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         c antiquarks (C ANTIQUARKS)
         c codes (C-CODES)
         c invariance (C-INVARIANZ)
         c quarks (C QUARKS)
         c reactor (REAKTOR C)
         c region (C-SCHICHT)
         c-reactive protein (C-REAKTIVES PROTEIN)
         c4 species (C4-ARTEN)
         cabbage (KOHL)
         cabibbo angle (CABIBBO-WINKEL)
         cables (KABEL)
         cables electric
         cacti (KAKTEEN)
         cadarache cea
         cadmium (CADMIUM)
         cadmium 100 (CADMIUM 100)
         cadmium 101 (CADMIUM 101)
         cadmium 102 (CADMIUM 102)
         cadmium 103 (CADMIUM 103)
         cadmium 104 (CADMIUM 104)
         cadmium 105 (CADMIUM 105)
         cadmium 106 (CADMIUM 106)
         cadmium 106 target (CADMIUM 106 TARGET)
         cadmium 107 (CADMIUM 107)
         cadmium 108 (CADMIUM 108)

         cadmium 109 (CADMIUM 109)
         cadmium 110 (CADMIUM 110)
         cadmium 110 target (CADMIUM 110 TARGET)
         cadmium 111 (CADMIUM 111)
         cadmium 112 (CADMIUM 112)
         cadmium 113 (CADMIUM 113)
         cadmium 114 (CADMIUM 114)
         cadmium 115 (CADMIUM 115)
         cadmium 116 (CADMIUM 116)
         cadmium 117 (CADMIUM 117)
         cadmium 118 (CADMIUM 118)
         cadmium 119 (CADMIUM 119)
         cadmium 120 (CADMIUM 120)
         cadmium 121 (CADMIUM 121)
         cadmium 122 (CADMIUM 122)
         cadmium 123 (CADMIUM 123)
         cadmium 124 (CADMIUM 124)
         cadmium 125 (CADMIUM 125)
         cadmium 126 (CADMIUM 126)
         cadmium 127 (CADMIUM 127)
         cadmium 128 (CADMIUM 128)
         cadmium 129 (CADMIUM 129)
         cadmium 130 (CADMIUM 130)
         cadmium 131 (CADMIUM 131)
         cadmium 132 (CADMIUM 132)

         cameroon (KAMERUN)
         camp (CAMP)
         campbelling circuits (CAMPBELL-SCHALTKREISE)
         camphene (CAMPHEN)
         camphor (CAMPHER)
         canada (KANADA)
         canada nrx research reactor (FORSCHUNGSREAKTOR NRX KANADA)
         candu reactor (CANDU-REAKTOR)
         candu reactors
         candu type reactors (CANDU-REAKTOREN)
         canines (HUNDE)
         canis latrans (CANIS LATRANS)
         canisters (KANISTER)
         cannel coal (KAENNELKOHLE)
         canning (CANNING)
         canning food
         canonical dimension (KANONISCHE DIMENSION)
         canonical equations (KANONISCHE GLEICHUNGEN)
         canonical quantum field theory (KANONISCHE QUANTENFELDTHEORIE)
         canonical transformations (KANONISCHE TRANSFORMATIONEN)
         canopies (VEGETATIONSDECKE)
         canyons (SCHLUCHTEN)
         cap rock (HUTGESTEIN)
         capacitance (KAPAZITANZ)
         capacitors (KONDENSATOREN (ELEKTRISCH))

         capacity (KAPAZITAET)
         cape fear river (CAPE FEAR RIVER)
         cape kennedy (KAP KENNEDY)
         capillaries (KAPILLAREN)
         capillary flow (KAPILLARFLUSS)
         capital (KAPITAL)
         capital costs (KAPITALKOSTEN)
         capitalized cost (KAPITALISIERTE KOSTEN)
         capric acid (DECYLSAEURE)
         caproic acid (HEXYLSAEURE)
         caprylic acid (OCTYLSAEURE)
         capsicum (CAPSICUM)
         capsules (KAPSELN)
         capsules irradiation
         capture (EINFANG)
         capture-to-fission ratio (EINFANG-SPALTVERHAELTNIS)
         carassius (CARASSIUS)
         caraway (GEMEINER KUEMMEL)
         carbamates (CARBAMATE)
         carbamic acid esters (CARBAMINSAEUREESTER)
         carbamide (CARBAMID)
         carbanions (carbanionen)
         carbazides (CARBAZIDE)
         carbazoles (CARBAZOLE)
         carbazones (CARBAZONE)

         carlson method (CARLSON-METHODE)
         carminic acid (KARMINSAEURE)
         carnallite (CARNALLIT)
         carnations (NELKEN)
         carnitine (CARNITIN)
         carnot cycle (CARNOT-ZYKLUS)
         carnotite (CARNOTIT)
         carotenes (CAROTINE)
         carotenoids (CAROTINOIDE)
         carotid arteries (HALSSCHLAGADERN)
         carpenter (CARPENTER)
         carpocapsa pomonella (CARPOCAPSA POMONELLA)
         carpooling (FAHRGEMEINSCHAFTEN)
         carrier density (LADUNGSTRAEGERDICHTE)
         carrier lifetime (LADUNGSTRAEGERLEBENSDAUER)
         carrier mobility (LADUNGSTRAEGERBEWEGLICHKEIT)
         carrier-free isotopes (TRAEGERFREIE ISOTOPE)
         carriers (TRAEGER)
         carrizo mountains (CARRIZO MOUNTAINS)
         carrots (KAROTTEN)
         cars (AUTOS)
         cars spectroscopy
         cartels (KARTELLE)
         cartesian coordinates (KARTESISCHES KOORDINATENSYSTEM)
         cartilage (KNORPEL)

