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Brassica ASTRA: an integrated database for Brassica genomic research

Hopkins, Clare J.; Love, Christopher G.; Lim, Geraldine A. C.; Robinson, Andrew J.; Batley, Jacqueline; Edwards, David

Brassica ASTRA is a public database for genomic information on Brassica species. The database incorporates expressed sequences with Swiss-Prot and GenBank comparative sequence annotation as well as secondary Gene Ontology (GO) annotation derived from the comparison with Arabidopsis TAIR GO annotatio...

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BASC: an integrated bioinformatics system for Brassica research

Mongin, Emmanuel; Ross, Bruce; Edwards, David; Li, Xi; Chapman, Ross; Lim, Geraldine A. C.; Erwin, Timothy A.; Jewell, Erica G.

The BASC system provides tools for the integrated mining and browsing of genetic, genomic and phenotypic data. This public resource hosts information on Brassica species supporting the Multinational Brassica Genome Sequencing Project, and is based upon five distinct modules, ESTDB, Microarray, Marke...

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A comparative map viewer integrating genetic maps for Brassica and Arabidopsis

Erwin, Timothy A; Lim, Geraldine AC; Li, Xi; Jewell, Erica G; Love, Christopher; Edwards, David; Batley, Jacqueline

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