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         earthquakes (ERDBEBEN)
         earthworms (REGENWUERMER)
         east china sea (OST-CHINESISCHES MEER)
         east coast (OSTKUESTE)
         east facility (east-anlage)
         east mesa geothermal field (ERDWAERMEFELD EAST MESA)
         east pakistan (OSTPAKISTAN)
         east tokamak (east tokamak)
         east-west asymmetry (OST-WEST-ASYMMETRIE)
         eastern europe (OSTEUROPA)
         easton power reactor (EASTON POWER REACTOR)
         ebd (EBD)
         ebd films (ebd-films)
         ebic (EBIC)
         ebis (EBIS)
         ebonite (EBONIT)
         ebr-2 reactor (REAKTOR EBR-2)
         ebullated bed (WALLENDES BETT)
         ebwr reactor (REAKTOR EBWR)
         ecat scanning (ECAT-SCANNING)
         echelle gratings (ECHELLEGITTER)
         echinoderms (ECHINODERMEN)
         echography (ECHOGRAPHIE)

         ecr heating (EZR-HEIZUNG)
         ecr ion sources (ECR IONENQUELLEN)
         ecris (ECRIS)
         ecsc (EGKS)
         ecuador (ECUADOR)
         eczema (EKZEM)
         eddha (EDDHA)
         eddington theory (EDDINGTON-THEORIE)
         eddy current testing (WIRBELSTROMPRUEFUNG)
         eddy currents (WIRBELSTROEME (ELEKTR.))
         edema (OEDEM)
         edge dislocations (STUFENVERSETZUNGEN)
         edge localized modes (EDGE LOGALIZED MODES)
         edna deposit (LAGERSTAETTE EDNA)
         eds liquefaction (EDS-VERFLUESSIGUNG)
         edta (EDTA)
         education (AUSBILDUNG)
         educational facilities (AUSBILDUNGSEINRICHTUNGEN)
         educational tools (LEHRMITTEL)
         eel (AAL)
         ees (EES)
         eev range (EEV-BEREICH)
         effective charge (EFFEKTIVE LADUNG)
         effective half-life (EFFEKTIVE HALBWERTZEIT)
         effective mass (EFFEKTIVE MASSE)

         eka-lead (EKA-BLEI)
         eka-mercury (EKA-QUECKSILBER)
         eka-polonium (EKA-POLONIUM)
         eka-radon (EKA-RADON)
         eka-rhenium (EKA-RHENIUM)
         eka-thallium (EKA-THALLIUM)
         eku (EKU)
         el nino (EL NINO)
         el salvador (EL SALVADOR)
         el tatio geothermal field (ERDWAERMEFELD EL TATIO)
         el-3 reactor (REAKTOR EL-3)
         elastic properties (ELASTISCHE EIGENSCHAFTEN)
         elastic scattering (ELASTISCHE STREUUNG)
         elasticity (ELASTIZITAET)
         elasticity economic
         elastomers (ELASTOMERE)
         elderly people (SENIOREN)
         eldor (ELDOR)
         electrets (ELECTRETE)
         electric appliances (ELEKTROGERAETE)
         electric arcs (LICHTBOEGEN)
         electric batteries (ELEKTRISCHE BATTERIEN)
         electric born model (ELEKTRISCHES BORN-MODELL)
         electric bridges (ELEKTRISCHE BRUECKEN)
         electric cables (ELEKTROKABEL)