         cascade extraction
         cascade impactors (KASKADENIMPAKTOREN)
         cascade mountains (KASKADENGEBIRGE)
         cascade reactors (KASKADENREAKTOREN)
         cascade showers (KASKADENSCHAUER)
         cascade theory (KASKADENTHEORIE)
         cascades nuclear
         case law (CASE LAW)
         case method (CASE-METHODE)
         casein (CASEIN)
         casimir effect (CASIMIR-EFFEKT)
         casimir force (CASIMIR-KRAFT)
         casimir operators (CASIMIR-OPERATOREN)
         casings (VERKLEIDUNGEN)
         casings well
         caspian sea (KASPISCHES MEER)
         cassava (CASSAVA)
         cast iron (GUSSEISEN)
         cast method (CAST-METHODE)
         castagnoli formula (CASTAGNOLI-FORMEL)
         caste insects
         castillejo-dalitz-dyson poles (CASTILLEJO-DALITZ-DYSON-POLE)
         casting (GIESSEN)
         casting molds (GIESSFORMEN)

         catchment basins (WASSERSCHEIDEN)
         catechol (KATECHIN)
         catecholamines (KATECHOLAMINE)
         cathepsin (KATHEPSIN)
         cathepsins (KATHEPSINE)
         cathode followers (KATHODENFOLGER)
         cathode ray tubes (KATHODENSTRAHLROEHREN)
         cathode sputtering (KATHODENZERSTAEUBUNG)
         cathodes (KATHODEN)
         cathodic protection (KATHODISCHER SCHUTZ)
         cathodoluminescence (KATHODENLUMINESZENZ)
         cation exchange capacity (KATIONENAUSTAUSCHKAPAZITAET)
         cations (KATIONEN)
         cats (KATZEN)
         cattails (WIESENLIESCHGRAS)
         cattle (RINDER)
         caucasus (KAUKASUS)
         cauchy problem (CAUCHY-PROBLEM)
         cauliflower (BLUMENKOHL)
         caulking (NAHTDICHTUNG)
         causality (KAUSALITAET)
         caustic flooding (KAUSTISCHES FLUTEN)
         caves (KAVERNEN)
         caving (NACHFALL)
         caving mining (BRUCHBAU)

         cavitation (KAVITATION)
         cavities (HOHLRAEUME)
         cavity receivers (HOHLRAUMEMPFAENGER)
         cavity resonators (HOHLRAUMRESONATOREN)
         cba brookhaven colliding beam accelerator
         ccba (CCBA)
         ccd (CCD)
         ccms (ccms)
         cd-4mcu (CD-4MCU)
         cdd poles (CDD-POLE)
         cdf (CDF)
         cdfr reactor (REAKTOR CDFR)
         cdta (CDTA)
         cdte semiconductor detectors (CDTE-HALBLEITERDETEKTOREN)
         ce standard reactor (STANDARDREAKTOR CE)
         cea (CEA)
         cea accelerator
         cea antigen
         cea bruyeres-le-chatel (CEA BRUYERES-LE-CHATEL)
         cea cadarache (CEA CADARACHE)
         cea fontenay-aux-roses (CEA FONTENAY-AUX-ROSES)
         cea grenoble (CEA GRENOBLE)
         cea la hague (CEA LA HAGUE)
         cea marcoule (CEA MARCOULE)
         cea saclay (CEA SACLAY)

         cebaf accelerator (CEBAF-BESCHLEUNIGER)
         cedar computers (CEDAR-COMPUTER)
         cedars (ZEDERN)
         cefr reactor (REAKTOR CEFR)
         ceiling fans (DECKENGEBLAESE)
         ceilings (DECKEN)
         cell constituents (ZELLBESTANDTEILE)
         cell cultures (ZELLKULTUREN)
         cell cycle (ZELLZYKLUS)
         cell differentiation (ZELLDIFFERENZIERUNG)
         cell division (ZELLTEILUNG)
         cell flow systems (ZELLFLUSSSYSTEME)
         cell growth animal
         cell growth plant
         cell killing (ZELLTOETUNG)
         cell membranes (ZELLMEMBRANEN)
         cell nuclei (ZELLKERNE)
         cell proliferation (ZELLPROLIFERATION)
         cell recycle (zellenwiederverwendung)
         cell transformations (ZELLENTRANSFORMATIONEN)
         cell wall (ZELLWAND)
         cellars (KELLER)
         cellobiose (CELLOBIOSE)
         cellophane (CELLOPHAN)
         cellosolves (CELLOSOLVEN)

