation for Professional Development

German National Library of Science and Technology (GetInfo) (German)


Effects of age on energy balance

Roberts, S. B.; Dallal, G. E.; American Society for Clinical Nutrition

German National Library of Science and Technology (GetInfo) (German)


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Nijkamp, F. P.; Adan, R. A. H.; Biessels, G. J.

German National Library of Science and Technology (GetInfo) (German)


Conservation and Balance Principles Approach in NPP Decommissioning

Anton, V.; Romanian Nuclear Energy Association (AREN); University Politehnica of Bucharest

German National Library of Science and Technology (GetInfo) (German)


Childhood obesity: from nutrition to behaviour

Flodmark, C.-E.; Ohlsson, T.; Nutrition Society (Great Britain)

German National Library of Science and Technology (GetInfo) (German)


Attempt to close the energy balance for the LITFASS-2003 experiment

Foken, T.; Mauder, M.; Liebethal, C.; Wimmer, F.; Beyrich, F.; Raasch, S.; Debruin, H.A.R.; Meijninger, W.M.L.; Bange, J.

For the LITFASS-2003 experiment conducted through May and June 2003 in a heterogeneous landscape around the Meteorological Observatory Lindenberg of the German Meteorological Service, different aspects relevant to close the energy balance at the surface based on radiation, soil and turbulent flux me...

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Advancement in near net shape manufacturing: Engine and powertrain components

Neugebauer, R.; Putz, M.

Recent Tendencies in Manufacturing Technology: - Accuracy Requirements - Application of advanced Materials - Total Energy balance - Near net shape Technologies New process chains for Drive and Gear Shafts and new process chains in Tool and Die Making. -Demands for Near Net Shape and Accuracy in Form...

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ASPECTS OF FLUID THERAPY: An experimental study of the effects of systemic inflammation, microvascular permeability, blood pressure and plasma volume

Dubniks, Maris

Adequate circulating blood volume is a prerequisite for circulatory stability. Fluid therapy aims at correcting hypovolaemia, and is an important part of the haemodynamic management of perioperative and critically ill patients. The efficacy of plasma volume substitution largely depends on the pharma...

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