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Uniqueness seeking and demand estimation in the German automobile industry

Guerzoni, Marco; Soellner, René

This paper empirically analyzes the determinants of demand in the German automobile industry. Our primary goal is to refine the existing literature on that topic by exploring the impact of uniqueness seeking behaviour of individuals on the demand schedule. Using a dataset on the segment of compact c...

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Trade Liberalisation and Income Distribution: A CGE Model for Jordan

Feraboli, Omar; Trimborn, Timo

The Association Agreement between Jordan and the EU entered into force in 2002. It provides a gradual reduction of import duties on EU products over a period of twelve years. In this paper we investigate the economic implications of induced trade liberalization on aggregate economic performance as w...

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The process of creating a nation-wide pool system for transport packaging - from vision to decision

Gustafsson, Kerstin

After several years of disussions, tests, investigations and additional tests, the suppliers and retailers within the Swedish business sector for food and commodities formed a jointly owned, non-profit company in 1997, which subsequently started in physical operations in 2000. This company, Svenska ...

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The insulin and islet amyloid polypeptide genes contain similar cell-specific promoter elements that bind identical beta-cell nuclear complexes.

Rutter, W J; German, M S; Wang, J; Moss, L G

The pancreatic beta cell makes several unique gene products, including insulin, islet amyloid polypeptide (IAPP), and beta-cell-specific glucokinase (beta GK). The functions of isolated portions of the insulin, IAPP, and beta GK promoters were studied by using transient expression and DNA binding as...

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The impact of the introduction of the Euro on firms' expectations concerning export behavior, product innovation and foreign competition - An empirical assessment of the German business-related services sector

Kaiser, Ulrich; Müller, Claudia

This paper analyses the degree to which firms expect to be able to enter new markets, to develop new products and to contend with new foreign competition after the introduction of the Euro. Panel data taken from a quarterly business survey in the service sector are used for the empirical analysis. E...

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The Top Runner policy concept: Pass it down?

Nordqvist, Joakim

In the 1990s, Japanese energy regulators were concerned by the fact that new generations of energy using appliances and products no longer displayed successive use-phase energy efficiency improvements, such as those that characterised product development in Japan after the 1970s oil crises. Therefor...

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Synchronisation in multi-product firms. Evidence from german grocery prices.

Loy, Jens-Peter; Weiss, Christoph

Using a unique panel data set for German grocery prices we find significant price synchronization within food retail chains as well as within individual food stores (between products). Price synchronization between chains appears to be less pronounced. Common shocks can only explain some synchroniza...

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Support scheme of food processing firms: a driving force for rural development?

Trefflich, Annette

The agri-food sector was given remarkable amounts of funding by all German federal states in the framework of the Measure g 'Improving Processing and Marketing of Agricultural Products' within the rural development programs. Based on literature and data we obtained by evaluating this program we iden...

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Study of alternative strategies to the task clarification activity of the market-pull product development process model

Motte, Damien

A very large majority of the current product development process models put forward in textbooks present a homogenous structure, what Ulrich & Eppinger 1 call the market-pull model, presented as a generic one, while other possible product development process models are merely seen as variants. This ...

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Social Media as a Marketing tool in the Music Industry : Case: ACE Revolutions

Schleusener, Christin

The idea for this research was given by the Finnish record and entertainment company ACE Revolutions. The young company is planning to expand its services and products into the German market via the Internet. With the help of Social Medias ACE Revolutions wants to create a virtual platform that allo...

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Single- versus multi-channel distribution strategies in the German life insurance market: A cost and profit efficiency analysis

Trigo Gamarra, Lucinda

Until its liberalisation in 1994 exclusive agents dominated the distribution of products in the German life insurance industry. Since then, their importance has been declining for the benefit of both distribution via direct distribution channel and independent agents. However, the market shares of s...

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Seeded emulsion polymerization of styrene : incorporation of acrylic acid in latex products

Slawinski, M; Meuldijk, J (Jan); Herk, AM (Alex) van; German, AL (Anton)

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Savings motives and the effectiveness of tax incentives - an analysis based on the demand for life insurance in Germany

Sommer, Mathias

We exploit on German households' savings in life insurance products, the characteristics of life insurance products and the specific tax treatment of savings in life insurance products to assess the importance of different savings motives and the effectiveness of tax incentives. Our insights about t...