         cells animal
         cells bacterial
         cells electrolytic
         cells immobilized
         cells plant
         cells reactor
         cellulase (CELLULASE)
         cellulases (cellulasen)
         celluloid (CELLULOID)
         cellulolytic activity (cellulolytische aktivitaet)
         cellulose (CELLULOSE)
         cellulose esters (CELLULOSEESTER)
         cellulosic ethanol (CELLULOSE-ETHANOL)
         celsius storage ring (SPEICHERRING CELSIUS)
         celtic sea (CELTIC SEA)
         cement industry (ZEMENTINDUSTRIE)
         cemented carbides (SINTERKARBIDE)
         cementing (ZEMENTIEREN)
         cementite (ZEMENTIT)
         cements (ZEMENTARTEN)
         cen (CEN)
         cenna (CENNA)
         cenozoic era (NEOZOIKUM)
         centauro-type events (CENTAURO-TYPE EVENTS)
         center-of-mass system (SCHWERPUNKTSSYSTEM)

         central african republic (ZENTRALAFRIKANISCHE REPUBLIK)
         central america (ZENTRALAMERIKA)
         central heating plants (ZENTRALE HEIZANLAGEN)
         central intelligence agency (CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY)
         central nervous system (ZENTRALNERVENSYSTEM)
         central nervous system agents (STOFFE MIT WIRKUNG A.D. ZENTRALNERVENSYSTEM)
         central nervous system depressants (HEMMSTOFFE DES ZENTRALNERVENSYSTEMS)
         central nervous system stimulants (STIMULANTIEN DES ZENTRALNERVENSYSTEMS)
         central potential (ZENTRALPOTENTIAL)
         central receiver power plants (SOLARKRAFTWERKE MIT ZENTRALEMPFAENGER)
         central receiver test facility (CENTRAL RECEIVER TEST FACILITY)
         central receivers (ZENTRALEMPFAENGER)
         central region (CENTRAL REGION (USA))
         centrally planned economies (ZENTRALVERWALTUNGSWIRTSCHAFTEN)
         centre-of-mass system (MASSENMITTELPUNKTSYSTEM)
         centrifugal contactors (ZENTRIFUGALEXTRAKTIONSGERAETE)
         centrifugal pumps (KREISELPUMPEN)
         centrifugal separators (ZENTRIFUGALTRENNANLAGEN)
         centrifugation (ZENTRIFUGIERUNG)
         centrifuge enrichment plants (ZENTRIFUGENANREICHERUNGSANLAGEN)
         centrifuges (ZENTRIFUGEN)
         centro informazioni studi esperienze (CENTRO INFORMAZIONI STUDI ESPERIENZE)
         centromeres (ZENTROMERE)
         cephalins (KEPHALINE)
         cepheids (CEPHEIDE)

         ceramic melters (KERAMISCHE SCHMELZOEFEN)
         ceramics (KERAMISCHE STOFFE)
         ceramics industry (KERAMIKINDUSTRIE)
         ceramography (KERAMOGRAPHIE)
         ceratitis capitata (CERATITIS CAPITATA)
         cercaria (CERCARIA)
         cercla (CERCLA)
         cereals (GETREIDE)
         cerebellum (CEREBELLUM)
         cerebral arteries (HIRNARTERIEN)
         cerebral cortex (GROSSHIRNRINDE)
         cerebrosides (CEREBROSIDE)
         cerebrospinal fluid (LIQUOR)
         cerebrum (CEREBRUM)
         cerianite (CERIANIT)
         cerite (CERIT)
         cerium (CER)
         cerium 119 (CER 119)
         cerium 120 (CER 120)
         cerium 121 (CERIUM 121)
         cerium 122 (CER 122)
         cerium 123 (CER 123)
         cerium 124 (CER 124)
         cerium 125 (CER 125)
         cerium 126 (CER 126)

         cerium 127 (CER 127)
         cerium 128 (CER 128)
         cerium 130 (CER 130)
         cerium 131 (CER 131)
         cerium 134 (CER 134)
         cerium 135 (CER 135)
         cerium 136 (CER 136)
         cerium 137 (CER 137)
         cerium 138 (CER 138)
         cerium 139 (CER 139)
         cerium 140 (CER 140)
         cerium 141 (CER 141)
         cerium 142 (CER 142)
         cerium 143 (CER 143)
         cerium 144 (CER 144)
         cerium 146 (CER 146)
         cerium 147 (CER 147)
         cerium 148 (CER 148)
         cerium 149 (CER 149)
         cerium 150 (CER 150)
         cerium 152 (CER 152)
         cerium 153 (CER 153)
         cerium 154 (CER 154)
         cerium 155 (CER 155)
         cerium 157 (CER 157)

         cesium 114 (CAESIUM 114)
         cesium 115 (CAESIUM 115)
         cesium 116 (CAESIUM 116)
         cesium 117 (CAESIUM 117)
         cesium 118 (CAESIUM 118)
         cesium 119 (CAESIUM 119)
         cesium 120 (CAESIUM 120)
         cesium 121 (CAESIUM 121)
         cesium 124 (CAESIUM 124)
         cesium 125 (CAESIUM 125)
         cesium 126 (CAESIUM 126)
         cesium 127 (CAESIUM 127)
         cesium 128 (CAESIUM 128)
         cesium 129 (CAESIUM 129)
         cesium 130 (CAESIUM 130)
         cesium 131 (CAESIUM 131)
         cesium 132 (CAESIUM 132)
         cesium 133 (CAESIUM 133)
         cesium 134 (CAESIUM 134)
         cesium 135 (CAESIUM 135)
         cesium 136 (CAESIUM 136)
         cesium 137 (CAESIUM 137)
         cesium 138 (CAESIUM 138)
         cesium 139 (CAESIUM 139)
         cesium 140 (CAESIUM 140)