         electric charges (ELEKTRISCHE LADUNGEN)
         electric coils (ELEKTRISCHE SPULEN)
         electric condensers (ELEKTRISCHE KONDENSATOREN)
         electric conductivity (ELEKTRISCHE LEITFAEHIGKEIT)
         electric conductors (ELEKTRIZITAETSLEITER)
         electric contactors (ELEKTRISCHE STEUERSCHUETZE)
         electric contacts (ELEKTRISCHE KONTAKTE)
         electric controllers (ELEKTRISCHE REGLER)
         electric currents (ELEKTRISCHE STROEME)
         electric dipole moments (ELEKTRISCHE DIPOLMOMENTE)
         electric dipole transitions (ELEKTRISCHE DIPOLUEBERGAENGE)
         electric dipoles (ELEKTRISCHE DIPOLE)
         electric discharge pumping (PUMPEN D. EL. ENTLADUNG)
         electric discharges (ELEKTRISCHE ENTLADUNGEN)
         electric fields (ELEKTRISCHE FELDER)
         electric filters (ELEKTRISCHE FILTER)
         electric furnaces (ELEKTROOEFEN)
         electric fuses (SCHMELZSICHERUNGEN)
         electric generators (ELEKTROGENERATOREN)
         electric grounds (ERDUNG)
         electric heating (ELEKTROHEIZUNG)
         electric hexadecapole transitions (ELEKTRISCHE HEXADEKAPOLUEBERGAENGE)
         electric impedance (ELEKTRISCHE IMPEDANZ)
         electric logging (ELEKTRISCHE BOHRLOCHMESSUNG)

         electric measuring instruments (ELEKTRISCHE MESSINSTRUMENTE)
         electric moments (ELEKTRISCHE MOMENTE)
         electric monopole transitions (ELEKTRISCHE MONOPOLUEBERGAENGE)
         electric monopoles (ELEKTRISCHE MONOPOLE)
         electric motors (ELEKTROMOTOREN)
         electric octupole transitions (ELEKTRISCHE OKTUPOLUEBERGAENGE)
         electric potential (ELEKTRISCHES POTENTIAL)
         electric power (ELEKTRISCHE ENERGIE)
         electric power industry (ELEKTRIZITAETSWIRTSCHAFT)
         electric power research institute (ELECTRIC POWER RESEARCH INSTITUTE)
         electric power substations (ELEKTRISCHE UMSPANNWERKE)
         electric power systems (ELEKTROENERGIEERZEUGUNG)
         electric probes (ELEKTRISCHE SONDEN)
         electric properties (ELEKTRISCHE EIGENSCHAFTEN)
         electric pulses (ELEKTRISCHE IMPULSE)
         electric quadrupole transitions (ELEKTRISCHE QUADRUPOLUEBERGAENGE)
         electric railways (ELEKTRISCHE EISENBAHNEN)
         electric reliability councils (ELECTRIC RELIABILITY COUNCILS)
         electric resistivity (SPEZIFISCHER ELEKTRISCHER WIDERSTAND)
         electric resonance (ELEKTRISCHE RESONANZ)
         electric shock (ELEKTROSCHOCK)
         electric sparks (ELEKTRISCHE FUNKEN)
         electric switches (ELEKTRISCHE SCHALTER)
         electric-powered vehicles (ELEKTROFAHRZEUGE)

         electrical breakdown (ELEKTRISCHER DURCHSCHLAG)
         electrical conductivity (ELEKTRISCHE LEITFAEHIGKEIT)
         electrical engineering (ELEKTROTECHNIK)
         electrical equipment (ELEKTRISCHE AUSRUESTUNG)
         electrical faults (ELEKTRISCHE STOERUNGEN)
         electrical insulation (ELEKTRISCHE ISOLIERUNG)
         electrical insulators (ELEKTRISCHE ISOLATOREN)
         electrical properties (ELEKTRISCHE EIGENSCHAFTEN)
         electrical pumping (ELEKTRISCHES PUMPEN)
         electrical resistance (ELEKTRISCHER WIDERSTAND)
         electrical resistivity (SPEZIFISCHER ELEKTRISCHER WIDERSTAND)
         electrical surveys (ELEKTRISCHE VERMESSUNGEN)
         electrical testing (ELEKTRISCHE PRUEFUNG)
         electrical transients (ELEKTRISCHE EINSCHWINGVORGAENGE)
         electricite de france (ELECTRICITE DE FRANCE)
         electricity (ELEKTRIZITAET)
         electro-optical effects (ELEKTROOPTISCHE EFFEKTE)
         electrocarbonization (ELEKTROKARBONISATION)
         electrocardiograms (ELEKTROKARDIOGRAMME)
         electrocatalysts (ELEKTROKATALYSATOREN)
         electrochemical cells (ELEKTROCHEMISCHE ZELLEN)
         electrochemical coating (ELEKTROCHEMISCHE BESCHICHTUNG)
         electrochemical corrosion (ELEKTROCHEMISCHE KORROSION)
         electrochemical energy conversion (ELEKTROCHEMISCHE ENERGIEUMWANDLUNG)
         electrochemical engines (ELEKTROCHEMISCHE MASCHINEN)

