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Sustainable dairy farming - A case study of Holsteins in a developed and an emerging country

Hammami, Hedi; Rekik, Boulbaba; Bormann, Jeanne; Stoll, Jean; Gengler, Nicolas

IDF World Dairy Summit 2009 20-24 septembre 2009 GERMAN NATIONAL COMMITTEE Berlin Allemagne Sustainability of breeding programs under the flow of exchange among variousenvironments are conditioned by the ability of genotypes to adjust sufficiently theirphenotypes in response to changes in their new bio...

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Steps to implement animal breeding for improved nutritional quality of bovine milk

Gengler, Nicolas; Soyeurt, Hélène

IDF World Dairy Summit 2009 20-24 septembre 2009 GERMAN NATIONAL COMMITTEE Berlin Allemagne Animal improvement is always directed towards a given selection objective. These objectives in dairy cattle have been changing in the last forty years passing from simple yield only potentially associated with typ...

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Evaluation of Popcorn Germplasm for Resistance to Sesamia nonagrioides Attack

Revilla Temiño, Pedro ; Butrón Gómez, Ana María ; Sandoya Miranda, Germán ; Malvar Pintos, Rosa Ana ; Ordás Pérez, Amando

Popcorn adapted to Spanish conditions could be an interesting and profitable alternative to field corn. However, little is known about breeding popcorn germplasm for adaptation to Spain. Sesamia nonagrioides Lefèvbre is the main insect pest affecting popcorn quality and yield under Spanish growing c...

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Entrepreneurship in the region: breeding ground for nascent enterpreneurs?

Mueller, Pamela

This paper employs data from the German Socioeconomic Panel (GSOEP) and data from the German Social Insurance Statistics to study nascent entrepreneurship. In particular, micro data from the GSOEP characterizing employees and nascent entrepreneurs is combined with regional characteristics. Firstly, ...

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El tamaño de la puesta del carbonero común (Parus major) en los naranjales valencianos y en el encinar de Monte Poblet (Tarragona) Clutch size in great tits (Parus major) in orange-groves of Valencia and in the holm oak forest of Monte Poblet (Tarragona)

Barba Campos, Emilio; Gil-Delgado Alberti, José Antonio; López Iborra, Germán Manuel

La estación de nidificación del Carbonero Común (Parus major) en la franja mediterráneaibérica comienza en abril y finaliza en julio. No obstante, la fecha media de puesta es diferenteen distintas localidades. El tamaño medio de la puesta gira en torno a los 7 huevos por nido enlas localidades es...

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Concept for planing conservation schemes for farm animal genetic diversity focussed on German chicken breeds

Pinent, Tamina

Genetic diversity is the base for future breeding in all farm animal species and therefore needs to be conserved. Criteria for the choice of breeds to be included in conservation programs are essential for the design of conservation strategies. In this study, such criteria were developed based on We...

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Combining Maize Base Germplasm for Cold Tolerance Breeding

Rodríguez Graña, Víctor Manuel ; Butrón Gómez, Ana María ; Sandoya Miranda, Germán ; Ordás Pérez, Amando

Early planting can contribute to increased grain yield of maize (Zea mays L.), but it requires cold tolerance. A limited number of cold-tolerant maize genotypes have been reported. The objectives of this study were to test a new strategy to improve cold tolerance in maize searching for broad x narro...

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Breeding white storks in former East Prussia : comparing predicted relative occurrences across scales and time using a stochastic gradient boosting method (TreeNet), GIS and public data

Wickert, Claudia

In dieser Arbeit wurden verschiedene GIS-basierte Habitatmodelle für den Weißstorch (Ciconia ciconia) im Gebiet der ehemaligen deutschen Provinz Ostpreußen (ca. Gebiet der russischen Exklave Kaliningrad und der polnischen Woiwodschaft Ermland-Masuren) erstellt. Zur Charakterisierung der Beziehung zw...

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Application of Molecular Markers in Sugar Beet Breeding

Hjerdin Panagopoulos, Annika

Around 1750 a German chemist discovered it to be possible to extract sugar crystals from beet juice. Since then, breeding and improved agricultural practices have increased the concentration of sucrose per root from around 4% to around 18%. Sugar content is still one of the most important characters...

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Análisis de la distribución de la avifauna nidificante en la provincia de Alicante

Gil-Delgado Alberti, José Antonio; López Iborra, Germán Manuel; Rico, L.; Sirvent, M.I.; Villaplana, J.; Albentosa, L.

El número de especies de aves observadas durante la estación de nidificación en la provinciade Alicante es de 151, de las cuales 146 han nidificado con seguridad en el último decenio. Enrelación con otras regiones ibéricas la avifauna alicantina está empobrecida. Este patrón se observatambién a n...

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