         cesium oxides (CAESIUMOXIDE)
         cesium perchlorates (CAESIUMPERCHLORATE)
         cesium phosphates (CAESIUMPHOSPHATE)
         cesium selenides (CAESIUMSELENIDE)
         cesium silicates (CAESIUMSILICATE)
         cesium sulfates (CAESIUMSULFATE)
         cesium sulfides (CAESIUMSULFIDE)
         cesium tellurides (CAESIUMTELLURIDE)
         cesium tungstates (CAESIUMWOLFRAMATE)
         cesium uranates (CAESIUMURANATE)
         cesr storage ring (SPEICHERRING CESR)
         cestodes (CESTODEN)
         cetaceans (MEERESSAEUGER)
         cetane number (CETANZAHL)
         cetene number (CETENZAHL)
         ceylon (CEYLON)
         cfc (CFK)
         cfff (MHD-GENERATOR CFFF)
         cfrp program (CFRP-PROGRAMM)
         cfu colony forming units
         chacaltaya (CHACALTAYA)
         chad (TSCHAD)
         chain conveyors (KETTENFOERDERER)
         chain reactions (KETTENREAKTIONEN)
         chains (KETTEN)

         charge density (LADUNGSDICHTE)
         charge distribution (LADUNGSVERTEILUNG)
         charge independence (LADUNGSUNABHAENGIGKEIT)
         charge plunger method (CHARGE PLUNGER METHODE)
         charge radius nuclear
         charge radius particle
         charge ratio (LADUNGSVERHAELTNIS)
         charge renormalization (LADUNGSRENORMIERUNG)
         charge state batteries
         charge states (LADUNGSZUSTAENDE)
         charge-coupled devices (LADUNGSGEKOPPELTE ANORDNUNGEN)
         charge-exchange interactions (LADUNGSAUSTAUSCH-WECHSELWIRKUNGEN)
         charge-exchange reactions (LADUNGSAUSTAUSCHREAKTIONEN)
         charged currents (GELADENE STROEME)
         charged particle detection (NACHWEIS GELADENER TEILCHEN)
         charged particles (GELADENE TEILCHEN)
         charged-current interactions (WECHSELWIRKUNGEN GELADENER STROEME)
         charged-particle activation analysis (AKTIVIERUNGSANALYSE DER GELADENEN TEILCHEN)
         charged-particle reactions (REAKTIONEN GELADENER TEILCHEN)
         charged-particle transport (TRANSPORT GELADENER TEILCHEN)
         charged-particle transport theory (TRANSPORTTHEORIE GELADENER TEILCHEN)
         charges (AUSGABEN)
         charging fusion reactor
         charm particles (CHARM-TEILCHEN)
         charmed baryon resonances (CHARM-BARYON-RESONANZEN)

         chemical engineering (CHEMISCHE VERFAHRENSTECHNIK)
         chemical explosions (CHEMISCHE EXPLOSIONEN)
         chemical explosives (CHEMISCHE EXPLOSIVSTOFFE)
         chemical feedstocks (CHEMISCHE AUSGANGSSTOFFE)
         chemical heat pipes (CHEMISCHE WAERMELEITROHRE)
         chemical heat pumps (CHEMISCHE WAERMEPUMPEN)
         chemical heat storage (CHEMISCHE WAERMESPEICHERUNG)
         chemical industry (CHEMISCHE INDUSTRIE)
         chemical lasers (CHEMISCHE LASER)
         chemical logging (CHEMISCHE BOHRLOCHMESSUNG)
         chemical machining (CHEMISCHE BEARBEITUNG)
         chemical milling (CHEMISCHES ZERKLEINERN)
         chemical mutagens (CHEMISCHE MUTAGENE)
         chemical oxygen demand (CHEMISCHER SAUERSTOFFBEDARF)
         chemical physics (CHEMISCHE PHYSIK)
         chemical plants (CHEMISCHE ANLAGEN)
         chemical polishing (CHEMISCHES POLIEREN)
         chemical preparation (CHEMISCHE DARSTELLUNG)
         chemical properties (CHEMISCHE EIGENSCHAFTEN)
         chemical radiation detectors (CHEMISCHE STRAHLUNGSDETEKTOREN)
         chemical radiation effects (CHEMISCHE STRAHLUNGSEFFEKTE)
         chemical reaction kinetics (CHEMISCHE REAKTIONSKINETIK)
         chemical reaction yield (CHEMISCHE REAKTIONSAUSBEUTE)
         chemical reactions (CHEMISCHE REAKTIONEN)
         chemical reactors (CHEMISCHE REAKTOREN)