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Saksalaiset matkailijat Kainuussa - matkailun parissa toimivien näkemyksiä kansainvälisestä matkailuliiketoiminnasta

Hamzic-Hodzic, Zijada; Leinonen, Jenni

Tässä RTG Ready To Go Oy:n toimeksiannosta tehdyssä opinnäytetyössä selvitetään missä elinkaaren vaiheessa saksalaismatkailu on tällä hetkellä, minkälaisista kainuulaisista matkailutuotteista saksalainen asiakas on kiinnostunut ja kuinka tarjolla olevia tuotteita voitaisiin kehittää. Opinnäytetyössä...

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Review of forests, wood products and wood biotechnology of Iran and Germany - Part II

The cooperation between Iranian and German scientists is one of the most important topics of the special program German-Arabian/Iranian Education Dialogueœ which is funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). Within the scope of this special program an exchange between young scientists of...

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Private labels for premium products: The example of organic food

Jonas, Astrid; Roosen, Jutta

This paper inquires into the tendency of German food retailers to market organic products as private-label products (PLs). After a review of the literature, we present preliminary results of a survey of retailers and processors. 62.5 % of the interviewed processors produce organic PL. Retailers sell...

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Price indices for information and communication technology industries: an application to the German PC market

Moch, Dietmar

Changing product quality, rapid technological progress, and short product life cycles make it difficult to compute indices that correctly reflect the true price movements of IT products. This paper assesses the differences between traditional and quality adjusted indices by providing results for PC ...

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Price Indices for Information and Communication Technology Industries - An Application to the German PC Market

Moch, Dietmar

Changing product quality, rapid technological progress, and short product life cycles make it difficult to compute indices that correctly reflect the true price movements of IT products. This paper assesses the differences between traditional and quality adjusted indices by providing results for PC ...

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Optimierung der Betriebsstättenstruktur als Ausgangspunkt unternehmensstrategischer Optionen der Molkereiwirtschaft Deutschlands Optimisation of the plant location structure as starting point of a corporate strategy option for the dairy industry in Germany

Buschendorf, Hendrik

Die Intensität und Dynamik des Wettbewerbs in der deutschen Molkereiwirtschaft nimmt in Folge sich verändernder Rahmenbedingungen auf den Märkten für Milch und Milchprodukte zu. Für die Wettbewerbsfähigkeit der deutschen Molkereiunternehmen ist die Struktur der Molkereibetriebsstätten hinsichtlich d...

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On the (mis-) alignment of consumer and social welfare in markets with network effects

Suleymanova, Irina; Wey, Christian

We analyze duopoly Bertrand competition under network effects. We consider both incompatible and compatible products. Our main result is that network effects create a fundamental conflict between the maximization of social welfare and consumer surplus whenever products are incompatible. While consum...

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On synthesis in the later phases of the mechanical engineering design process

Motte, Damien

Only 15% to 30% of product development projects require the development of new product concepts. This means that the majority of design projects are carried out within the embodiment design and detail design phases. However, the majority of the research studies on the mechanical engineering design p...

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Möglichkeiten der Strukturierung von Hedgefondsportfolios

Heidorn, Thomas; Hoppe, Christian; Kaiser, Dieter G.

The year 2000 started the evolution of the German market for Structured Products with incorporated Hedge Fund exposures. This paper provides an extensive commentary on this fast growing segment. Our analysis suggests that the market for existing products is affected by significant heterogeneity. Thi...

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Microsavings, Microcredit and Microinsurance: Financial Products of Small Farmer Co-operatives Ltd. in Nepal

Staschen, Stefan

Rural Finance Nepal (RUFIN) is a joint Nepali-German project, implemented by the Agricultural Development Bank of Nepal (ADBN), with technical assistance from the German Agency for Technical Co-operation (GTZ). RUFIN aims at bringing sustainable financial services to the rural poor. The financial te...

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Methodik des interorganisationalen Technologietransfers: Ein Technologie-Roadmap-basiertes Verfahren für kleine und mittlere technologieorientierte Unternehmen

Laube, T.