         electromagnetic filters (ELEKTROMAGNETISCHE FILTER)
         electromagnetic form factors (ELEKTROMAGNETISCHE FORMFAKTOREN)
         electromagnetic interactions (ELEKTROMAGNETISCHE WECHSELWIRKUNGEN)
         electromagnetic isotope separation (ELEKTROMAGNETISCHE ISOTOPENTRENNUNG)
         electromagnetic isotope separators (ELEKTROMAGNETISCHE ISOTOPENTRENNANLAGEN)
         electromagnetic lenses (ELEKTROMAGNETISCHE LINSEN)
         electromagnetic particle decay (ELEKTROMAGNETISCHER TEILCHENZERFALL)
         electromagnetic pulses (ELEKTROMAGNETISCHE IMPULSE)
         electromagnetic pumps (ELEKTROMAGNETISCHE PUMPEN)
         electromagnetic radiation (ELEKTROMAGNETISCHE STRAHLUNG)
         electromagnetic surveys (ELEKTROMAGNETISCHE VERMESSUNGEN)
         electromagnetic testing (ELEKTROMAGNETISCHE PRUEFUNG)
         electromagnetic transitions (ELEKTROMAGNETISCHE UEBERGAENGE)
         electromagnetic waves (ELEKTROMAGNETISCHE WELLEN)
         electromagnetism (ELEKTROMAGNETISMUS)
         electromagnets (ELEKTROMAGNETE)
         electromechanics (ELEKTROMECHANIK)
         electrometallurgy (ELEKTROMETALLURGIE)
         electrometers (ELEKTROMETER)
         electromigration (ELEKTROMIGRATION)
         electromotive force (ELEKTROMOTORISCHE KRAFT)
         electron acceptor (ELEKTRONENAKZEPTOR)
         electron acoustic waves (ELEKTRONENAKUSTISCHE WELLEN)
         electron affinity (ELEKTRONENAFFINITAET)
         electron antineutrinos (ELEKTRON-ANTINEUTRINOS)

         electron attachment (ELEKTRONENANLAGERUNG)
         electron beam furnaces (ELEKTRONENSTRAHLOEFEN)
         electron beam fusion accelerator (ELEKTRONENSTRAHL-FUSIONSBESCHLEUNIGER)
         electron beam fusion reactors (ELEKTRONENSTRAHL-FUSIONSREAKTOREN)
         electron beam induced current (ELEKTRONENSTRAHLINDUZIERTER STROM)
         electron beam injection (ELEKTRONENSTRAHLEINSCHUSS)
         electron beam ion sources (ELEKTRONENSTRAHLIONENQUELLEN)
         electron beam melting (ELEKTRONENSTRAHLSCHMELZEN)
         electron beam pumping (ELEKTRONENSTRAHLPUMPEN)
         electron beam targets (ELEKTRONENSTRAHLTARGETS)
         electron beam welding (ELEKTRONENSTRAHLSCHWEISSEN)
         electron beams (ELEKTRONENSTRAHLEN)
         electron capture (ELEKTRONENEINFANG)
         electron capture decay (ELEKTRONENEINFANGZERFALL)
         electron capture radioisotopes (ELEKTRONENEINFANGRADIOISOTOPE)
         electron channeling (ELEKTRONENCHANNELING)
         electron collisions (ELEKTRONENSTOESSE)
         electron compounds (ELEKTRONVERBINDUNGEN)
         electron configuration atoms
         electron cooling (ELEKTRONENKUEHLUNG)
         electron correlation (ELEKTRONENKORRELATION)
         electron cyclotron masers (ELEKTRONENZYKLOTRONMASER)
         electron cyclotron-resonance (ELEKTRONENZYKLOTRONRESONANZ)
         electron cyclotron-resonance current drive (ELEKTRONENZYKLOTRONRESONANZ-ANTRIEB)
         electron cyclotron-resonance heating (ECR-HEIZUNG)

