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Who do you trust while bubbles grow and blow? A comparative analysis of the explanatory power of accounting and patent information for the market values of German firms

Reitzig, Markus; Ramb, Fred

We present a theoretical and empirical analysis of the fitness of national German (German Commercial Code - Handelsgesetzbuch (HGB)) and international (IAS and US-GAAP) accounting information, as well as European patent data to explain the market values of German manufacturing firms. For the chosen ...

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Indo-German Low-Latitude Project DEOS: Plasma Bubbles in the Post Sunset and Nighttime Sector

Thiemann, H.; Sojka, Jan Josef; Eccles, J. V.; Rao, P. B.; Rama Rao, P.V. S.; Sirdharan, R.; Lakhina, G. S.

Two spread-F flights were performed under equinox conditions in April and September 1998 from the Indian low-latitude station SHAR. Both flights detected plasma bubbles confined to a narrow longitudinal extent. Plasma parameters are measured under two different conditions in the post-sunset ionosphe...

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Keeping the bubble alive!: The effects of urban renewal and demolition subsidies in the East German housing market

Weiß, Dominik

German urban renewal programs are favoring the cities in the Eastern part since the reunification in 1990. This was accompanied additionally by attractive tax incentives, designed as an accelerated declining balance method of depreciation for housing investments during the late 1990s. The accumulate...

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Non-market interaction in primary equity markets : evidence from France and Germany

Stolpe, Michael

This paper provides micro-econometric evidence on the relevance of non-market interaction for the timing of initial public offerings (IPOs) in the French and German primary equity markets. The surge of IPO volume in the late 1990s appears to be consistent with rational expectations, not with adaptiv...

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