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Spatial inequalities explained: evidence from Burkina Faso

Gräb, Johannes; Grimm, Michael

Empirical evidence suggests that regional disparities in incomes are often very high, that these disparities do not necessarily disappear as economies grow and that these disparities are itself an important driver of growth. We use a novel approach based on multilevel modeling to decompose the sourc...

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Food price inflation and schooling

Grimm, Michael

In the middle of the nineties the rural population in Burkina Faso was seriously hit by rising food prices. Whereas cotton farmers were able to cope with this shock given the simultaneous boom in the cotton sector, food crop farmers had to withdraw children from school and to let them work more inte...

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Inflation Inequity and the Measurement of Pro-Poor Growth

Grimm, Michael; Günther, Isabel

Despite the recent and intense debate on how to define and measure pro-poor growth, there is one important issue which has so far not received sufficient attention: how applications of pro-poor growth measurements can appropriately take into account relative price changes, which, given the heterogen...

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