         electron cyclotron-resonance ion sources (ELEKTRONENZYKLOTRONRESONANZ-IONENQUELLEN)
         electron density (ELEKTRONENDICHTE)
         electron detachment (ELEKTRONENABLOESUNG)
         electron detection (ELEKTRONENNACHWEIS)
         electron diffraction (ELEKTRONENBEUGUNG)
         electron dosimetry (ELEKTRONENDOSIMETRIE)
         electron drift (ELEKTRONENWANDERUNG)
         electron emission (ELEKTRONENEMISSION)
         electron exchange (ELEKTRONENAUSTAUSCH)
         electron gas (ELEKTRONENGAS)
         electron guns (ELEKTRONENKANONEN)
         electron holes (ELEKTRONENLOECHER)
         electron loss (ELEKTRONENVERLUST)
         electron microprobe analysis (ELEKTRONENSTRAHLMIKROANALYSE)
         electron microscopes (ELEKTRONENMIKROSKOPE)
         electron microscopy (ELEKTRONENMIKROSKOPIE)
         electron mobility (ELEKTRONENBEWEGLICHKEIT)
         electron multiplier detectors (ELEKTRONENVERVIELFACHER-DETEKTOREN)
         electron multipliers (ELEKTRONENVERVIELFACHER)
         electron neutrinos (ELEKTRONNEUTRINOS)
         electron nuclear double resonance (ELEKTRON-KERN-DOPPELRESONANZMETHODE)
         electron pairs (ELEKTRONENPAARE)
         electron paramagnetic resonance (PARAMAGNETISCHE ELEKTONENRESONANZ)
         electron precipitation (ELEKTRONENNIEDERSCHLAG)
         electron probes (ELEKTRONENSONDEN)

         electron reactions (ELEKTRONREAKTIONEN)
         electron rings (ELEKTRONENRINGE)
         electron scanning (ELEKTRONENSCANNING)
         electron sources (ELEKTRONENQUELLEN)
         electron spectra (ELEKTRONENSPEKTREN)
         electron spectrometers (ELEKTRONENSPEKTROMETER)
         electron spectroscopy (ELEKTRONENSPEKTROSKOPIE)
         electron spin resonance (ELEKTRONENSPINRESONANZ)
         electron temperature (ELEKTRONENTEMPERATUR)
         electron transfer (ELEKTRONENTRANSFER)
         electron tubes (ELEKTRONENROEHREN)
         electron-atom collisions (ELEKTRON-ATOM-STOESSE)
         electron-capture detectors (ELEKTRONENEINFANGDETEKTOREN)
         electron-deuteron interactions (ELEKTRON-DEUTERON-WECHSELWIRKUNGEN)
         electron-electron coupling (ELEKTRON-ELEKTRON-KOPPLUNG)
         electron-electron double resonance (ELEKTRON-ELEKTRON-DOPPELRESONANZ)
         electron-electron interactions (ELEKTRON-ELEKTRON-WECHSELWIRKUNGEN)
         electron-hole coupling (ELEKTRON-LOCH-KOPPLUNG)
         electron-hole droplets (ELEKTRON-LOCH-TROEPFCHEN)
         electron-hole plasma (ELEKTRON-LOCH-PLASMA)
         electron-ion collisions (ELEKTRON-ION-STOESSE)
         electron-ion coupling (ELEKTRON-IONEN-KOPPLUNG)
         electron-molecule collisions (ELEKTRON-MOLEKUEL-STOESSE)
         electron-muon interactions (ELEKTRON-MYON-WECHSELWIRKUNGEN)
         electron-muon universality (ELEKTRON-MYON-UNIVERSALITAET)