         chlorinated aromatic hydrocarbons (CHLORIERTE AROMATISCHE KOHLENWASSERSTOFFE)
         chlorinated hydrocarbons (CHLORIERTE KOHLENWASSERSTOFFE)
         chlorination (CHLORIERUNG)
         chlorine (CHLOR)
         chlorine 28 (CHLOR 28)
         chlorine 29 (CHLOR 29)
         chlorine 30 (CHLOR 30)
         chlorine 31 (CHLOR 31)
         chlorine 32 (CHLOR 32)
         chlorine 33 (CHLOR 33)
         chlorine 34 (CHLOR 34)
         chlorine 35 (CHLOR 35)
         chlorine 35 reactions (CHLOR 35 REAKTIONEN)
         chlorine 35 target (CHLOR 35 TARGET)
         chlorine 36 (CHLOR 36)
         chlorine 37 (CHLOR 37)
         chlorine 37 reactions (CHLOR 37 REAKTIONEN)
         chlorine 38 (CHLOR 38)
         chlorine 39 (CHLOR 39)
         chlorine 40 (CHLOR 40)
         chlorine 41 (CHLOR 41)
         chlorine 42 (CHLOR 42)
         chlorine 43 (CHLOR 43)
         chlorine 44 (CHLOR 44)
         chlorine 45 (CHLOR 45)

         chlorine 46 (CHLOR 46)
         chlorine 47 (CHLOR 47)
         chlorine 48 (CHLOR 48)
         chlorine 49 (CHLOR 49)
         chlorine 50 (CHLOR 50)
         chlorine 51 (CHLOR 51)
         chlorine additions (CHLORZUSAETZE)
         chlorine bromides (CHLORBROMIDE)
         chlorine chlorides (CHLORCHLORIDE)
         chlorine complexes (CHLORKOMPLEXE)
         chlorine compounds (CHLORVERBINDUNGEN)
         chlorine fluorides (CHLORFLUORIDE)
         chlorine iodides (CHLORJODIDE)
         chlorine ions (CHLORIONEN)
         chlorine isotopes (CHLORISOTOPE)
         chlorine nitrates (CHLORNITRATE)
         chlorine oxides (CHLOROXIDE)
         chlorins (CHLORINE)
         chlorite minerals (CHLORIT-MINERALE)
         chlorites (chlorite)
         chlorites minerals
         chlorobutadiene (CHLORBUTADIEN)
         chlorofluorocarbons (CHLORFLUORKOHLENSTOFFE)
         chloroform (CHLOROFORM)
         chloromethane (CHLORMETHYL)

         chlorophycota (CHLOROPHYTA)
         chlorophyll (CHLOROPHYLL)
         chlorophyll-binding proteins (CHLOROPHYLLBINDENDE PROTEINE)
         chloroplasts (CHLOROPLASTEN)
         chloroprene (CHLOROPREN)
         chlorosis (CHLOROSE)
         chlorothiazide (CHLOROTHIAZID)
         chlorous acid (CHLORIGE SAEURE)
         chlorpromazine (CHLORPROMAZIN)
         chlortetracycline (CHLORTETRACYCLIN)
         cho cells (CHO-ZELLEN)
         cholanthrene (CHOLANTHREN)
         cholecalciferol (CHOLECALCIFEROL)
         cholera (CHOLERA)
         cholesterol (CHOLESTERIN)
         cholic acid (CHOLSAEURE)
         choline (CHOLIN)
         cholinesterase (CHOLINESTERASE)
         chondrites (CHONDRITE)
         chondroitin (CHONDROITIN)
         chondrosarcomas (CHONDROSARKOME)
         chooz-a reactor (CHOOZ REAKTOR)
         choppers beam
         choppers neutron
         chordates (CHORDATA)

         choroid (CHOROIDEA)
         christmas trees (eruptionskreuze)
         chromates (CHROMATE)
         chromatid deletions (CHROMATIDENDELETIONEN)
         chromatids (CHROMATIDEN)
         chromatin (CHROMATIN)
         chromatographic columns (CHROMATOGRAPHISCHE SAEULE)
         chromatography (CHROMATOGRAPHIE)
         chrome violet (CHROMVIOLETT)
         chromel (CHROMEL)
         chromel a (CHROMEL A)
         chromel c (CHROMEL C)
         chromic acid (CHROMSAEURE)
         chromites (CHROMITE)
         chromium (CHROM)
         chromium 42 (CHROM 42)
         chromium 43 (CHROM 43)
         chromium 44 (CHROM 44)
         chromium 45 (CHROM 45)
         chromium 46 (CHROM 46)
         chromium 47 (CHROM 47)
         chromium 48 (CHROM 48)
         chromium 49 (CHROM 49)
         chromium 50 (CHROM 50)
         chromium 50 target (CHROM 50 TARGET)

         chromium 51 (CHROM 51)
         chromium 52 (CHROM 52)
         chromium 52 reactions (CHROM 52 REAKTIONEN)
         chromium 53 (CHROM 53)
         chromium 54 (CHROM 54)
         chromium 55 (CHROM 55)
         chromium 56 (CHROM 56)
         chromium 56 target (CHROM 56 TARGET)
         chromium 57 (CHROM 57)
         chromium 58 (CHROM 58)
         chromium 59 (CHROM 59)
         chromium 60 (CHROM 60)
         chromium 61 (CHROM 61)
         chromium 62 (CHROM 62)
         chromium 63 (CHROM 63)
         chromium 64 (CHROM 64)
         chromium 65 (CHROM 65)
         chromium 66 (CHROM 66)
         chromium 67 (CHROM 67)
         chromium 68 (CHROM 68)
         chromium additions (CHROMZUSAETZE)
         chromium alloys (CHROMLEGIERUNGEN)
         chromium base alloys (CHROMBASISLEGIERUNGEN)
         chromium borides (CHROMBORIDE)
         chromium bromides (CHROMBROMIDE)