In order to secure their competitive ability on a long-term basis, German enterprises are compelling due to the stronger international competition to offer high-quality products for prices corresponding to real market conditions. The enterprises are to look out in all directions and evaluate, which ...

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Methodik des interorganisationalen Technologietransfers : ein Technologie-Roadmap-basiertes Verfahren für kleine und mittlere technologieorientierte Unternehmen Methodology of the interorganisational transfer of technology : a technology roadmap based procedure for small and medium technology-oriented enterprises

Laube, Thorsten

Besonders deutsche Unternehmen sind gezwungen, qualitativ hochwertige Produkte zu marktgerechten Preisen anzubieten, um so langfristig ihre Wettbewerbsfähigkeit zu sichern. Dabei nimmt die vorausschauende Identifizierung, Einführung und Anwendung neuer Produkt- und Produktionstechnologien sowie eine...

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Mergers in imperfectly segmented markets

Baake, Pio; Wey, Christian

We present a model with firms selling (homogeneous) products in two imperfectly segmented markets (a high-demand and a low-demand market). Buyers are mobile but restricted by transportation costs, so that imperfect arbitrage occurs when prices differ in both markets. We show that equilibria are dist...

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Market Success of Premium Product Innovation: Empirical Evidence from the German Food Sector.

McNamara, Kevin T.; Weiss, Christoph R.; Wittkopp, Antje

It is well documented that a large share of new products does not survive their first year in the market. Research reported in this paper examined the relationship between product quality and innovation success. In contrast to existing product innovation literature that focused on industrial goods, ...

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Investment certificates under German taxation: Benefit or burden for structured products' performance?

Scholz, Peter; Walther, Ursula

Despite their impressive market success, investment certificates' benefits are puzzling from both a theoretical and an empirical viewpoint. Previous research analyzed portfoliotheoretical issues, mispricing patterns, and counterparty risk. This work highlights the impact of taxation, which has not b...

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Interactions Between Base Paper and Coating Color in Metered Size Press Coating

Forsström, Ulla

The purpose of the thesis was to gain a greater understanding of the interactions between the base paper and coating color in the metered size press (MSP) nip. The effect of base paper in precoating with an MSP was investigated using mill woodfree base papers, laboratory sheets, pilot base papers an...

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Influences, effects and changes from interventions by eco-labelling schemes - What a Swan can do?

Thidell, Åke

Eco-labelling is a voluntary and informative policy instrument aiming at stimulating environmentally beneficial product development through using the market forces. The Nordic Swan eco-labelling scheme has been in operation since 1989. The research presented in this thesis concentrates on the kinds ...

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Inducible Gene Expression from African Swine Fever Virus Recombinants: Analysis of the Major Capsid Protein p72

Viñuela, Eladio; García-Escudero, Ramón; Almazán, Fernando; Andrés, Germán

A method to study the function of individual African swine fever virus (ASFV) gene products utilizing the Escherichia coli lac repressor-operator system has been developed. Recombinant viruses containing both the lacI gene encoding the lac repressor and a strong virus late promoter modified by the i...

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Identification of Staphylococcus spp. by PCR-Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism of gap Gene

Luengo, José María; Yugueros, Javier; Sánchez, María; Temprano, Alejandro; Naharro, Germán

Oligonucleotide primers specific for the Staphylococcus aureus gap gene were previously designed to identify 12 Staphylococcus spp. by PCR. In the present study, AluI digestion of PCR-generated products rendered distinctive restriction fragment length polymorphism patterns that allowed 24 Staphyloco...

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Grundsätze der Produzentenhaftung im geltenden Deliktsrecht der Länder Schweiz, Türkei und Deutschland Product Liability in Switzerland, Turkey and Germany

Tarman, Zeynep Derya

In dieser Arbeit wird untersucht wie die schweizerische und deutsche Rechtsysteme zu der Produzentenhaftung Stellung genommen haben. Dabei wird auch in das türkische Recht eingegangen. Ansprüche wegen eines Mangelfolgeschadens aus Vertragsverletzung hat der Käufer nur gegenüber seinem Vertragspartn...

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German technology policy, innovation, and national institutional frameworks

Soskice, David

The pattern of innovation in Germany is substantially different from that in the US and the UK. It is argued that German patterns of innovation - incremental innovation in high quality products especially in engineering and chemicals - require long-term capital, highly cooperative unions and powerfu...