         electron-muon-tau universality (ELEKTRON-MYON-TAU UNIVERSALITAET)
         electron-neutron interactions (ELEKTRON-NEUTRON-WECHSELWIRKUNGEN)
         electron-nucleon interactions (ELEKTRON-NUKLEON-WECHSELWIRKUNGEN)
         electron-phonon coupling (ELEKTRON-PHONON-KOPPLUNG)
         electron-pion interactions (ELEKTRON-PION-WECHSELWIRKUNGEN)
         electron-positron collisions (ELEKTRON-POSITRON-STOESSE)
         electron-positron interactions (ELEKTRON-POSITRON-WECHSELWIRKUNGEN)
         electron-promotion model (ELEKTRON-PROMOTIONSMODELL)
         electron-quark interactions (ELEKTRON-QUARK-WECHSELWIRKUNGEN)
         electron-ring accelerators (ELEKTRONENRINGBESCHLEUNIGER)
         electron-spin echo (ELEKTRONENSPIN-ECHO)
         electronegativity (ELEKTRONEGATIVITAET)
         electronic circuits (ELEKTRONISCHE SCHALTKREISE)
         electronic data processing (ELEKTRONISCHE DATENVERARBEITUNG)
         electronic equipment (ELEKTRONISCHE GERAETE)
         electronic guidance (ELEKTRONISCHE STEUERUNG)
         electronic specific heat (ELEKTRONISCHE SPEZIFISCHE WAERME)
         electronic structure (ELEKTRONENKONFIGURATION)
         electronics quantum
         electrons (ELEKTRONEN)
         electrophoresis (ELEKTROPHORESE)
         electrophysiology (ELEKTROPHYSIOLOGIE)
         electroplating (ELEKTROPLATTIERUNG)
         electropolishing (ELEKTROLYTISCHES POLIEREN)
         electroproduction (ELEKTROPRODUKTION)

         electrorefining (ELEKTROLYTISCHE RAFFINATION)
         electroscopes (ELEKTROSKOPE)
         electroslag casting (ELEKTROSCHLACKEGIESSEN)
         electroslag welding (ELEKTROSCHLACKESCHWEISSEN)
         electrostatic accelerators (ELEKTROSTATISCHE BESCHLEUNIGER)
         electrostatic analyzers (ELEKTROSTATISCHE ANALYSATOREN)
         electrostatic lenses (ELEKTROSTATISCHE LINSEN)
         electrostatic mirrors (ELEKTROSTATISCHE SPIEGEL)
         electrostatic precipitators (ELEKTROSTATISCHE ABSCHEIDER)
         electrostatic probes (ELEKTROSTATISCHE SONDEN)
         electrostatic separation (ELEKTROSTATISCHE TRENNUNG)
         electrostatic septa (ELEKTROSTATISCHE SEPTA)
         electrostatic spectrometers (ELEKTROSTATISCHE SPEKTROMETER)
         electrostatic waves (ELEKTROSTATISCHE WELLEN)
         electrostatics (ELEKTROSTATIK)
         electrovac equations (ELEKTROVAC-GLEICHUNGEN)
         electroweak interaction model (ELEKTROSCHWACHES WECHSELWIRKUNGSMODELL)
         electroweak mixing angle (ELEKTROSCHWACHER MISCHUNGSWINKEL)
         electroweak model (ELEKTROSCHWACHES MODELL)
         electrowinning (METALLGEWINNUNG D. ELEKTROLYSE)
         element 104 (ELEMENT 104)
         element 104 253 (ELEMENT 104 253)
         element 104 254 (ELEMENT 104 254)
         element 104 255 (ELEMENT 104 255)
         element 104 256 (ELEMENT 104 256)

         eminent domain (ENTEIGNUNGSRECHT)
         emission (EMISSION)
         emission computed tomography (EMISSIONS-COMPUTERTOMOGRAPHIE)
         emission cooperative spontaneous
         emission electron
         emission spectra (EMISSIONSSPEKTREN)
         emission spectroscopy (EMISSIONSSPEKTROSKOPIE)
         emissions industrial
         emissions rights trading (EMISSIONSRECHTEHANDEL)
         emissions tax (EMISSIONSSTEUER)
         emissions trading (EMISSIONSHANDEL)
         emissivity (EMISSIONSVERMOEGEN)
         emittance beam
         eml (EML)
         emp (EMI)
         emphysema (EMPHYSEM)
         emplacement (aufstellung)
         employees (BESCHAEFTIGTE)
         employment (BESCHAEFTIGUNG)
         ems ethyl methanesulfonate
         emsland reactor (REAKTOR EMSLAND)
         emulsification (EMULGIERUNG)
         emulsifiers (EMULGATOREN)
         emulsions (EMULSIONEN)
         enamels (EMAILLACKE)