         chymotrypsin (CHYMOTRYPSIN)
         ciae (CIAE)
         cigarettes (ZIGARETTEN)
         ciliata (CILIATA)
         cim model (CIM-MODELL)
         cimarron plutonium plant (CIMARRON PLUTONIUMANLAGE)
         cinchonine (CHINCHONIN)
         cinda (CINDA)
         cinematography (KINEMATOGRAPHIE)
         cinnabar (zinnober)
         cinnamic acid (ZIMTSAEURE)
         cir reactor (CIR-REAKTOR)
         circadian variations (CIRCADIANER RHYTHMUS)
         circuit breakers (UNTERBRECHER)
         circuit theory (SCHALTTHEORIE)
         circuits electronic
         circuits magnetic
         circulating fluidized bed boilers (ZIRKULIERENDE WIRBELSCHICHTKESSEL)
         circulating fluidized beds (ZIRKULIERENDE WIRBELSCHICHTEN)
         circulating systems (ZIRKULATIONSSYSTEME)
         circulation blood
         cirene reactor (REAKTOR CIRENE)
         cirus reactor (REAKTOR CIRUS)
         cise (CISE)
         cistrons (CISTRONE)

         closed configurations (GESCHLOSSENE KONFIGURATIONEN)
         closed plasma devices (GESCHLOSSENE PLASMAMASCHINEN)
         closed-cycle cooling systems (KUEHLSYSTEME MIT GESCHLOSSENEM KREISLAUF)
         closed-cycle mhd generators (MHD-GENERAT0REN MIT GESCHLOSSENEM KREISLAUF)
         closed-cycle systems (GESCHLOSSENE PROZESSSYSTEME)
         closed-loop control (CLOSED-LOOP-STEUERUNG)
         clostridium (CLOSTRIDIUM)
         clostridium acetobutylicum (CLOSTRIDIUM ACETOBUTYLICUM)
         clostridium botulinum (CLOSTRIDIUM BOTULINUM)
         clostridium butyricum (CLOSTRIDIUM BUTYRICUM)
         clostridium perfringens (CLOSTRIDIUM PERFRINGENS)
         clostridium thermocellum (CLOSTRIDIUM THERMOCELLUM)
         clostridium thermosaccharolyticum (CLOSTRIDIUM THERMOSACCHAROLYTICUM)
         closures (VERSCHLUESSE)
         clothes dryers (WAESCHETROCKNER)
         clothes washers (WASCHMASCHINEN)
         clothing (KLEIDUNG)
         cloud chambers (NEBELKAMMERN)
         cloud cover (WOLKENDECKE)
         cloudiness meteorology
         clouds (WOLKEN)
         cloudy crystal ball model (CLOUDY CRYSTAL BALL MODELL)
         clover (KLEE)
         cluff lake mine (BERGWERK CLUFF LAKE)
         cluster beam injection (MOLEKULARSTRAHLEINSCHUSS)

         cluster beams (CLUSTERSTRAHLEN)
         cluster emission model (CLUSTEREMISSIONSMODELL)
         cluster expansion (CLUSTEREXPANSION)
         cluster model (CLUSTERMODELL)
         cluster model nuclear
         cluster model particle
         clusters fuel elements
         clusters galaxy
         clusters ion
         clusters solid
         clusters star
         cmb radiation (CMB-STRAHLUNG)
         cmea (CMEA)
         cml reactor (REAKTOR CML)
         cmpo (CMPO)
         cn method (CN-METHODE)
         cna reactor
         cnea argentina
         cnen (CNEN)
         cnen brazil (CNEN BRASILIEN)
         cng process (CNG-VERFAHREN)
         cnidaria (CNIDARIA)
         cno cycle (CNO-ZYKLUS)
         cnrs solar facility (CNRS-SOLARANLAGE)
         cns depressants (ZNS-HEMMSTOFFE)

         cobalt 60 target (KOBALT 60 TARGET)
         cobalt 61 (KOBALT 61)
         cobalt 62 (KOBALT 62)
         cobalt 63 (KOBALT 63)
         cobalt 64 (KOBALT 64)
         cobalt 65 (KOBALT 65)
         cobalt 66 (KOBALT 66)
         cobalt 67 (KOBALT 67)
         cobalt 68 (KOBALT 68)
         cobalt 69 (KOBALT 69)
         cobalt 70 (KOBALT 70)
         cobalt 73 (KOBALT 73)
         cobalt 74 (KOBALT 74)
         cobalt 75 (KOBALT 75)
         cobalt additions (KOBALTZUSAETZE)
         cobalt alloys (KOBALTLEGIERUNGEN)
         cobalt arsenides (KOBALTARSENIDE)
         cobalt base alloys (KOBALTBASISLEGIERUNGEN)
         cobalt borides (KOBALTBORIDE)
         cobalt bromides (KOBALTBROMIDE)
         cobalt carbides (KOBALTCARBIDE)
         cobalt carbonates (KOBALTCARBONATE)
         cobalt chlorides (KOBALTCHLORIDE)
         cobalt complexes (KOBALTKOMPLEXE)
         cobalt compounds (KOBALTVERBINDUNGEN)

