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Some Aspects of Gas Turbine Fuel Preparation and Turbomachinery Response to LCV Fuels

Eriksson, Pontus

This thesis gives some background information on environmental issues as the scientific community at large currently sees it. It tries to relate the plethora of current combustion technologies which may be used in gas turbines to those issues. Some basic principles on combustion design are given. Di...

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Review: Sylka Scholz (2004). Männlichkeit erzählen. Lebensgeschichtliche Identitätskonstruktionen ostdeutscher Männer

Dreke, Claudia

Die Autorin Sylka SCHOLZ analysiert auf der Grundlage lebensgeschichtlicher Interviews, wie ostdeutsche Männer die Transformation des Erwerbssystems nach dem Zusammenbruch der DDR verarbeiten. Ihr Interesse richtet sich auf drei komplexe Forschungsfragen, die sie im Laufe ihrer Untersuchung weiter a...

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Opting out of the great inflation: German monetary policy after the breakdown of Bretton Woods

Beyer, Andreas; Gaspar, Vítor; Gerberding, Christina; Issing, Otmar

During the turbulent 1970s and 1980s the Bundesbank established an outstanding reputation in the world of central banking. Germany achieved a high degree of domestic stability and provided safe haven for investors in times of turmoil in the international financial system. Eventually the Bundesbank p...

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Nature Bodies and Breakdown in Anne Dudens Das Landhaus and Karen Duves Regenroman

Dr Teresa Clare Ludden

An examination of the reception of German Romantic philosophy and the philosophy of nature in Adorno and Horkheimers Dialektik der Aufklaerung in the work of two contemporary German women writers. It focuses on the representation of the relationship between culture and nature mind and body in the te...

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Failed Presidencies: Identifying and Explaining a South American Anomaly Presidencias fallidas: identificando y explicando una anomalía sudamericana

Kathryn Hochstetler; BSIA, University of Waterloo; Margaret E. Edwards; University of New Mexico

Are presidential democracies inherently unstable and prone to breakdown? Recent work on Latin America suggests that the region has seen the emergence of a new kind of instability, where individual presidents do not manage to stay in office to the end of their terms, but the regime itself continues. ...

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