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Structural Analysis of Tobacco Etch Potyvirus HC-Pro Oligomers Involved in Aphid Transmission†

Rivas, Germán; Ruiz-Ferrer, Virginia; Alfonso, Carlos; Boskovic, Jasminka; Llorca, Oscar; López-Abella, Dionisio

Oligomeric forms of the HC-Pro protein of the tobacco etch potyvirus (TEV) have been analyzed by analytical ultracentrifugation and single-particle electron microscopy combined with three-dimensional (3D) reconstruction. Highly purified HC-Pro protein was obtained from plants infected with TEV by us...

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Scanning low and very low energy electron microscopy

Mullerova, I.; Frank, L.; Czechoslovak Society for Electron Microscopy

German National Library of Science and Technology (GetInfo) (German)


Organization of myxoviruses: structural basis of several biological properties of Newcastle Disease Virus

Rentier, Bernard; Calberg-Bacq, C. M.; Reginster, Monique

Joint session on Electron Microscopy 03-06/09/1973 Belgian, German and Dutch societies of Electron Microscopy Liège Belgium

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Raman, S.; Doremus, R.; German, R.

The mechanism of initial sintering of alumina was explored by electron microscopy and X-ray diffraction. The transformation of gamma to alpha alumina influenced sintering behavior. This transformation appears to involve plastic deformation in the alumina. Sintering of fine alpha alumina powder direc...

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Electron microscopy at the milleniu

Hawkes, P.; Czechoslovak Society for Electron Microscopy

German National Library of Science and Technology (GetInfo) (German)


Case report of one patient with tapered head spermatozoa

Gómez Torres, María José; Ramos Mas, Belén; Girela López, José Luis; Avilés Sánchez, Manuel; Fernández Colom, Pedro José

Comunicación presentada en XIV Congreso Nacional y II Internacional de la Sociedad Española de Histología e Ingeniería Tisular, Córdoba, Septiembre 2007. Transmission electron microscopy studies have shown that spermatozoa with tapered head have a membranous system between post-acrosomal zone and pos...

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An investigation of the eukaryotic picoplankton community in the German North Sea by different methods

Knefelkamp, Britta

Picoplanktonic organisms are ubiquitous around the world and are able to dominate biomass, production, and metabolic activity in diverse regions of the oceans. It is suggested that they perform important and basic functional roles in the marine ecosystem, although many of their ecological functions ...

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ASPECTS OF FLUID THERAPY: An experimental study of the effects of systemic inflammation, microvascular permeability, blood pressure and plasma volume

Dubniks, Maris

Adequate circulating blood volume is a prerequisite for circulatory stability. Fluid therapy aims at correcting hypovolaemia, and is an important part of the haemodynamic management of perioperative and critically ill patients. The efficacy of plasma volume substitution largely depends on the pharma...

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