         codeinone (CODEINON)
         codfish (KABELJAU)
         coding circuits (CODIERUNGSSCHALTKREISE)
         codling moth (APFELWICKLER)
         codons (CODONS)
         coefficient of performance (LEISTUNGSZIFFER)
         coelenterata (COELENTERATEN)
         coelenterates (COELENTERATEN)
         coenzyme i (COENZYM I)
         coenzyme ii (COENZYM II)
         coenzymes (COENZYME)
         coercion (noetigung)
         coercive force (KOERZITIVKRAFT)
         coesite (coesit)
         coextrusion (KOEXTRUSION)
         coffee (KAFFEE)
         coffee beans (KAFFEEBOHNEN)
         coffinite (COFFINIT)
         cofiring (ZUFEUERUNG)
         cofrentes reactor (REAKTOR COFRENTES)
         cogas process (COGAS-VERFAHREN)
         cogema la hague
         cogema marcoule
         cogema pierrelatte

         compression ratio (KOMPRESSIONSVERHAELTNIS)
         compression strength (DRUCKFESTIGKEIT)
         compressor blades (KOMPRESSORSCHAUFELN)
         compressors (KOMPRESSOREN)
         compton diode detectors (COMPTON-DIODENDETEKTOREN)
         compton effect (COMPTON-EFFEKT)
         compton scattering (COMPTON-STREUUNG)
         compton scattering tomography (COMPTONSTREUUNGS-COMPUTERTOMOGRAPHIE)
         compton spectrometers (COMPTON-SPEKTROMETER)
         computational fluid dynamics (RECHNERGESTUETZTE STROEMUNGSDYNAMIK)
         computed tomography (COMPUTERTOMOGRAPHIE)
         computer architecture (COMPUTERARCHITEKTUR)
         computer axial tomography scanning (AXIALE COMPUTERTOMOGRAPHIE)
         computer calculations (COMPUTERBERECHNUNGEN)
         computer codes (COMPUTERCODES)
         computer graphics (COMPUTERGRAPHIK)
         computer languages (MASCHINENSPRACHEN)
         computer networks (RECHNERNETZE)
         computer output devices (RECHNERAUSGABEGERAETE)
         computer program documentation (COMPUTERPROGRAMMDOKUMENTATION)
         computer programming (COMPUTERPROGRAMMIERUNG)
         computer programs (COMPUTERPROGRAMME)
         computer simulation (RECHNERGESTUETZTE SIMULATION)
         computer-aided design (RECHNERGESTUETZTER ENTWURF)
         computer-aided instruction (RECHNERUNTERSTUETZTER UNTERRICHT)

         contractual liability (VERTRAGSHAFTUNG)
         contrast media (KONTRASTMITTEL)
         control (STEUERUNG UND REGELUNG)
         control elements (STEUERELEMENTE)
         control equipment (STEUER- UND REGELGERAETE)
         control inspection
         control radioactivity
         control rod drives (STEUERSTABANTRIEBE)
         control rod effectiveness (STEUERSTABLEISTUNG)
         control rod worths (STEUERSTABWIRKWERTE)
         control rods (STEUERSTAEBE)
         control rooms (KONTROLLWARTE)
         control systems (STEUER- UND REGELSYSTEME)
         control theory (STEUERTHEORIE)
         control theory fission reactor
         control theory reactor
         controlled areas (KONTROLLBEREICHE)
         controlled atmospheres (GEREGELTE ATMOSPHAEREN)
         controlled terminology (KONTROLLIERTE TERMINOLOGIE)
         convection (KONVEKTION)
         convective instabilities (KONVEKTIVE INSTABILITAETEN)
         convectors (KONVEKTOREN)
         convention on early notification of nuclear accident (ABKOMMEN FRUEHZEITIGER BENACHRICHT. BEI NUKL. UNFAELLEN)
         convention on nuclear safety (KONVENTION UEBER NUKLEARE SICHERHEIT)
         convention on physical protection of nuclear material (SICHERE VERWAHRUNG VON KERNMATERIAL, ABKOMMEN)

         copper 57 (KUPFER 57)
         copper 58 (KUPFER 58)
         copper 59 (KUPFER 59)
         copper 60 (KUPFER 60)
         copper 61 (KUPFER 61)
         copper 61 target (KUPFER 61 TARGET)
         copper 62 (KUPFER 62)
         copper 63 (KUPFER 63)
         copper 63 beams (KUPFER 63 STRAHLEN)
         copper 63 target (KUPFER 63 TARGET)
         copper 64 (KUPFER 64)
         copper 64 target (KUPFER 64 TARGET)
         copper 65 (KUPFER 65)
         copper 65 target (KUPFER 65 TARGET)
         copper 66 (KUPFER 66)
         copper 67 (KUPFER 67)
         copper 68 (KUPFER 68)
         copper 69 (KUPFER 69)
         copper 70 (KUPFER 70)
         copper 71 (KUPFER 71)
         copper 72 (KUPFER 72)
         copper 73 (KUPFER 73)
         copper 74 (KUPFER 74)
         copper 75 (KUPFER 75)
         copper 76 (KUPFER 76)