         enanthic acid (OENANTHSAEURE)
         enantiomorphs (ENANTIOMORPHE SUBSTANZEN)
         encapsulation (EINKAPSELUNG)
         encephalitis (ENCEPHALITIS)
         end effects (ENDEFFEKTE)
         end losses (ENDVERLUSTE)
         end use sector (endverbrauchsbereiche)
         endangered species (GEFAEHRDETE ARTEN)
         endf (endf)
         endocrine diseases (ENDOKRINE ERKRANKUNGEN)
         endocrine glands (ENDOKRINE DRUESEN)
         endometrium (ENDOMETRIUM)
         endonucleases (ENDONUCLEASEN)
         endoplasmic reticulum (ENDOPLASMATISCHES RETIKULUM)
         endor (ENDOR)
         endorphins (ENDORPHINE)
         endosperm (ENDOSPERM)
         endosteum (ENDOSTEUM)
         endothelins (ENDOTHELINE)
         endothelium (ENDOTHELIUM)
         endotoxins (ENDOTOXINE)
         endoxan (ENDOXAN)
         enduro (ENDURO)
         enea (ENEA)
         enea italy (enea italien)

         energetic electrons (ENERGIEREICHE ELEKTRONEN)
         energetic ions (ENERGETISCHE IONEN)
         energetic solar particles (ENERGIEREICHE SOLARTEILCHEN)
         energieonderzoek centrum nederland (ENERGIEONDERZOEK CENTRUM NEDERLAND)
         energy (ENERGIE)
         energy absorption (ENERGIEABSORPTION)
         energy accounting (ENERGIEBILANZIERUNG)
         energy analysis (ENERGIEANALYSE)
         energy applied systems test facility (ENERGY APPLIED SYSTEMS TEST FACILITY)
         energy audits (ENERGIEBILANZPRUEFUNGEN)
         energy balance (ENERGIEBILANZ)
         energy balance mass spectrometers (ENERGIEBILANZMASSENSPEKTROMETER)
         energy beam deposition (ENERGY BEAM DEPOSITION)
         energy beam deposition films (ENERGY BEAM DEPOSITION FILMS)
         energy budgets (energieumsatz)
         energy cascade (energiekaskade)
         energy cascading (ENERGIEKASKADE)
         energy complexes (ENERGIEPARKS)
         energy conservation (ENERGIEEINSPARUNG)
         energy conservation and production act (ENERGY CONSERVATION AND PRODUCTION ACT)
         energy consumption (ENERGIEVERBRAUCH)
         energy content (ENERGIEINHALT)
         energy conversion (ENERGIEUMWANDLUNG)
         energy costs (ENERGIEKOSTEN)
         energy demand (ENERGIEBEDARF)

         energy density (ENERGIEDICHTE)
         energy dependence (ENERGIEABHAENGIGKEIT)
         energy deposition (ENERGIENIEDERSCHLAG)
         energy dissipation (ENERGIEZERSTREUUNG)
         energy distribution (ENERGIEVERTEILUNG)
         energy efficiency (ENERGETISCHER WIRKUNGSGRAD)
         energy efficiency standards (NORMEN ZUR ENERGIEAUSNUTZUNG)
         energy exchange (ENERGIEAUSTAUSCH)
         energy expenses (ENERGIEAUSGABEN)
         energy extension service (ENERGY EXTENSION SERVICE)
         energy facilities (ENERGIEANLAGEN)
         energy gap (ENERGIELUECKE)
         energy information administration (ENERGY INFORMATION ADMINISTRATION)
         energy integrated industrial parks (ENERGIEVERSORGUNGSZENTREN FUER INDUSTRIEGEBIETE)
         energy levels (ENERGIENIVEAUS)
         energy losses (ENERGIEVERLUSTE)
         energy management (ENERGIEMANAGEMENT)
         energy management systems (ENERGIEMANAGEMENTSYSTEME)
         energy models (ENERGIEMODELLE)
         energy of dissociation (DISSOZIATIONSENERGIE)
         energy operators (ENERGIEOPERATOREN)
         energy parks (ENERGIEPARKS)
         energy performance standards (NORMEN ZUR ENERGIEAUSNUTZUNG)
         energy policy (ENERGIEPOLITIK)
         energy policy and conservation act (ENERGY POLICY AND CONSERVATION ACT)