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German exports to the euro area

Stephan, Sabine

The growth of the German economy intrinsically depends on the development of German exports to the euro area, which is by far the biggest market for German products. The paper estimates a structural equation for the export demand from the EMU member countries, which is suitable for both simulations ...

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Fixed, focal, fair? book prices under optional resale price maintenance

Beck, Jonathan; Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung gGmbH

"Produkte in Medienmärkten sind hochgradig differenziert, Preise sammeln sichjedoch häufig an augenscheinlich fokalen Punkten. Ich verwendeeinen umfassenden Satz von Querschnittsdaten aus dem deutschenBuchmarkt, um zu untersuchen, ob derartige Fokalpunkte das Ergebnis vonKoordination auf der Ver...

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Erfassung, Bewertung und Minderung von Treibhausgasemissionen des deutschen Agrar- und Ernährungssektors: Studie im Auftrag des Bundesministeriums für Ernährung, Landwirtschaft und Verbraucherschutz

Osterburg, Bernhard; Nieberg, Hiltrud; Röder, Norbert; Isermeyer, Folkhard; Haenel, Hans-Dieter; Hahne, Jochen

In dieser Studie werden Treibhausgasemissionen (THG) aus der deutschen Agrar- und Ernährungswirtschaft analysiert und Möglichkeiten zu ihrer Reduzierung erörtert. Darüber hinaus wird die Eignung von Ökobilanzen für die Bewertung von Produktionsverfahren und Produkten untersucht. In Kapitel 2 werden ...

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Drivers of product innovation : an investigation of German manufacturing companies

Lohmühler, Bertram C.

Product innovation is an important driver for manufacturing companies to remaincompetitive. Although new products are essential to high-technology companies, othersectors are also focusing on product innovation. As the importance of productinnovation becomes widely recognised, there is a need to ...

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Do Spillovers Stimulate Incremental or Drastic Product Innovations? Hypotheses and Evidence from German Establishment Data

Jirjahn, Uwe; Kraft, Kornelius

We estimate the determinants of various types of product innovation. Knowledge spillovers from rivals have a positive impact on incremental innovations. This impact is largely independent of the participation in R&D cooperations. Spillovers exert no such independent influence on drastic innovation a...

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Der Wandel des Buchhandels durch Digitalisierung und Internet The transformation of the German bookselling sector by digitization and the Internet

Schrape, Jan-Felix

Das Internet und die Digitalisierung stellen den Buchsektor seit Mitte der 1990er Jahre vor große Herausforderungen. Dabei lassen sich mit dem Online-Buchhandel, digitalen Zusatzprodukten und dem Auftreten marktfähiger Technologie-Sets zur Substitution des gedruckten Buches drei Wirkungsbereiche der...

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Cycle-To-Cycle Variations in S.I. Engines--The Effects of Fluid Flow and Gas Composition in the Vicinity of the Spark Plug on Early Combustion

Johansson, Bengt

Simultaneous measurements of early flame speed and local measurements of the major parameters controlling the process are presented. The early flame growth rate was captured with heat release analysis of the cylinder pressure. The local concentration of fuel or residual gas were measured with laser ...

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Complex product form generation in industrial design: A bookshelf based on Voronoi diagrams

Nordin, Axel; Motte, Damien; Hopf, Andreas; Bjärnemo, Robert; Eckhardt, Claus

Complex product form generation methods have rarely been used within the field of industrial design. The difficulty in their use is mainly linked to constraints – such as functionality, production and cost – that apply to most products. By cou-pling a mathematically described morphology to an optimi...

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Changes of the density of charge on mineral soil components by adsorption of some metabolites of hydrocarbons

Hollederer, Gorch; Calmano, Wolfgang

The adsorption on clay minerals and sesquioxides of some polar degradation products of naphthalene and alkylated benzenes was investigated by 14C-tracer experiments. Surface charge density of the solids was measured by titration with sodium polyethene sulfonate and polydiallyl-dimethyl-ammonium chlo...

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Cape Verde: Marketing Good Governance Kap Verde: Die Vermarktung von Good Governance

Bruce Baker; Coventry University

Faced with a lack of natural resources Cape Verde has made good governance one of its most marketable products. Running parallel to the institutionalisation of democratic politics there has been an overhaul and growing sophistication in public administration, though certain weaknesses persist. This ...