         core flooding systems (KERNFLUTSYSTEME)
         core polarization nuclei
         core spray systems (KERNSPRUEHSYSTEME)
         cores drill
         cores magnet
         cores magnetic
         cores nuclear
         cores reactor
         coring equipment (KERNBOHRWERKZEUGE)
         coriolis force (CORIOLISKRAFT)
         corium (CORIUM)
         cork (KORK)
         corn maize
         corn oil (MAISOEL)
         corn stover (GEHAECKSELTER MAIS)
         cornea (HORNHAUT)
         cornell 10-gev synchrotron (SYNCHROTRON 10-GEV CORNELL)
         cornell electron-positron storage ring (CORNELL ELEKTRON-POSITRON SPEICHERRING)
         cornell university zero power reactor (CORNELL UNIVERSITY ZERO POWER REAKTOR)
         corona counters (KORONAZAEHLER)
         corona discharges (KORONAENTLADUNGEN)
         corona solar
         coronae stellar
         coronaries (KRANZARTERIEN)

         cp-5 reactor (REAKTOR CP-5)
         cpb (CPB)
         cpm (cpm)
         cppnm (CPPNM)
         cpr (CPR)
         cpt theorem (CPT-THEOREM)
         crab nebula (KREBSNEBEL)
         crabs (KRABBEN)
         crack growth (RISSWACHSTUM)
         crack propagation (RISSWACHSTUM)
         cracking (KRACKEN)
         cracks (RISSE)
         craftsmen (HANDWERKER)
         cranes (KRANE)
         cranking model (CRANKING-MODELL)
         cratering explosions (KRATERBILDENDE EXPLOSIONEN)
         craters (KRATER)
         cray computers (CRAY-COMPUTER)
         crbr reactor (CRBR-REAKTOR)
         cre (CRE)
         creatine (KREATIN)
         creatinine (KREATININ)
         creation operators (ERZEUGUNGSOPERATOREN)
         credit accounts (KREDITSALDOKONTEN)
         credit cards (KREDITKARTEN)

         croton oil (CROTONOEL)
         crotonic acid (CROTONSAEURE)
         crowdions (CROWDIONS)
         crowfoot (HAHNENFUSS)
         crown ethers (KRONENETHER)
         crucibles (SCHMELZTIEGEL)
         crude carriers (OELTANKER)
         crude oil (ROHOEL)
         cruise missiles (MARSCHFLUGKOERPER)
         crushing (BRECHEN)
         crustaceans (CRUSTACEEN)
         cryobiology (KRYOBIOLOGIE)
         cryocables (KRYOKABEL)
         cryogenic cables (KRYOKABEL)
         cryogenic fluids (KRYOGENE FLUESSIGKEITEN)
         cryogenic storage devices (TIEFTEMPERATURSPEICHERELEMENTE)
         cryogenics (KRYOTECHNIK)
         cryogens (KRYOGENE)
         cryopumps (KRYOPUMPEN)
         cryoscopy (KRYOSKOPIE)
         cryosphere (KRYOSPHAERE)
         cryostats (KRYOSTATE)
         cryotrons (CRYOTRONS)
         crypt cells (KRYPTENZELLEN)
         cryptography (KRYPTOGRAPHIE)

         ct-guided radiotherapy (CT-GEFUEHRTE STRAHLENTHERAPIE)
         ctbt (CTBT)
         ctbto (CTBTO)
         ctx spheromak (CTX SPHEROMAK)
         cuba (KUBA)
         cuban organizations (KUBANISCHE ORGANISATIONEN)
         cubic lattices (KUBISCHE GITTER)
         cucumbers (GURKEN)
         cucurbita foetidissima (CUCURBITA FOETIDISSIMA)
         cuex (CUEX)
         culham laboratory (CULHAM LABORATORY)
         culm (KULM)
         cultivation (KULTIVIERUNG)
         cultivation techniques (ANBAUMETHODEN)
         cultural objects (KULTURDENKMAELER)
         cultural resources (KULTURSTAETTEN)
         culture media (NAEHRMEDIEN)
         culture safety
         cultures cells
         cultures tissue
         cumberland river (CUMBERLAND RIVER)
         cumene (CUMOL)
         cumulative effect (kumulationseffekt)
         cumulative exposure index (CUMULATIVE EXPOSURE INDEX)
         cumulative liability (KUMULATIVE HAFTUNG)

         cumulative radiation effects (KUMULATIVE STRAHLENWIRKUNGEN)
         cunico (CUNICO)
         cupferron (CUPFERRON)
         cuprates (CUPRATE)
         cuprosklodowskite (CUPROSKLODOWSKIT)
         curcumin (CURCUMIN)
         curie law (CURIE-GESETZ)
         curie point (CURIE-PUNKT)
         curie temperature (CURIE-TEMPERATUR)
         curie-weiss law (CURIE-WEISS-GESETZ)
         curing (CURING)
         curite (CURIT)
         curium (CURIUM)
         curium 241 (CURIUM 241)
         curium 242 (CURIUM 242)
         curium 243 (CURIUM 243)
         curium 244 (CURIUM 244)
         curium 245 (CURIUM 245)
         curium 246 (CURIUM 246)
         curium 247 (CURIUM 247)
         curium 249 (CURIUM 249)
         curium 250 (CURIUM 250)
         curium alloys (CURIUMLEGIERUNGEN)
         curium carbonates (CURIUMCARBONATE)
         curium chlorides (CURIUMCHLORIDE)