         energy quality (ENERGIEQUALITAET)
         energy range (ENERGIEBEREICH)
         energy recovery (ENERGIERUECKGEWINNUNG)
         energy research advisory board (ENERGY RESEARCH ADVISORY BOARD)
         energy research and development administration (ENERGY RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT ADMINISTRATION)
         energy resolution (ENERGIEAUFLOESUNG)
         energy security act (ENERGY SECURITY ACT)
         energy security corporation (ENERGY SECURITY CORPORATION)
         energy shortages (ENERGIEVERKNAPPUNG)
         energy source development (ERSCHLIESSUNG VON ENERGIEQUELLEN)
         energy sources (ENERGIEQUELLEN)
         energy spectra (ENERGIESPEKTREN)
         energy storage (ENERGIESPEICHERUNG)
         energy storage systems (ENERGIESPEICHERSYSTEME)
         energy substitution (ENERGIEERSATZ)
         energy substitution equivalent (ENERGIEERSATZAEQUIVALENT)
         energy supplies (ENERGIEVERSORGUNG)
         energy surpluses (ENERGIEUEBERSCHUSS)
         energy systems (ENERGIESYSTEME)
         energy technology data exchange (ENERGY TECHNOLOGY DATA EXCHANGE)
         energy transfer (ENERGIEUEBERTRAGUNG)
         energy transmission (ENERGIEUEBERTRAGUNG)
         energy transport (ENERGIETRANSPORT)
         energy yield (ENERGIEAUSBEUTE)
         energy-level density (ENERGIENIVEAUDICHTE)

     eosin - epri

         eosin (EOSIN)
         eosinophils (EOSINOPHILE)
         epa (EPA)
         epca (EPCA)
         epdm (EPDM)
         ephedrine (EPHEDRIN)
         ephemeroptera (EPHEMEROPTERA)
         epicenters (EPIZENTREN)
         epidemiology (EPIDEMIOLOGIE)
         epidermis (EPIDERMIS)
         epidotes (EPIDOTE)
         epilation (EPILATION)
         epilepsy (EPILEPSIE)
         epinephrine (EPINEPHRIN)
         epiphysis bones
         epitaxy (EPITAXIE)
         epitheliomas (EPITHELIOME)
         epithelium (EPITHEL)
         epithermal neutrons (EPITHERMISCHE NEUTRONEN)
         epithermal reactors (EPITHERMISCHE REAKTOREN)
         epoxides (EPOXIDE)
         epoxy compounds (EPOXYVERBINDUNGEN)
         epr (EPR)
         epr spectrometers (EPR-SPEKTROMETER)
         epri (EPRI)

         erbium 155 (ERBIUM 155)
         erbium 156 (ERBIUM 156)
         erbium 157 (ERBIUM 157)
         erbium 158 (ERBIUM 158)
         erbium 160 (ERBIUM 160)
         erbium 161 (ERBIUM 161)
         erbium 162 (ERBIUM 162)
         erbium 164 (ERBIUM 164)
         erbium 164 target (ERBIUM 164 TARGET)
         erbium 166 (ERBIUM 166)
         erbium 167 (ERBIUM 167)
         erbium 168 (ERBIUM 168)
         erbium 168 target (ERBIUM 168 TARGET)
         erbium 169 (ERBIUM 169)
         erbium 170 (ERBIUM 170)
         erbium 170 target (ERBIUM 170 TARGET)
         erbium 171 (ERBIUM 171)
         erbium 173 (ERBIUM 173)
         erbium 174 (ERBIUM 174)
         erbium 175 (ERBIUM 175)
         erbium 176 (ERBIUM 176)
         erbium 177 (ERBIUM 177)
         erbium additions (ERBIUMZUSAETZE)
         erbium alloys (ERBIUMLEGIERUNGEN)
         erbium borides (ERBIUMBORIDE)