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Buyer Power and Innovation of Quality Products: Empirical Evidence from the German Food Sector.

Weiss, Christoph R.; Wittkopp, Antje

The last couple of decades have seen an increased retail concentration around the world, particularly in Europe. Views on the welfare implications of this severe change are controversial. Consumers might benefit because larger stores (owned by larger retailer chains) offer more product choices. On t...

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Business-to-business customer survey and German market research : case company: Lehtosen Konepaja Oy

Minna, Kärnä

Lehtosen Konepaja Oy is a Finnish mechanical engineering enterprise manufacturing heavy metal products and is located in Peipohja, Kokemäki. As a medium-sized en-terprise it is specialised in subcontracting in business-to-business market area, and operates as subcontractor to many remarkable interna...

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Bestimmung von Tocopheroloxidationsprodukten im Humanserum Determination of tocopherol oxidation products in human serum

Pollok, Dagmar

Die vorliegende Arbeit beschäftigt sich mit den Tocopherolen (Vitamin E) und ihren Oxidationsprodukten, wobei derSchwerpunkt bei der Entwicklung einer Methode zur Bestimmung von Tocopheroloxidationsprodukten in Humanserumprobenlag. Die Methodenentwicklung konzentrierte sich auf die Bestimmu...

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Bertrand competition in markets with network effects and switching costs

Suleymanova, Irina; Wey, Christian

We analyze market dynamics under Bertrand duopoly competition in industries with network effects and consumer switching costs. Consumers form installed bases, repeatedly buy the products, and differ with respect to their switching costs. Depending on the ratio of switching costs to network effects, ...

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Akzeptanz durch Dialog? Eine wirtschaftsgeographische Untersuchung deutscher und amerikanischer Chemiedialoge Acceptance through Dialogue? A Geographic Study of German and American Chemical Dialogues

Zöller, Katharina

Unternehmen der chemischen Industrie, deren Produktion mit Risiken behaftet ist, sehen sich seit den 1980er Jahren verstärkt öffentlicher Kritik ausgesetzt. Ursachen sind zum einen eine Reihe von Chemieunfällen (Bhopal, Seveso, Schweizerhalle etc.), die zum Teil weltweit Aufsehen erregten, zum ander...

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A review of the fundamentals of the systematic engineering design process models

Motte, Damien

In this paper it is shown that the central features of systematic engineering design process models: a step-by-step concretisation of the product with a systematic variation of subsolutions and recombination are not absolutely necessary. Current models are neither generic nor ideal. Instead of using...

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A comparative analysis of the influence of economic culture on East and West German consumers' subjective product meaning A comparative analysis of the influence of economic culture on East and West German consumers' subjective product meaning

Grunert, Klaus G.; Grunert, Suzanne C.

Executive summary: 1. Consumers in central planning economies have developed different skills from consumers in market economies: while the former have developed skills in locating products, the latter have developed skills in comparing and deciding between products. Even now, some of these differen...

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Schweiger, C.

The following text is taken from the publisher's website:"Britain, Germany and the Future of the European Union outlines the changes in British and German European policies which have been characteristic of a process of normalization in both countries. Schweiger examines possible areas for cooperat...

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Lloyd, C.

This work is about how people behaved during the German occupation of France during the Second World War, and more specifically about how individuals from different social and political backgrounds recorded and reflected on their experiences during and after these tragic events. The book focuses on ...

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Kiemle, Stephan

The German Remote Sensing Data Center (DFD) has developed a digital library for the long-term management of earth observation data products. This Product Library is a central part of DFD's multi-mission ground segment Data Information and Management System (DIMS) and is successfully in operation sin...

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"To employ each of nature's products in the most favorable way possible" nature as a commodity in eighteenth-century German economic discourse

Meyer, Torsten; Popplow, Marcus

Im 18. Jahrhundert erschien in den deutschen Staaten eine große Anzahl von Texten, die eine intensivere Ausbeutung der natürlichen Ressourcen propagierten. Sie eröffneten einen Diskurs, der sowohl programmatische Stellungnahmen als auch auf den ersten Blick neutrale Beschreibungen der entsprechenden...

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