         eruptive variable stars (ERUPTIV-VARIABLE STERNE)
         erythema (ERYTHEM)
         erythritol (ERYTHRIT)
         erythroblasts (ERYTHROBLASTEN)
         erythrocytes (ERYTHROCYTEN)
         erythromycin (ERYTHROMYCIN)
         erythropoiesis (ERYTHROPOESE)
         erythropoietin (ERYTHROPOIETIN)
         erythrosine (ERYTHROSIN)
         erzgebirge deposit (LAGERSTAETTE ERZGEBIRGE)
         es computers (ES-COMPUTER)
         es-salam reactor (REAKTOR ES-SALAM)
         esa (ESA)
         esarda (ESARDA)
         esca (ESCA)
         escape peaks (ESCAPE-MAXIMA)
         escar (ESCAR)
         escherichia coli (ESCHERICHIA COLI)
         escom reactor (REAKTOR ESCOM)
         escrow accounts (treuhaenderisch-gefuehrte konten)
         eserine (ESERIN)
         eskimos (ESKIMOS)
         esophagus (OESOPHAGUS)
         esr (ESR)
         esr storage ring (SPEICHERRING ESR)

         esrf (ESRF)
         esro (ESRO)
         essential oils (ETHERISCHE OELE)
         essex i project (PROJEKT ESSEX-I)
         essor reactor (REAKTOR ESSOR)
         esterases (ESTERASEN)
         esterification (VERESTERUNG)
         esters (ESTER)
         esthetics (AESTHETIK)
         estonia (ESTLAND)
         estonian organizations (ESTNISCHE ORGANISATIONEN)
         estradiol (OESTRADIOL)
         estranes (OESTRANE)
         estriol (OESTRIOL)
         estrogens (OESTROGENE)
         estrone (OESTRON)
         estrous cycle (BRUNSTZYKLUS)
         estuaries (AESTUARIEN)
         estuarine ecosystems (BRACKWASSEROEKOSYSTEME)
         estuary event (ESTUARY EREIGNIS)
         eta meson beams (ETA-MESONENSTRAHLEN)
         eta mesons (ETA-MESONEN)
         etching (AETZEN)
         etde (ETDE)
         ethanal (AETHANAL)

         exoskeleton (EXOSKELETT)
         exosphere (EXOSPHAERE)
         exotic atoms (EXOTISCHE ATOME)
         exotic resonances (EXOTISCHE RESONANZEN)
         expansion (EXPANSION)
         expansion chambers (AUSDEHNUNGSKAMMERN)
         expansion joints (DEHNUNGSKOMPENSATOREN)
         expectation value (ERWARTUNGSWERTE)
         expenditures (AUFWENDUNGEN)
         experiment planning (VERSUCHSPLANUNG)
         experimental advanced superconducting tokamak (experimental advanced superconducting tokamak)
         experimental boiling water reactor (EXPERIMENTAL BOILING WATER REACTOR)
         experimental breeder reactor-2 (EXPERIMENTAL BREEDER REACTOR-2)
         experimental channels (BESTRAHLUNGSKANAELE)
         experimental data (EXPERIMENTELLE DATEN)
         experimental facilities accelerator
         experimental facilities reactor
         experimental gas cooled reactor (EXPERIMENTAL GAS COOLED REACTOR)
         experimental graphite reactor (versuchsgraphitreaktor)
         experimental neoplasms (EXPERIMENTALTUMOREN)
         experimental propulsion test reactor (EXPERIMENTAL PROPULSION TEST REACTOR)
         experimental reactors (VERSUCHSREAKTOREN)
         experimental very high temperature gas cooled reactor (EXPERIMENTAL VERY HIGH TEMPERATURE GAS COOLED REAKTOR)
         expert systems (EXPERTENSYSTEME)
         exploding wires (EXPLODIERENDE DRAEHTE)